Back to School

Packing a child off to school is a bitter/sweet ritual that seems to come out of nowhere. One day you’re lovingly stacking cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off into their transformers lunchbox and the next, you’re trying to convince them they need to know how to cook something more than just toast. Perhaps they have a somewhat limited idea of what is required for a grown up life away from home, but amidst your flap of laundering and baking, intermittent weeping and plotting what to do with the extra bedroom, you’ve most likely written them a very comprehensive list. And we at Christy are determined to lend a hand with the shopping. We’re currently offering 20% off when you purchase four of our luxurious, yet practical, towels which will help you stock your student’s linen cupboard – and perhaps keep them from clearing out yours. Beautifully soft, big and fluffy, our towels are what every child remembers about bath time growing up. On top of that, you can also enter to win a Christy Bed and Bath set which includes Ashbury towels, a textured striped bed linen, an Aerelle duvet, and pillows, worth over 400(GBP). It’s not quite the same as having mum and dad with them of course, but at least you’ll take comfort in sending along a little piece of home comfort. So wipe your tears and load the last of the cardboard boxes into the back of the car. Your precious baby might be off into the great wide world without you, but you’ll soon see them back home again, with all their new linens, come washing day.


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