Sleep tight with fabulous bedding

It’s hard to overstate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Every once in a while, going without enough shuteye may be fine, but if this happens on a regular basis, you can really start to suffer. This is why it’s so important to have comfy and great quality bedding. By investing in the right products, you can boost your chances of nodding off and sleeping through the night. Telltale signs There are a number of telltale signs associated with not getting enough sleep. If this happens to you, particularly over a prolonged period of time, you might find you get pronounced bags around your eyes and generally don’t look your best. Also, you may struggle to concentrate, which can make everyday tasks much more difficult. Meanwhile, when you’re tired, you might also become more irritable and prone to snapping at your loved ones and colleagues. This can cause tensions in the home and at work. Here to help Here at Christy we’re well aware of the importance of getting enough shuteye and we offer a variety of products that may help you achieve precisely this. For example, we sell an impressive range of soft and luxurious bedding sheets and we also offer indulgent pillows and duvets. Aerelle Among the items that might capture your imagination are our Aerelle range of pillows and duvets. They are designed to provide a premium quality and can offer real benefits when it comes to sleep, comfort and durability. The Aerelle by Du-Pont filling is a special microfine polyester hollowfibre with a siliconised finish and it provides a particularly soft feel and comfortable drape. All the products are made from 100 per cent cotton and are machine washable. As if this isn’t enough, they offer a permanent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal control and non-allergy benefits. Christy Deep Sided pillow Another item that’s well worth looking at is our Christy Deep Sided pillow. This has deep walled sides for additional comfort and support and it features a 100 per cent cotton cover as well as a non-allergenic ball fibre filling. Christy Premium Topper For added comfort underneath the rest of your body, you might be keen to invest in our Christy Premium Topper. This adds an extra layer of support and it is fitted with elastic straps for an easy use. Hungarian Goose Down duvet It’s also well worth taking a look at our Hungarian Goose Down duvet. This is made from 90 per cent goose down and ten per cent feather and it really is the ultimate in luxury. As well as being extremely comfy, it’s also warm and cosy. Tips In addition to investing in the best bedding UK, there are other ways of boosting your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. For example, enjoying a nice relaxing bath might have calm you down and get you in the mood for nodding off. Also, rather than watching TV or computer screens immediately before you go to bed, try reading a book or magazine. This can be much more soothing.



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