Valentine’s Day: DIY Love Arrows

With days until Valentine’s Day, our thoughts are turning to our special loved ones. Of course when Valentine’s Day comes around on the calendar, sales for chocolates shaped in love hearts and flowers must soar. However at Christy we think making a gift is much more meaningful and crafting is one of our favourite past times.

With thoughts of cupid in the air, one crafting idea we love for this Valentine’s Day is love arrows.

These cute little arrows are a fun and creative way to spread a little bit of love this February 14th. To create your own personalised love arrows all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Equipment needed: Straws, paper, glue or sticky tape, feathers and scissors.

Step One:  

Draw your arrow head shape on your chosen paper and cut them out. Add a personal touch and write a little message on the arrow head.

Step Two:

Draw the tail of the arrows as a full shape (cut into the shape later on).

Step Three:

Add sticky tape to the back of your shapes, and then carefully stick them on to your straws.

Step Four:

You then need to use your scissors to cut into the tail of the arrow to create little slits.

Step Five:

Finally add the finishing touches to your arrows by sticking a feather to the tail of the arrow and if you have used colourful sticky tape you can add a small stripe and wrap it round the straw.

Christy can take no responsibility for the recipients falling madly in love with you.  Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Christy. X


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