5 Essential Decluttering Hacks

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The art of decluttering seems to be every where at the moment, with Marie Kondo converts keen to learn the art of living in a calm, clutter-free space. Get ahead of the curve this year and start your spring cleaning early with our top 5 essential decluttering hacks. These valuable tips will help you clean, declutter and arrange your home using innovative techniques. Whether you need more space or simply want a fresh new start.

Invest in a label maker

Label makers are the perfect excuse to decant cereals, beverages, flour, sugar, spices, etc. into attractive jars that look great when on display, or stacked in a cupboard. Simply label each jar with it’s contents and place the jars either on a shelf, or neatly tuck them away in your kitchen storage. Not only will you feel organised, but you’ll secretly have loads of fun with playing with the label maker.

Wax the stove top

This fantastic tip not only makes your stove top look brand new, but it also makes cleaning spills and stains easy peasy. To achieve this, all you need is car wax and a cloth. Simply buff the wax into your stove top and wife off any excess. The wax will create a barrier between any spills and you stovetop, meaning you can simply wipe stains away with nothing more than a cloth.

Store bed sheets in pillowcases

Ever find yourself searching through a tangle of bedding, only to discover you’re missing a pillow case? By folding your bed sheets neatly into their matching pillowcase, you’ll never be searching for that missing component again. Not only does this tip keep all your linens together, but it will look great when you can stack each filled pillow case on top of one another, saving time and space.

Try the hangers trick

Keeping clothes we no longer wear takes up precious space, and makes your wardrobe look unorganised and cluttered. This trick is simple. Take all the hangers in your wardrobe and face them all in the same direction. Once you have worn a piece of clothing, store it back in your wardrobe with the hanger facing in the opposite direction. After 3 – 6 months, donate all the clothes that hangers haven’t been turned round to charity. This way, you can declutter and do a good deed at the same time.

Add plants for a finishing touch

Adding plants to your home keeps your home feeling fresh and looking great. Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning this year, pop to your local garden centre and invest in various plants to give your home that extra boost. Cacti and succulents are fantastic for those who want a low maintenance option but still want a stylish finish.

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