New shop in Chester

A business venture is like a marriage. And we designing types love weddings because when you strip away all the romance, it’s really just a conjoining of old customs with new trends in one fantastic design scheme. Perhaps you feel the same thrill when you hear the church bells chime. In any case, I am pleased to announce a recent marriage that is sure to result in some very happy shoppers: Christy is the blushing bride, and the role of groom is filled by the distinguished city of Chester. And since both have a true appreciation for the old and the new, I believe this is a match made in heaven. Christy of course, is where tradition and classic charm meet the best in new technology. And the groom? Once a roman fortress with exceptional nerve, Chester is the best preserved walled city in the country and a veritable pageant of carefully restored buildings around which the residents live their fabulous modern lives. An excellent home I think for Christy’s shiny new two story shop which is brimming with enticing vignettes and all the lovely towels and linens in our impressive repertoire. And since we’re making grand announcements, you will now find a gorgeous array of decorative home furnishings in our new shop as Christy leaps gracefully into the world of home décor, with lamps, candles and picture frames to perfectly compliment our linens.

What is that old saying for luck in a marriage? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. You’re sure to find plenty of lovely blue things in our shop. And as for the borrowed bit, you could probably just borrow a little extra shopping cash…yes, I’m sure that counts. So feel free to stop by the Chester store and wish us joy.


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