5 Tips For Awkward Shaped Bedroom

An awkward shaped bedroom often requires some careful design and planning. Creating optimum storage space for clothes and accessories whilst keeping the room as clutter free as possible is key.  As the saying goes “a tidy house equals a tidy mind”. This is a crucial formula to follow in our bedrooms where we want to rest, relax and clear our busy minds.  Our friends at London bespoke furniture company, Form Creations, share their tips on how to add a touch of luxury to a quirkily shaped space…

Five tips on creating space and adding a touch of luxury to awkward shaped bedrooms:

Tip 1

When it comes to bedrooms, furniture is the key to storage success.  If your belongings have a dedicated space to be stored away, you will achieve the clutter free, oasis we all dream of at bedtime.  However, some bedrooms, particularly attic rooms can be difficult to furnish with all those awkward spaces and low ceilings.  Opting for custom-made and built in furniture that is truly made to measure will provide a sleek, seamless look.  It also allows you to create storage that suits you and your household needs for example, if you want a small alcove in your en-suite to have some shelves built in to showcase your beautiful towels, you can. 

Maybe you want to use some alcove space to store all your cushions, throws and linens?  Bespoke furniture helps you to use every inch of space possible. 

Fitted loft room storage unit.
Loft room storage unit

Tip 2

Bespoke radiator covers are great for hiding away ugly rads but they also create another surface to display flowers, candles or pictures.  You can even colour match them to other areas of the room to really make them a statement. 

Bespoke radiator covering
Bespoke radiator cover

Tip 3

Choose fitted wardrobes to utilise space and design them to fit the space you have and choose storage options that work for you. Our top tip would be – if you are opting for sliding wardrobe doors ask your designer/fitter to use top-hung runners when fitting them, which makes for smoother operation and helps them last longer, as you won’t find that the doors get stuck in the tracks as dirt inevitably makes its way in.  Don’t forget to opt for a ‘soft-close’ if you are opting for a hinged wardrobe style to eliminate any banging doors.

Custom made fitted wardrobe
Bespoke fitted wardrobe

Tip 4

Quirky, awkward shaped bedroom spaces can sometimes work to your advantage.  Utilise a tiny corner cupboard by hanging some hooks for necklaces.  Maybe you could add some rails and hooks on the inside of wardrobe doors to hang your belts/ties rather than wasting a whole drawer?  Look for little hacks that will help you keep your surfaces free of clutter.

Tip 5

Use colour to set the mood.  For example, lighter, soft blues are said to calm the mind and aid concentration, consequently it is serene and mentally calming.  Bear colour in mind when choosing your linens, towels and accessories.  Opting for soft, neutral shades will definitely create a soothing, cooling effect.  A light blue is also good for tricking your mind into thinking you are cool – a great way to stay cool, calm and collected during the summer months.

Author:  Simon Hall, Director of Form Creations Ltd.


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