Feels Like Home: 10 Tips for Displaying Art to Create a Beautiful Home

Feels Like Home: 10 Tips for Displaying Art to Create a Beautiful Home

By Ruth Wilkinson, creative director of gallery SCREAM LONDON, http://www.ScreamLondon.com

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Your home is a space which is entirely yours. Yet sometimes we are so caught up in daily life that we neglect these important spaces and homes can become hectic, untidy and stressful. To remind us of what’s important, Christy and COTTON USA have launched a Feels Like Home campaign to get you thinking about ways in which you can personalise your home and create a true sanctuary. In my blog post below, I’ll share how you can achieve this through your choice of artwork in the home. Another option is for you to master the art of the perfectly folded towel when welcoming guests to your home, and Christy explains how to do just that in this video. Christy Supreme Hygro® towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton rich products.

  1. If you have a large blank wall to hang a big bold statement piece can be the ideal way to fill it. One piece on a wall gives an uncluttered feel to the room and brings focus to the artwork with no distractions. A dramatic colour can command the room and let your furniture and accessories stay neutral.
  2. Be conscious to fill a space with the right scale of artwork. A small and subtle piece may be lost on a large wall and equally a bold large artwork will feel constricted on a wall that does not allow it space to breath.
  3. Symmetry can bring calmness and order to a room. Hanging the same sized print either side of a fireplace for example can make a nice balance to the room.
  4. Cluster or salon style hanging is great way to fill a large wall with lots of small pieces. It’s a really good way to make a statement wall with a busy collection of interesting prints hanging at different heights within a layout. Remember to keep your space between prints consistent and have fun with hanging different sized pieces of different styles of art side by side. You will see how a really graphic print can sit well beside a more delicate drawing to bring real interest and diversity to your wall.
  5. Choosing a theme can help you to hang a room of artwork that complement each other. Going with a monochrome theme allows you to play with different styles of artwork in different sizes with a clear thread that ties them together. Going with a black and white theme also allows your furniture and room accessories to bring the colour while your walls remain classic.
  6. Equally, in a neutral room a theme of bold, graphic, primary coloured prints can add vibrancy and a collection of pastel themed prints will bring an elegance to any room.
  7. Paying attention to the subject matter of your artwork is also a way to tie pieces together into a considered layout, for example animal prints sit happily alongside maps and more organic or botanical imagery.
  8. A clever way to introduce artwork into your home without the commitment of hammering nails into your walls is to lean a selection of different sized prints on top of a chest of drawers or shelf. This way you can try out different prints and see what feel most comfortable in the room.
  9. Tie your artwork into the room by highlighting a particular material with your frames. For example when you are hanging prints in your kitchen or bathroom it’s a great idea to use a metal that can be seen in the room, we are seeing a big trend right now of copper frames for prints.
  10. When deciding where to hang art in your home remember that there are no rules, bringing art into your home is a personal thing and each piece you hang should bring you joy and make your house feel like home. Remember how you use your spaces, for example hang pieces you love to wake up to in the bedroom and your statement pieces in the living room so that everyone can admire them – it won’t make sense to hang your favourite artwork in a room you rarely use at home.

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