Too hot to sleep?

Don’t compromise on your zzz’s when the temperatures soar and it’s too hot to sleep, get the perfect set up with Christy and sleep easy when the heat heightens.

too hot to sleep - bed shaded with curtains
Too hot to sleep

It has been super hot this week and there has been many reports of some serious sleep struggle over the last few nights. Know the feeling? Read our top tips for when its too hot to sleep below.

TOP TIPS For Cool Nights:

  1. Dampen a face cloth with cold water and rest it on your forehead for an instant refreshing ‘aahhhhh’ feel.
  2. Keep your bedroom curtains or blinds closed throughout the day to help keep the heat out.
  3. Ensure you have plenty of water to drink. They last thing you need is dehydration!
  4. Hot dog? Run a towel under the cold tap, wring it out and lay on the floor for your pooch to cool down on.
  5. Ditch the duvet. If your duvet is any higher than 4.5 tog, you are going to melt.
  6. Go with Tencel Tm bed linen, it helps to keep you cooler as the fibres can be softer than silk and cooler than linen. It also absorbs more moisture than most cotton and quickly discharges it.

What are your favourite tips on keeping cool when its too hot to sleep?


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