Acts of Kindness: Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation have conducted a new survey on kindness and the effects that acts of kindness have on you and others. Evidence has revealed that kindness towards others also has a benefit to your own mental health and well-being. It reduces stress levels, improves your mood, self esteem and overall happiness.

Mental Health Awareness Week
Mental Health Awareness Week

What are the benefits of kindness?

  • Kindness feels good! It encourages us to be active and helps build support networks
  • Kindness creates a sense of belonging
  • It keeps things into perspective
  • One small act of kindness can lead others to show kindness

As showing kindness is an all round positive experience for everyone involved, lets explore different acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness at home and in your community

  • Call a friend
  • Send a note to your neighbour
  • Write a letter to a family member
  • Offer to help an elderly or vulnerable neighbour
  • Tell someone that they are appreciated

At work with colleagues

  • Set up a virtual coffee morning
  • Ring someone you don’t normally connect with often and see how they are
  • Praise a colleague for something they have done well
  • Mention that you are there for someone

In public places

  • Observe social distancing and follow the latest government advice
  • Pick up litter and dispose of it
  • Say thank you
  • Be considerate to others

Be kind to yourself

  • Allocate time to yourself, to do the things you enjoy
  • Eat healthily
  • Make sure you get enough sleep
  • Relax!

Most of all, remember that you are not alone. Life is full of swings and roundabouts so it is important to reach out to someone if you feel like you need a helping hand. Talk to a trusted friend, your doctor or visit a helpful website such as or

We would love to hear your acts of kindness! Comment below with a feel good moment you had after showing kindness to yourself or others.


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