Christy Gift Guide: 12 Gifts of Christmas

At Christy, we are firm believers that Christmas gifts should be three things:

  1. Personal
  2. Beautiful
  3. Luxurious

In the season to be jolly, we do not wish for you to lose out on getting your loved ones the perfect Christmas gifts. Something that they can treasure, not just in the moment, but all year round too. Gifts that are universally loved by all, a perfect stand-alone present and one to enhance another gift.

The Christy 12 Gifts of Christmas

  1. Faraday Robe/Mali Robe (getting holiday ready)

Holidays are a popular gift choice during the season – probably because we are all so bored of the rain, sleet and windy (especially up-North!). So why not prepare your SO for your next getaway by treating them to a lovely, light Faraday or Mali Robe.

  1. Personalised Robes

The personalisation trend is one of our favourites. A lovely way to make a gift extra-special and is now available to do on our cute Junior Robes! A perfect memento for them to wear now, and for you to keep in the future to bring back treasured, childhood memories.

  1. Christy Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are blissful and make the wrapping process so much easier! Now available in Gift Boxes, our Cosy Robes can be given to your partner directly, without the hassle of wrapping it up beforehand.

  1. Personalised Towels

Renaissance towels are a timeless classic of ours, epitomising luxury quality and elegance. Now available with personalisation, this towel is a lovely stocking-filler for mums and dads alike.

  1. Supreme Face Cloth

Got your friend a Spa Kit Gift Set for Christmas but are unsure how to make it extra-special? Pair with our soft Supreme Face Cloth to as a touch of luxury to your already beautiful gift, as seen on Cherry Oak Manor. Read her blog here.

  1. Hetty the Hedgehog

It’s Christmas Eve. The children are asleep. They have been good all year, and they are hoping that Santa will visit. When the children wake up during the middle of the night to check if Santa has been, they happily find a new bedtime edition. And there sits Hetty the Hedgehog. Santa has been…

  1. Star Cushion/Moon Cushion

We always tell our little ones to reach for the Stars, aiming for Infinity and Beyond. With our Star and Moon cushions you can make this a reality.

  1. Horizon Cushion/Jaipur Cushion

Adding a touch of elegance and comfort to your home is made easy with our Horizon and Jaipur cushions. After all, there is nothing better than sinking into a chair piled high with cushions after your Christmas Dinner and snoozing until the evening guests arrive!

  1. Game, Set, Bath Wash Mitt and Cuddle Robe

As the John Lewis Christmas Ad demonstrates, a gift can be more than just a material object, it can encourage you to pursue your dreams and strive for success! With this in mind, what better way to give your little Champion than our Game, Set, Bath collection. Soft and beautifully designed, with the Wimbledon logo in pride and place, this collection can set up your little one for success since day one.

  1. Cashmere Hot Water Bottle 

You hear the word ‘cashmere’ and you can’t help but smile and sigh at the thought of its luxurious texture. This makes our Cashmere Hot Water Bottle in Otter the essential Christmas gift as it is the epitome of luxury, high-quality and is thus perfection.

  1. Christy Chunky Knit Throw

This opulent throw is 100% the cosiest, warmest, thickest throw in the Christy range. Handmade and available in vibrant colourways, this gift is a fitting choice for your other half this winter.

  1. 900TC Bed Linen

Christmas is about treats. So treat yourself and your house to our most premium bed linen in the range. Our 900TC Sateen Bed Linen depicts class and beautiful quality, providing the best night’s sleep when Christmas Day is done.


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