February Colour of the Month – Cadet Blue

Cooling. Tranquil. Peaceful. Soothing. Calming. Relaxing. Fresh. Retro blue shade. 80’s throwback. Summer ready.

Are you dreaming about summertime as much as we are at Christy HQ?

It’s reached that time of year where the days start to become longer and our hopes are building with expectations of a temperature rise and sunshine. We close our eyes and see swimming pools, the seaside and bubble-gum ice creams. Daydreams full of blue tones in motion. It is now the appropriate time to ease your home into a summer-ready paradise, and the introduction of February’s colour of the month is a good place to start. A colour to combine with pastel shades and Art Deco design, this shade compliments pale pinks, vibrant ochres and brass tones. It’s a colourway fit for this modern, trend-led home decorator.

Our Supreme Hygro® Cadet Blue towel range can help to create a peaceful environment in the bathroom – perfect for those bubble-bath infused nights in.
Helping to create a soothing, tranquil environment whilst adding a layer of freshness.

Thick and cosy, this innovative towel uses Hygro® technology which means the towel gets softer and loftier after each wash and ensures excellent absorbency. Browse the full towel range here.


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