A nip in the air, piles of leaves and snuggling up in a stack of pillow and a chunky knit throw…Autumn is here!

When autumn arrives there is a distinct nip in the air.  A combination of morning frost, the smell of bonfires and dry russet coloured leaves piling up on every corner.  Or maybe it’s just our heightened sense of romanticism.  In any case, as soon as October hits the desire to bundle up in a wool jacket and wellies and traipse through crisp fields is almost irresistible.  The heart just wants to wander a country estate.   And why not?  It’s a season that is meant for nostalgia…and for being especially British.  You can live in the most modern flat in the heart of the city and still feel the desire for an autumn stroll in the Park. But perhaps the best part of an autumn walk is coming home, rosy faced and yearning for a hot drink.  The wool jacket and wellies are then abandoned for a pile of pillows and a throw perfect for wrapping up in.  And then you sigh and declare that if a season could be put in a box, autumn would be the perfect gift.  And it is.  At Christy we think we have figured out how to do just that.  A very British Autumn is our gift to you.  Enter our current competition to win a family pass to the myriad of properties of the National Trust and a pair of Hunter wellington boots and you can wander the historic and picturesque to your heart’s content.  And when you’re ready to curl up by an evening fire or in bed with an especially thick book, we have, as always, the pillows and blankets of your dreams.


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