Preparing your bedroom for summer

Preparing your bedroom for the warmer season is both practical and aesthetically refreshing! From updating your bedroom decor to changing your duvet tog, here’s our to-do list to ready your sleep sanctuary for summer.

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Dress up your bed

Dressing your bed for summer is an easy way to change your bedroom and bring the essence of the new season into your home. Living by Christy showcases our hottest bedding for the season, including ditsy print florals, abstract shapes and patterns and soft solid colours. 

Our Kotake Bed Linen Honey Living by Christy emulates the warmth of summer evenings with its warm honey shade and golden art deco inspired shapes. Or for a delicate floral touch consider our Pressed Flowers Bed Linen Spring Living by Christy which features hand painted pressed flowers in plum and complementary warm orange tones.

Browse our Living by Christy collections here.

Change your duvet tog

Avoid tossing and turning during the warmer season and change your duvet as soon as you feel the nights are warm enough. Changing your duvet to a lower tog will mean your duvet is lighter and will keep you cool throughout the night, giving you a more restful sleep.

We recommend selecting a tog rating of 4.5 and considering a duvet with a breathable, natural cover such as cotton for a soothing, refreshing night’s sleep.

If you’re bringing out a duvet used in previous years, we suggest airing the duvet out before dressing to reduce potential musty smells and to shake off the dust.

Colourful flowers

Nothing says “summer is here” quite like a splash of colour from a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Adding a bunch of baked blooms to your sleep sanctuary will create a fresh, bold look which looks amazing with neutral decor and bedding. 

Or you could add a bouquet of fresh flowers to your bedroom which will fill your room with the delicate, floral scent of seasonal flowers.

summer flowers in the bedroom

Hand painted candles

We’re loving the way handpainted candles look in the bedroom this season! Available in a variety of vivid, summery colours and decorated with handpainted flowers, fruits and designs that perfectly depict the joys of summer.

These beautiful candles don’t just have to be used for the bedroom. Add a touch of colourful elegance to your dining table, outside dinner space or coffee table and living room. Browse hundreds of eye-catching hand painted designs on Etsy, or if you’re feeling creative, give painting candles a go for yourself.

Add a splash of colour to your walls

Whether you paint your walls with a fresh lick of paint in this year’s most popular Pantone colours or add wall art and decor, this is a sure way to make your bedroom feel brand new!

Etsy is a great place to find hand painted wall art and decor, prints and posters for those on a budget or for those willing to splurge! We really love this textured, contemporary wall art that is perfect for large wall spaces and adds a striking art piece to get lost in. For a splash of colour, we also really like this set of 3 colourful prints in modern, abstract shapes and colours.

For a natural, artisan touch, consider adding seagrass wall decor. Seagrass wall decorations come in a variety of shapes, designs and patterns and add a prominent focal point to your bedroom.

the folding lady christy

Declutter your bedroom

There’s nothing more effective than a good, thorough declutter when you get the itch to freshen up your space! Start with your wardrobe and get rid of old clothes or items you no longer wear or care for. Donating or selling them is a great way to give your unwanted goods a second life. 

Move over to the bed, and if you store items under the bed, have a rummage through and bin what you’ve not thought about or reached for some time. Use this time to dust and clean items if they’re dusty. Over time, even the items stored under our bed can become thick with dust and this can cause both hardwood floors and carpet to look dirty quicker. 

It’s common for your bedside tables to accumulate random bits and bobs over the months, and clearing and organising these items can help make your entire room feel fresh and more organised.

Help stay on top of your hard work by organising items into boxes and wicker baskets. Wicker baskets and seagrass woven baskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and are great for storing soft items such as pillows and throws, or heavier items such as documents, books and electronics.

The Folding Lady, a well-loved folding guru with over 4.3 million followers on TikTok, teaches us how to fold all our household items, from boxers, leggings and socks to sheets, towels and even napkins and wrapping paper. Here at Christy, we are celebrating the launch of the fabulous brand new book ‘The Folding Lady’ and we are delighted to be featured within its pages!

Deep summer clean

Spring isn’t the only time of the year you can give your sleeping space a deep clean! While you declutter your room, seize the opportunity and give it a thorough clean from top to bottom.

Cleaning queen, Mrs Hinch, shares her favourite cleaning tips for the entire house from keeping doors sparkling clean to getting rid of stains on the mattress. Give Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips a read and get inspired to give your sleep sanctuary a thorough cleaning that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Freshen up rugs and curtains

Shake off the dust and make your bedroom feel brand new by refreshing your rugs and curtains. Easily overlooked, your rugs and curtains are a magnet for dirt, dust and debris and summer is the perfect time to give them a wash and hang them on the line. 

To give your rug an extra bit of TLC by using a spray-on scent deodoriser or a shake-on and vacuum-off powder carpet freshener. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how clean and new your room will feel after!

Alternatively, organise for your rugs to be picked up by a professional carpet cleaner. They’ll ensure the integrity of your rugs which is especially important for older rugs.

bedroom plants for summer

Bring the greenery in

Houseplants are beautiful and cleansing and are always a welcome addition to any living space – especially the bedroom! Mix and match with different colours, textures and sizes and create your very own indoor jungle.

Low maintenance plants such as a Ficus Elastica are great additions to bedroom. They come in a variety of colours such as the rich green “robusta” variation, a deep black “black prince” and a watercolour patterned “tineke” variation. These plants like bright, indirect light away from draughts.

Add texture with a large hanging plant such as a Pothos or an abstract plant like the classic Spider Plant. Both plants are fast growers with little maintenance requirements and will happily grow in almost any space!

For darker bedrooms, consider adding a Snake Plant or a Japanese Sago Palm into your space. These plants will happily live in lower lighting settings – just make sure you don’t water them too often!

Handcrafted cushions from SPUN

This season we’re in love with the latest cushions from SPUN. These delicately embroidered cushions are handcrafted using traditional weaving techniques and are made using recycled fabric waste. The designs have been inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage and have a real rustic, artisan feel to them.

Learn more about these cushions and how they’re changing the lives of the craftspeople creating them.


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