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Interiors that Sparkle with Personality and Practicality

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a trade-up between the style you want and the practical implications of that style in your home. The “all white” look has to be near the top of the not-until-the-kids-leave-home interior looks list, but is it really that unattainable? Here are a few great bits of advice from our team of interior experts on the simple (but tough!) subject of creating practical living spaces that also ooze personality. Blend Budget Options with Designer Treats This can be a great way to make sure those luxury bath towels don’t end up being trodden into oblivion. We’re just using bath towels as an example, but you can apply the same lesson to everything from bedding to drinks glasses. If you live in one of those chaotic but delightfully full of life homes where little feet and hands are constantly grabbing, dropping, dripping and stomping everything in sight, why not opt for the cheaper version? We carry a superb range of discount towels, so why not buy towels that you’re not going to cringe over every time they’re used as a cape for the family dog? That said, we all need our little treats, which is where our luxury bath robes and designer bedding comes in! Let the Whole Family Have a Little Input You never know what bright ideas the kids, grandkids or even the occasional husband can come up with! Stamping personality on your home is all about making practical style decisions that suit your brood down to the last little footprint. Photographs, custom murals and themed rooms are great ways to add personality to any room.Basic Doesn’t Need to Be Bland We’ve got lots of great luxury textures and tones that can help bring a simple design idea to life. Always had your heart set on a white living room? Employing rich textures and washable surfaces can help create a room that ticks all of your style boxes without making life into one never-ending trip to and from the dry cleaners! Machine washable fabrics have come on a lot in the last decade, and are no longer counted as eternal budget options. Feel free to pop into one of our stores or get in touch by email to find out which of our items can be safely thrown into the washing machine once the face paints and crafts have been put away! Look for Form AND Function Perhaps it sounds a little unlikely – something that fits both the pleasing style you want and practical consideration you need – but there’s a lot out there designed with real life use in mind. We like to tick as many boxes as possible, which is why we carry a lot of items that are suited to life in a busy home. Great accessories like towelling bath mats and items from the designer kids collections are perfect in this respect. Have you got any of your own tips on how to create a classically styled home with bags of personality? Let us know in an email and we could add your tip to our blog!



Great Summer Trends Get creative with Colour

Sourcing great style ideas is something we absolutely love to do. After all, we’re an interior store with more than 160 years experience, so we must be doing something right to keep all you lovely folks visiting us generation after generation. But getting back to the business of style, what’s on trend for 2013? Now that the summer has finally arrived we can all turn off the heating and finally get out in the garden for our fill of summery afternoons with a glass of red and, of course, the obligatory clear-out of at least one room of the house (maybe one day it’ll even be the loft’s turn!) And nothing bring us more pleasure than summer activity number three – the interior makeover to bring your home bang up to date with great new trends and tricks of the trade. Websites like Pinterest have really popularised mixing and matching trends from vintage right through to tropical modern. Here are a few of the most colourful trends we’ll be looking out for this summer. Bold Mix ‘n’ Match Textures and Patterns We love to use cushions and throws to create an entirely different look in any room of the house. This season’s bold prints and retro textures are ideally suited to the mix ‘n’ match bright spring/summer trends of 2013. Have you visited our throws and cushions webpage? We’ve got heaps of great ideas to help you add a little colour to every room. Natural Textures and Fresh Colours Natural textures like wood finishes, classic cotton designer bed linen and muslin fabrics have remarkable long-term staying power in terms of staying on trend year after year. We love to use the bright citrus colours of 2013 to add a superb element of modern Mediterranean style to a classic home full of natural textures and finishes. Look for accessories like bath towels, cushions, throws, candles, curtains and lighting solutions that add great vivid colour to an existing décor full of life and natural tones. Pastel Hues and a Little Clever DIY We can help with things like luxury bathroom accessories and designer bedding, but we also understand the place of a little clever DIY in your uniquely styled home. A great 2013 spring/summer trend to try your hand at is pastel tones. This colour palette is a superb alternative to bright colours. It allows you to add a clear warm palette to your home without straying too far from the classic light interior. Pastel colours never go out of style and tend to work well with strong textures and interior layouts. We love to use accessories like pillows and curtains to bring pastel hues into the room. And how about a little DIY paint job on a great piece of reclaimed furniture? Coffee tables and picture frames make great first-time projects. You can even buy our luxury towels in a colour you love and have a matching pot of craft paint made up at most DIY stores.



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