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Pantone’s Colours of the Year for 2021

Pantone has announced not just one, but two colours of the year for 2021 – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. It’s only the second time in two decades that they’ve opted for two colours and, given 2020, that’s not too surprising.

Picture from Pantone

As the above shows, Ultimate Grey is quite a standard grey whereas Illuminating is a happy, sunshine yellow tone. Pantone wanted the message of these two colours to be ‘strength and hopefulness’, with Illuminating being a colour to symbolise uplifting and Ultimate Grey being one to symbolise enduring.

It’s a great message on the whole and we love how well these two colours compliment each other.

Christy Colour Matching

At Christy, we have a variety of products you can be on trend with from bedding to towels. We’ve included examples of our favourites below but check out our Pinterest board here for more ideas!

Christy Sakura Bed Linen in Buttercup
Christy Bethany Bed Linen in Ochre
Christy Prism Towels in Taxi Cab and Tarmac
Christy Osaka Bed Linen in Ochre

Too hot to sleep?

Don’t compromise on your zzz’s when the temperatures soar and it’s too hot to sleep, get the perfect set up with Christy and sleep easy when the heat heightens.

too hot to sleep - bed shaded with curtains
Too hot to sleep

It has been super hot this week and there has been many reports of some serious sleep struggle over the last few nights. Know the feeling? Read our top tips for when its too hot to sleep below.

TOP TIPS For Cool Nights:

  1. Dampen a face cloth with cold water and rest it on your forehead for an instant refreshing ‘aahhhhh’ feel.
  2. Keep your bedroom curtains or blinds closed throughout the day to help keep the heat out.
  3. Ensure you have plenty of water to drink. They last thing you need is dehydration!
  4. Hot dog? Run a towel under the cold tap, wring it out and lay on the floor for your pooch to cool down on.
  5. Ditch the duvet. If your duvet is any higher than 4.5 tog, you are going to melt.
  6. Go with Tencel Tm bed linen, it helps to keep you cooler as the fibres can be softer than silk and cooler than linen. It also absorbs more moisture than most cotton and quickly discharges it.

What are your favourite tips on keeping cool when its too hot to sleep?


Iris Flower: In The Garden With Lucy

Although we may be in lock down, it is still important to be in touch with nature. Whether it is an orchid flower on your window or a daffodil in your garden, lets appreciate their beauty. This week in the garden with Lucy, we are showing our love for the Iris flower.

Dwarf bearded Iris flower
Plum Wine Iris Flower

This little stunner is a dwarf bearded iris called ‘Plum Wine’ and when it has its moment it is amazing. It is so velvety and rich and its shape is very elegant and exotic.

Irises have often inspired artists, from early Japanese art to van Gogh to Sir Cedric Morris (who also bred many beautiful irises). Little wonder when they turn up looking like the best dressed girl at the party, oozing otherworldly glamour.

Watercolour Iris flower painting
Watercolour Iris painting

Heather’s beautiful painting captures this elegance and grace wonderfully, along with their irresistible colour and sinuous foliage.

Get creative with Christy and have a go at painting your own watercolour Iris flower. Art is a get activity to relax and take a breather! See our Senior Designers video of painting the plum wine Iris below.

Which flowers do you love? Comment below and let us know which flowers you would like to see being painted into a beautiful watercolour piece by heather. Or send us some pictures of the nature you are enjoying at your home during lock down!

Every month we will be having a giveaway to win one of the original watercolour flower paintings. To be the first in the know, make sure you sign up for our newsletter! You can see all our latest ‘Get creative with Christy’ videos on our Youtube channel here.


The Foam Flower

Our lovely Lucy and Heather have been at it again this week! Bringing you this gorgeous spring bloom. With its delicate pink flowers and luscious green foliage what is not to love about the Foam flower? 

Foam flower
Tiarella cordifolia

This delicate beauty is the foam flower (Tiarella cordifolia) and at the moment it is flowering its tiny head off. I’m absolutely enchanted by it, especially its intricate detail and miniature stature. It has a shape similar to a much bigger spire like a delphinium or a hollyhock but in such tiny scale that it is fairy-like. Its colour is delicate too: palest pink with just a flush of a deeper pink. As if that wasn’t enough it has beautiful leaves too which long outlast its pretty flowers.

How to paint a watercolour foam flower

Watch as Heather paints this gorgeous flower with watercolour paints. Be inspired to get creative with Christy! See the finished master piece below.

foam flower watercolour painting
Foam flower watercolour painting

If pretty pinks could be your thing check out our Jaipur velvet accessories in Dusky Pink. Blush in our Brixton towel and Pearl in our Luxe towel are both lovely delicate shades and the towels both have bit more of a contemporary feel, great for a Spring refresh.


In The Garden With Lucy

One of the positives to have come out of the current situation is that those of us lucky enough to have a garden or access to a green space are really appreciating the benefits of a bit of “nature therapy”. It has a very calming effect on me and makes me smile to see the flowers still blooming and the new shoots of Spring continuing to come through. In the garden with Lucy is inspired by some of the little gems that Mother Nature is sharing with us, with a little Christy magic along the way.​

I’m not bad at growing things and Heather our Senior Designer is brilliant at painting things, so together we are bringing you the best of what is blooming in my garden this week. ​​

The beautiful Pasque flower
The beautiful Pasque flower

This amazing chap is the Pasque flower, so named because it flowers around Easter, ‘pasque’ comes from the word ‘paschal’ meaning ‘of Easter’. This year it was bang on time! Its stunning rich purple petals and bright yellow centre make it a joy to see, especially when bathed in the glorious sunshine we’ve been having. Heather has picked up on its exuberant colours and its beautiful feathery foliage.​​

Heathers fantastic watercolour Pasque flower painting
Heathers fantastic watercolour Pasque flower painting

If you would like to be in with a chance to WIN this beautiful, original watercolour painting you can head over to our competition here. All you have to do is tell us your favourite flower!

If, like me, you’re inspired by this luscious colour check out Crushed Grape in our Prism towels. Or for a slightly softer take on the colour try Berry in the Renaissance towel and Orchid in the Supreme towel.


Sleep: How does this affect you?

March, one of our favourite times of year. Spring is on the brink of fully blossoming – that’s right, more daffodils and baby lambs will be greeting you soon! It is also a particular favourite time of year for Christy HQ too, as this is the month of celebrating sleep.

National Bed Month* takes place between the 1st and 31st March annually. Founded by the Sleep Council, an organisation dedicated to improving peoples quality of sleep, this campaign encourages you to reflect on your nightly routine. Yes, that’s right, this is a month dedicated to improving the relationship between yourself, your bed and rest. Amazing.

Okay so this is not an excuse to ditch work for a month and sleep all day everyday (we can wish upon a star for that time but it doesn’t look like human hibernation will be a trend anytime soon). But, this is a good time for you to reflect on your routine, your well-being and ways to improve both.

Sleep is an imperative part of everyday life – we can instantly tell when we have not had enough sleep. We feel groggy, distracted, short-tempered, dazed, sluggish, we could go on…

Inspired by National Bed Month and our dedication to helping you with your sleep as much as possible, Christy decided to create an online survey to learn more about how sleep affects your day-to-day lives. The results that we found were eye-opening:

  • 59% of total participants struggle to get a good night’s sleep, 65% of the total were women and 47% of men respectively.
  • 35% of total participants found that sleep deprivation was as result of Stress.
  • 26% of total participants referenced Discomfort, and 25% of participants referenced Temperature (too hot and too cold) as a form of sleep hindrance.

Comfort, Stress, Temperature. Three important factors that influence sleep. Three things that you can change. Three things that you have an element of control over.

At Christy, we are dedicated to helping you as much as we can. Our products are designed with you in mind, and so is the information which we provide.

On that note, we would like to share with you some top tips on how to make your bed cosy, comfortable and a balanced temperature from our experts in the design department. Take a read below!

Lucy Ackroyd, Christy Design Manager: “If you love the feeling of crisp clean sheets in a smart hotel then you’re already realised the sensory benefits of pure cotton, high thread count bed linen  You may not know why they feel so good though. Firstly 100% cotton products are naturally breathable so they help to regulate your temperate and also moisture levels, stopping the clammy feeling you can experience with synthetic fibres. Secondly high thread count fabrics are smoother against the skin so as well a being much more comfortable you are less likely to feel tangled up or trapped by rougher fabrics that cling, especially to nightwear. The good news is also that superior quality cotton products have great durability and lifespan too making them a really worthwhile investment. Your sleep is worth it!”

Julia Galloway, Christy Design Manager: “Most of us, at one time or another, have suffered with stress in our lives and whilst there is no quick fix, there are a few things that we can do to help with our everyday mood.  Playing with colour is such a way and has been proven to have an effect on the way we feel.  Chroma Yoga and light therapy are becoming more and more popular as people start to look into mindfulness techniques in their own homes.  One quick way to add some colour is with a change of linens in your bedroom and bathroom, both of which should be a sanctuary and a place of rest when stress takes a hold of our lives.   As a guide, we’ve added some key words to help you understand how certain shades will affect your mood:

  • Soft blues can be calming, serene and tranquil.
  • Yellows can be stimulating, happy and energising.
  • Greens can be harmonious, refreshing and renewing.
  • Soft pinks can be soothing, calming and balancing.
  • Purples can be relaxing, inspiring and spiritual.
  • Greys can be grounding, calming and balancing.”

*The Sleep Council, founders of the National Bed Month campaign, is an organisation which investigates how sleep affects your health and well-being, and provides brilliant tips on how to get more of it. More time for dreaming and escaping to a paradise.



At Christy HQ, we love chatting about all the silly and funny things our pets do! So to celebrate #LoveYourPetDay, we asked team Christy at Christy HQ to send us the cutest shots of their furry friends relaxing on luxury in true Christy style! Get to know our pets below and get ready to say aww and so cute a lot!

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to Frank the pug. Frank is only 2 years old, his mummy tells us that he hates the cold so loves snuggling up to keep warm. Here he is all wrapped up in his Christy Karina throw probably awaiting his cheese on toast as that’s his favourite treat!

Here we have Lady. Lady enjoys snoozing on the very best linens although her very expensive basket is only to the left of her, it doesn’t even get a look in when she knows that she can curl up on her humans Christy bed linen.

This isn’t any pooch taking a little nap on Romeo bed linen… This is a Batdog pooch, a superdog amongst the rest and it is clear to see from Bachus’ position that he is clearly taking a flight in his dreams. Batdog to the rescue!

Being a photogenic cat, Treacle has many poses which she turns on for the camera. Her mummy has told us that Treacle calls this pose her ‘don’t make me get up’ pose and we do not blame her! Christy bed linen is just too good to leave at any time of the day.

Now, Christine did start off by not allowing the dogs on the bed… but look at those puppy dog eyes, it’s hard to say no and Tyah just loves her Oslo throw!

Treacle the Labrador is not really fussed which Christy bed linen and throws she relaxes on as long as it is Christy

Move over human, this is my bed now! This doggo is certainly a royal; Harry the cavalier King Charles often wonders why the humans want to share his bed of Bude Christy dreams.

Ted does not like early mornings. In fact Ted usually lies in until around 11am in his Coniston bed linen and then he STILL needs a little encouragement to leave and go for a walk. His mum and dad are rather jealous of this as Ted usually spends more time in their bed than they do.


What a round up of beautiful pets. Make sure you are using the hashtag #MyChristy when you share your photographs of your furry friends on Instagram so we can like and share these!


Drab January? No thanks.

It is officially freezing cold up North, naturally at this time of year. When your alarm goes off and you have to get out of bed it can seem a bit daunting, especially when you’re stepping out into the cold air from your lovely warm bed.

It’s true, January has been labelled one of the hardest months of the year. Christmas has gone, New Years is over, and everyone is back to work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this month has to drag. We are determined to make the most of it.

Whilst it’s too cold to walk outside, it is your perfect excuse to sit tight, tuck in and snuggle up with your family or friends and enjoy the warmth. Or, if you’re fully motivated to ‘get fit’, then head to the gym with a friend – just to make sure that you don’t bail (yes, we have all been there and have done that so there is no shame in admitting it!).

There are multiple things that you can do in January that will help to lift your mood, whether this involves relaxing or pumping some iron. So say goodbye to drab January, and say hello to dreamy January!

Is your popcorn at the ready?

Film nights, who doesn’t enjoy them? And if you have one every Friday then it is essentially equivalent to a cinema trip. It’s also a great way to socialise in a fun, cost-effective way.

So call your girls, call your guys, and sit on the sofa. Grab a blanket or a throw and pass over the popcorn – or crisps… or both! – and put on a fun loving film. Blissful.

Push it!

The classic New Year’s resolution? Getting fit.

A great way to feel less sluggish at this time of year is to get your blood pumping, arms shaking and legs moving. Exercise releases endorphins so, naturally, you feel better post-workout. Also a healthier option than a ‘quick-fix’ sugar hit. Fabulous.

So, this year, we challenge you to sign up to try something new which is fitness related. Whether this is a gym class, spinning, salsa dancing, you name it – just get yourself out and moving! You’ve got this.

Swish, Pop, Ahh.

The sounds that surround a bubble bath are comforting aren’t they? And so is having a bath. More time consuming but ten times more relaxing than a shower.

Unwinding and de-stressing is important after a long day and, when the days are darker for longer, tension feels higher. So, we find that a bath helps us out a lot during these days.

So select a Podcast, or hit play on your Playlist, and breathe in the tranquillity.

Yoga is a thing. A good thing.

Last year there was a growing trend in Yoga videos featuring on Instagram and YouTube. They were everywhere, and we loved it! Yoga has multiple health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Yoga allows yourself to escape the everyday stresses by focusing on your breath, and stretch to release any tension built up throughout the day.

With workouts which can last between 10-30 minutes, you can easily incorporate it into your routine, both in the morning or at night.

A new hobby doesn’t hurt.

New Years is often a time for reminiscing, and quite often we look back at years gone by at ‘the good times’. But we can easily forget that the current times can also be good times.

If you find yourself looking back and thinking ‘ohh, I used to love drawing’, or ‘I have always wanted to go there!’ then do it. Just this time period in January where the world is still half asleep, and maybe still recovering from the madness around NYE, to research and book activities.

Try an art class. Explore some stately homes. Visit some museum exhibitions. Book a weekend away… Have some fun!


2018 Year Round Up

HELLO 2019! As we bring the New Year in, we are reminiscing on what has been a wonderful 2018. What a year it has been. Twelve months of great memories and beautiful designs, let’s take a look at a some of them…

January: BeFit Motivation Work Out

After the festive indulgence, in typical fashion, we brought in the New Year with a work out from our friends over at Be Fit Motivation. Who knew you that Christy towels would be the perfect get-fit partner?

Watch workout video here.

February: The month of love

Image: The Home That Made Me valentines image

We made Valentine’s 2018 extra special with our bespoke personalisation service on our best selling luxury bath robes.

Image by Charlotte Amor Valentine. Read blog post here.

Shop Bath Robes

March: Christy Ambassador Victoria Pendleton

Decorated Olympian and Jockey Victoria Pendleton become a Christy ambassador for our Ascot collection – she wears our towels so well!

Read our Q+A here with Victoria here.


April: The Fletcher Family

In April, we were over the moon that the one and only Tom Fletcher was sleeping in our Christy Junior bed linen!

Shop Christy Junior.

May: Christy Customer… Zoe Sugg!

Team Christy did a little squeal one Friday night in May when we saw our coveted Jaipur throw on Zoe Sugg’s bed on Instagram. #BedroomGoals at it’s finest!

Shop Jaipur

June: A Royal towel fit for Champions

A summer of sport began with the most prestigious racing event of the year, Royal Ascot. As the official towel licensee and supplier to Ascot, we were proud to present Frankie Dettori with his very own monogrammed towel to celebrate the occasion.

Get your own towel here.

July: Game. Set. Match.

#ChristyLoves Wimbledon – who doesn’t!? We were thrilled to provide the fantastic Roger Federer with a commemorative towel to celebrate his eight wins at Wimbledon.

Shop Wimbledon

August: Limited Edition Luxury

The hottest colour of the year was a sell out! This towel was a must have for any fashion enthusiast. Be quick, we still have face cloths and bath mats left with 30% OFF!

Shop Prism Ultra Violet.

September: The Northern Blog Awards

We showcased our Christy bed of dreams at the fabulous Northern Blog Awards, an event which celebrates blogger talent in the North. Doesn’t this photo just make you want to jump in?

Shop the look here >>

October: SPOTTED: Christy Towels Everywhere!

Our famous towels are loved by celebrities. You can enjoy the same soft feeling as them by indulging in our Supreme Hygro towels.

Shop Towels >>

November: Duvet days

New in AW18, our Morrello Blossom Bed Linen a showstopper of the season. It was even featured in the Metro newspaper!

Shop bed linen here.

December: The most wonderful time of the year

Image: Noel from xmas shoot

Our Facebook hosted competition, 12 days of #ChristyChristmasRedefined, provided Christmas cheer through luxury product giveaways.

Make sure you like our Facebook page and follow us so you can be one of the first to enter our new competitions!

Like our Facebook page here.


December Colour of the Month – Green

December, the month of the warm glow from festive lights, crisp white snow (if we are lucky!) and the amazing indulgent feasts. Where the days feel warmer even though the temperature has dropped and the twinkle of colour is all around. Shades of Red, Gold and Silver are often spread like glitter across homes bringing the spirit of Christmas with them. But most people may not know that the showstopper Christmas piece, the Christmas tree, is more than just an icon. It’s bang on trend for this month. Green is the statement colour for the month of December and here are our favourite Christy pieces in all different shades of GREEN!

Who knew there were so many shades of green? Our Prism towel collection showcases two fabulous shades of green, Absinthe and Mojito. Both bold and beautiful colours. Bringing a breath of fresh air along with that pop of colour your bathroom needs in the colder months. All of our Prism towels have matching bath mats available, but if that’s a little too much green for you then try a more neutral tone to warm up the room. Why not try a different style of Mojito with our Prism Mojito towels?

Sage, something that you often relate to as a Christmas herb.The foundation of a good tasting stuffing ball but this December it is also THE colour of one of our luxurious bed linens. Bringing to life a simple white 200 thread count percale into a bed linen must-have piece with its elegant and sophisticated Sage embroidered border. A timeless beauty which will see you through until Spring.

This luxurious statement piece has been a showstopper throughout 2018 and has not stopped shining for December. A throw that will finish off any bed with the matching cushions to boot. The Jaipur collection is made from a stunning velvet face with an elegant linen reverse and quilted for maximum cosiness this accessory is just as beautiful to the touch as it is on the eye.

A basic need for a perfectly made bed and an absolute MUST to add a subtle hint of colour to your bedroom. Our Christy 200 Thread Count Green Hue Plain Dye Sheeting will sit perfectly under the Clarendon bed linen to provide a new colour dimension to your bed.

The most iconic GREEN and purple towel that Christy has EVER made. The Wimbledon Championships towel is a winning selection in our eyes no matter the month! A versatile towel, ideal for the court, the beach or to be wrapped up under the Christmas tree. A purchase that provides emotions, memories and of course a towel which is spot on for the colour trend of the month.

Peppermint isn’t only for candy canes this Christmas! Our Serenity towel collection has certainly tapped into brighter greens and explored new tones of pastel shades for a more simple understated look. Sure to leave your Christmas guests green with envy.


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