Linen Colour Affects Sleep

You might not have given too much thought to the colour of your bed linen beyond getting it to match or complement the rest of your bedroom décor. However, some interior designers have purported recently that the colour and quality of your linen affects how you sleep. Choosing quality bedding is one way of improving your sleep quality, according to interior designer Lisa Staprans, from the McRoskey Mattress Company in the Bay Area, California. She says: “Invest in high quality and beautiful linens, pillows, comforters and mattress pads. They feel great and last longer,” she advises. Ms Staprans also advises having a combination of different pillow sizes so that you can always be comfortable whether sleeping or sitting up reading or watching television in bed. She also suggests an upholstered headboard offers additional comfort and can help to soften the room’s appearance. It makes perfect sense that choosing quality bed linens will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed while in bed, which in turn helps you to sleep better. However, what about colour? Ms Staprans is also of the opinion that white bed linen aids sleep too. After all, there has to be a reason that so many hotels choose beautiful white linens for their hotel rooms. The colour white is calming and peaceful, which puts your mind into the right state for getting off to sleep quickly. It also gives the illusion of space and reflects any light in the room, and so is a particularly good choice for smaller or darker bedrooms. One worry consumers often have when it comes to buying white bed linen is keeping it looking fresh and clean. Adding a slight pattern in another light and airy colour can help keep linens looking clean, although all bed linens still need washing regularly to keep them free of dirt and dust. Should you get a stain or mark on your white sheets, use a detergent or stain remover which contains oxygenated bleach, as this isn’t as harsh as chlorine. One of the most common ways of discolouring your beautiful new linens is through make-up, so make sure you properly cleanse your face and wash your hands before bed. Interestingly, many everyday creams and lotions that we put on our face and body contain oxidising agents themselves which can bleach your sheets. By having white linens to begin with, this won’t be an issue! Keeping your linens clean when they’re not on the bed can also be a concern for some. Make sure they are folded neatly and stored in a clean, dry and cool place. Line any surfaces with acid-free tissue paper, which will stop the sheets from yellowing while stored. Plastic containers should be avoided, as the plastic traps moisture and can cause mildew. If you are looking for some quality bed linen UK, then check out some of the great products we have on our website. The Serenity range features a Persian-inspired delicate interlocking pattern in a pale beige colour, while the clean, crisp squares in soft-grey in the Domino range makes for a cosy and relaxing feel.


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