Summer is always such an invigorating time of year, don’t you think? We’ve pulled out the lighter linens and wiped off the outdoor furniture and dreamt of all the things we’ve done in seasons past: the vacations and picnics and festivals and conversational strolls on balmy evenings.  And of course by now we’re thinking of all the things we’re planning to do in the sunshine this year and getting more and more excited.  This is such a season of energy.  And we have the patterns and colors to prove it. Our Folk collection was made to order for summertime adventure and romance.  Bold, oversized motifs will have you dreaming up all sorts of escapades, and yet, as the filtered morning light warms the bedclothes and you start to half-hear the sounds of birds and children, you’ll be waking up to an exotic retreat ideal for easy lounging.  A vibrant, watery ikat makes our Indonesia series the sure way to turn your bedroom into an oasis of blue pools, tropical forest, and strong coffee.  The deep blue velvet trim and embroidered details are folksy and fun, and terribly refined.  Our Castelle linens on the other hand forego bright hues for a striking black and white that looks just like music over a gentle sateen ribbing.  You can practically hear the castanets and see the swirl of long lace skirts as you imagine looking out over the Alhambra. But although we enjoy the exotic, how lovely it is to have these vivid patterns to keep in our own home; to remind us that every day, even a day wrapped up in the familiar, has the potential to be a grand expedition.


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