Upcycling your old bed linen

We encourage sustainable living where possible, and repurposing your old bedsheets is a great way to prevent materials from ending up in landfills. Here are our go-to uses for old bed linens and sheets.

Easy, no-sew curtains

Bedsheets and duvet covers make great no-sew curtains and repurposing your old bed linen are as easy as hanging the covers up on your curtain pole! Steam clean bedsheets to create sleek, floaty curtains that look beautiful in a variety of different styled homes.

Homeowners with an abundance of substantial windows throughout their home may find it more cost-effective to repurpose large bed linen as light curtains that create soft, diffused light in your home.

Children’s teepee and outdoor tents

Who remembers building a fort out of chairs, tables and covers as a child? Recreate that magic by creating a simple sheet indoor teepee or hanging easy-to-make outdoor tents. 

children's teepee diy

Children’s indoor teepee

Making a children’s indoor teepee is simple and your child can get involved in the building process, too! To make a teepee, you will need:

  • 6 flat wooden poles measuring between 6 – 8 ft in length
  • Twine or a strong cord
  • A drill
  • Hot glue gun
  • Your old bed linen

Building the teepee is simple, but you will need an extra pair of hands or two!

  1. Lay the wooden poles on top of one another and drill a hole on each of them ensuring the hole lines up
  2. Push your twine of cord through the holes
  3. Stand the wooden poles up with the string towards the top
  4. Arrange the poles to create a teepee shape and begin wrapping the twine around the poles and secure
  5. Throw your bedding over the teepee and arrange until you’re happy
  6. Secure the fabric in place using the hot glue gun, leaving fabric towards the front to close the teepee if desired

And finally, decorate and fill your teepee as you wish! Make your teepee a cosy reading nook or a gaming cave with fairy lights, blankets, cuddly toys and snacks. 

Children’s outdoor hanging tent

Another option to make use of your old bedsheets is to make a hanging outdoor tent, perfect for creating shade in the summer. To create a simple hanging tent, you’ll need:

  • A hula hoop
  • Hot glue gun or safety pins
  • Twine or a strong cord
  • Your old bed linen

Putting together the tent is done in a matter of minutes.

  1. Lay the bedsheet flat and place the hula hoop across one of the edges of the sheet
  2. Tie 4 lengths of twine or cord to the hula hoop and separate evenly
  3. Tie these 4 lengths together securely at the end to create a point to hang the hoop
  4. Using hot glue or safety pins, starting in the middle of the sheet, wrap the edge of the bedsheet around the hula hoop and secure

Et voila! Your homemade hanging tent is complete and ready to hang up on your children’s climbing frame or a tree. Place another spare bedsheet beneath the tent for the perfect picnic spot.

Protective sheets for arts and crafts

Old sheets make great protective covers for arts and crafts – or even when you’re doing a spot of decorating and DIY. Rather than spending money on unnecessary covers, an old bedsheet can work wonders as a way to protect floors, furniture and clothing.

Make a simple overall by taking a large square of sheet and cutting a head hole and two armholes. This is perfect for your little Picasso whilst they explore with paints, and even works well for adults looking to get messy (or just give the walls a fresh lick of paint). 

Reusable cleaning cloths

Probably the oldest trick in the book, but using your old bedsheets as reusable cleaning cloths are a simple but sustainable way to make the most of your old sheets. Simply rip up your old bedding into different sized pieces of material and you’re good to use!

Or, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can cut into squares and hem the edges to prevent them from fraying, giving them longevity and better chances of survival when going through the wash.

These cleaning cloths are great to keep in your car, in your rucksack on outdoor adventures or even under the sink for the in-the-moment need to mop up spills.

Drawstring bags and sustainable shoppers

Another idea for those confident with a sewing machine; crafting drawstring bags and sustainable shopping bags from your old bedding. We recommend using colourful patterns with a contrasting colour sheet, or simple white sheets that you can dye and decorate yourself. 

Drawstring bags are great for children and can be used as lightweight P.E. bags or used to carry spare clothes, whereas smaller ones can be used as coin purses, pen bags and to carry snacks. 

Shoppers are great for carrying light produce or using it as a replacement for plastic fruit and vegetable bags. More durable fabrics or homemade shoppers that have been reinforced with old plastic bags can be used to carry larger, heavier items.

Upcycle old clothes or create new garments

Make use of your old bed linen by upcycling clothes or creating new clothes from scratch! This takes a lot of time, patience and practice but you can create truly unique items of clothing with your old bedsheets.

And the upcycling needn’t stop there. You can even craft a boho-style rag rug or reupholster chairs and stools.

When it’s time to change your old bed linen for fresh new sheets, be sure to shop Christy’s high-quality bed linens and bed sets


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