Breathe new life into your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the hubbub of the rest of your home and it may be the one space that you can really put your own stamp on. However, you might be getting a little bored of the decor in your boudoir. The good news is, it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on stunning products that can help you reinvigorate this part of your property. For example, to breathe new life into the room, why not invest in some gorgeous new bedroom linen? Simple yet effective The great thing about replacing these items is the fact that you can create dramatic new effects with minimal effort and expenditure. Your bed is almost certainly the biggest and most prominent piece of furniture in the room, so the way it looks and the accessories you place on it will have a massive impact on the whole appearance of the space. Here at Christy we’re passionate about providing superb quality bed linen UK and should have everything you need. Win win As well as looking stylish and fresh, new bed linen feels great. There’s nothing better than climbing into brand new sheets. If you invest in our products, you can rest assured they’ve been expertly designed and made to provide unparalleled comfort and quality. Bali bed linen One product that’s well worth a look at is our Bali bed linen. This captivating jacquard design in warm neutral tones can help to bring a touch of the exotic to your bedroom. Its subtle marl effect and smart velvet detail represent a classy take on ethnic style. The items are made from 100 per cent cotton jacquard and 100 per cent cotton percale on the reverse. Lattice coordinating sheet Meanwhile, perhaps our Lattice coordinating sheet will take your fancy. This stylish quilted valance goes perfectly with a whole range of our bed linen designs and it is available in both crisp white and sophisticated oyster. The sheet is produced from 100 per cent cotton percale. Serenity curtains For added impact when you’re revamping the look and feel of your room, it could be wise to replace your existing curtains, especially if you’re sick of their appearance or they’ve seen better days. One product that’s well worth considering is our Serenity curtains. These sumptuous drapes feature a delicate interlocking pattern inspired by Persian artisans and they could add the luxury and style you’re looking for. The blend of yarns creates a wonderful lustre and rich texture, while their sophisticated neutral palette means they can fit into many different styles of room. These curtains are made from 80 per cent cotton and 20 per cent polyester, while the reverse is produced using 100 per cent cotton percale. No need to break the bank The best thing about purchasing products like these to revamp your bedroom is the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune. We offer superb value for money and, if you don’t want to buy all the bed sheets and other items you’re after at once, you can get them over a period of weeks or even months.



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