Flowers for Valentines


Like the long-lasting Chrysanthemum, we should fill our lives with flowers that can really stand the test of time and, to do so, maybe we don’t actually need real flowers at all; floral bedding is enough to give any bedroom that desired classic romantic chic feeling. Both elegant and sophisticated, bed linen adorned with floral prints is the perfect way to impress on Valentine’s Day and through-out the year. Rose designs give a shabby chic vintage feel that, whilst bold prints are representative of fun and happiness. No matter what your style, it is difficult to go wrong with floral bedding; make a statement with bold blooms or appear delicately feminine by opting for dainty florals. There is certainly no denying that flowers are fashionable. In rich colours or cute pastel shades, blossom motifs are guaranteed to last – unlike the bouquets we adore that need refreshing. If you are looking to create a vintage vibe or want to introduce a bit of retro glamour, make florals the focal point of your bedroom for a fabulous style that will last longer than Valentine’s Day.


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