Spring Summer 2014 Home Trends


More often than not, the rooms in our houses can often become a little bland and boring, but all it takes is the sprucing up of a few smaller things to achieve your dream room makeover. The addition of new towels can completely transform your bathroom; a splash of colour and vibrancy is, sometimes, all we need to entirely alter the aesthetics of a room. Plus, you get the added bonus of a luxurious, fluffy towel – definitely worth the extra pennies!

In the same way new towels help to brighten up a bathroom, bed linen is fantastic for redefining the dynamics of your bedroom. When it comes to this ever-so important room, the bed is the focal point and, because of this, new bed linen will transform the entire space. Whether you decide to opt for bold prints or neutral shades, a brand new duvet cover will create a whole new look – go from classic to modern or pastel to bold in a matter of minutes! Decorative cushions and throws all help when wanting to redesign your bedroom. Not only this, but new bedding also adds a far more luxurious quality; after all, there is nothing more satisfying than getting into bed at the end of the day with a crisp clean luxury bed linen duvet to snuggle into!


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