NYE Prep: The Christy Pre-NYE Pamper Guide


Yes, the time has come to celebrate another New Year. Already!? Yes we know, the years continue to fly by but you have still got time to spend in 2018 yet. And we are here to make sure that you spend it wisely.

It is always essential to start a New Year with style, poise and comfort. 2019 should be no different.

Although sometimes New Years can be a bit over-hyped, it is still always a nice excuse to pull out your best, grab a glass (or bottle!) of prosecco and get your groove on. So, party prep is in full swing and it’s time to feel pampered…

Chill Time: Bubbles are not just found in drinks

I think that we all agree that bath time is a good time. Chilled and relaxing. Glass of fizz in hand, surrounded by candles, towel on a warm radiator – preferably our thick Renaissance for that luxurious feel – and music playing in the background.

The perfect start to your perfect night. Classy.

Get the Look: Tussled, towel dried hair

Okay, we know we shouldn’t do this but we all do it anyway – towel drying hair…

It’s a quick fix, pre-drying event that we all partake in at some time or other, and it kind of works in our favour this year. The tussled, bohemian hairstyles have taken Insta by storm this year, even more so when featuring plaits! And towel drying is the best way to get those beach wave-natural wavey look, with a little help from some hair products too…

So, if you are going to be doing any towel on NYE, make sure that you use the right towel. Our thick Supreme Hand or Bath towel would be our go too – super absorbent and available in fun, vibrant colours. Fabulous.

Upon reflection: It’s Make-up time!

Mirror check. Brushes, washed and dried, check. Charlotte Tilbury Palette ready, check. Wearing your flawless Luxury Egyptian Robe, double check. You are ready to go!

Make-up is an art form, and all artists should be equipped with the correct tools, be in the most inspirational environment and feel comfortable at all times. Wearing either Christy’s Luxury Egyptian or Super Soft Robes, we can guarantee that you will feel at your best during your make-up routine.

Dressed for success; Starting as we mean to go on

You’re almost finished. The time has come to put on your sparkling dress or suit and werk it on your NYE catwalk. And, of course, take your NYE outfit snap!

Don’t let your backdrop spoil this moment – this may be one of the last photos you post of 2018! If you do decide to take it in your bedroom then your bed should look as fabulous as you. Duvet pulled tight, cushions plumped and throws straightened you are on to a winner!

In our eyes, our perfect backdrop bedding has to be our 300TC Sateen Stripe Set in Platinum. Not only are these colours perfect for the season, it is chic, soft and features a minimalist detail which is timeless.

Now it is time to dance the night away! So head off and enjoy. You’re prep is done. You look amazing. Your vocal chords are prepped to take on Auld Lang Syne and share this moment with your wonderful family and friends. You are ready for 2019.

So, with love from Team Christy, have a Happy New Year!



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