Beat the January Blues With a Bedroom Upgrade

If you feel like the January blues are hitting you hard, you’re not alone. Christmas seems like a distant memory, New Year’s resolutions are proving difficult to keep up with, and the freezing cold mornings haven’t yet passed – but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Beating the January blues is all about injecting some positive energy into your life ready for the year ahead, and it’s not too late to get over that slump. The environment around you can have a huge impact on your energy levels and mindset, so why not start your journey to positivity with a simple bedroom makeover?

Transforming your bedroom into a relaxing, calm sanctuary can help you to unwind at the end of the day and contribute to a good night’s sleep, making you feel energised upon waking.

Thankfully, it’s simple enough to do with Christy’s top tips for upgrading your bedroom in 2022.

Declutter your space

Nothing quite signals a fresh start in the new year than a good old fashioned clear out. A cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind, and make it difficult to switch off at night. 

Whether you’ve not quite got around to finding a home for your Christmas presents, or you’re struggling to navigate your overcrowded wardrobe, now is the perfect time to introduce some organisation into your space.

We find that the most effective way to declutter is to be ruthless. If you haven’t worn or used something in a while, you probably don’t need it. Fill up a charity bag with any unwanted clothes, shoes and books, and feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping a good cause whilst re-homing some of your once-loved goods.

Try to keep your decor and aesthetics minimal by decluttering your shelves and bedside tables to really create a fresh, calming atmosphere. Consider investing in some new storage to keep everything tidy and tucked away.

minimalistic bedroom decor

Invest in your bed

How you dress your bed has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep, and comfort should be a top priority when upgrading your bedroom. This includes everything from your duvet set right down to your mattress topper.

Start with a luxury mattress topper that will create a cushioned base and envelop you in comfort as you sleep. Top with a soft high quality fitted sheet and you will be well on your way to setting yourself up for a perfect night of rest.

Next, invest in a good quality duvet that will keep you snug throughout the night, and choose a tog rating that suits your sleeping requirements. If you want to stay cool all night, opt for a lower tog rating, and the higher tog ratings are the ones to go for when you need the most warmth.

Last but certainly not least, your choice of pillows is the key to sleeping soundly and retaining good posture throughout the night. Whether you choose a firm pillow or a soft pillow will depend on how you sleep and the support you require.

Not sure what pillow is right for you? Check out The Sleep Doctor’s guide to picking the perfect pillow.

Christy’s range of luxury duvets and pillows are designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind. Browse our full range here.

christy bed linen

Experiment with textures

Comfort is key, but aesthetics can help to create an environment that you look forward to sleeping in at night. Whilst completely redecorating your bedroom may not be a viable option, there are plenty of other ways that you can transform the look with just a few accessories.

Now that you’ve got the foundations of your cosy bed set up, introducing different textures in the form of cushions and throws is an affordable way to upgrade the style of your bedroom by adding depth and comfort.

Perfect for the winter season, Christy’s chunky knit Oslo throws are the ultimate accessory for adding warmth and cosiness. For an added touch of elegance and colour, our Jaipur range of velvet cushions and throws are available in a range of stunning shades that will take your bedroom from 0 to luxury hotel chic in no time.

luxury cushions and throws

Make the most of natural light

It’s no secret that the cold, dark and dull January days contribute to our mood and overall well being. However, introducing as much light as possible into your bedroom is a great way to combat the January blues.

Get into the habit of opening your blinds or curtains the moment you wake up, and keep the window area free from any light-blocking obstacles.

Make the most out of the daylight hours by adding reflective materials such as mirrors and mirrored furniture which can help to bounce the light around the space and create a more light, airy and spacious feeling environment.


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