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How to bring a Spa home

Spa breaks have always been a popular choice to escape the mundane and to relax. In our busy everyday lifestyles filled with balancing work, family time and a social life, it can be hard to find the time to get some you-time.

Sometimes you cannot book a spontaneous spa break, massage or facial. So, why not bring that spa feeling to your home instead? Made especially easy with our Christy spa-inspired bathroom collection.


Spas balance earthy tones with light accessories to create that peaceful ambiance. An atmosphere that can be reflected in your own bathroom.

Maroc towels, one of our favourite summer towel designs, is lightweight and relaxed. Draped over a leaning ladder against a wall, or hung over the side of your bath, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired beauty.

Fringe finishes are so chic right now. Our Kasbah towel’s delicate fringe addition and ribbed texture enhances the overall bathroom aesthetic and your washing experience. Paired with the Christy Maroc towel, these towels can be layered in your bathroom to create that full spa vibe.


Allow us to set the scene. Sat in a jacuzzi, you hear the bubbles continuously popping around you. The stream of running water brings you peace and comfort. You close your eyes, rest your head back, and enjoy the melody of running water and piano symphony playlists. Blissful.

Although we may not have a jacuzzi at home, a warm bubble bath is just as relaxing. Once you step into it, you can immediately feel the tension in your muscles release. Instantly at ease, you lie down and rest.

This tranquil experience should not be ruined as soon as you step out of the bath.

You grab your Christy bath robe. Wrap yourself up inside its lusciously sumptuous 100% cotton perfection. To get this ultimate experience, the Christy Supreme Velour bath robe is the perfect solution.

For a lighter option, for those hot summer days lounging by the pool, our Mali and Faraday bath robes are a fabulous alternative. Mali’s soft waffle texture is perfect for that effortless, poolside style. You may not be on holiday abroad when wearing this but you will sure feel like you are!

How our stylists do it

Wonderful stylist Hollie shows us how easily the robe is to use both at home and away!

Our Faraday bath robe goes on tour and looks fab.


#ChristyLovesWimbledon: Guide To Wimbledon Etiquette, with William Hanson

Also known as The Championships, Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious tennis event in the world and has been held in the London suburb of Wimbledon since 1877. This year, the two-week event starts on the 3rd July and to ensure that you’re properly prepared, we spoke to William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette coach and expert,  who gives his advice for those attending Wimbledon for the first time. Follow his advice, and in no time you’ll be sipping on Pimms on the Centre Court in no time.

Dress code

William Hanson says: “Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for spectators (they need not wear all white) “It is generally acknowledged that Wimbledon is an ‘occasion’ and should be treated like such and so smarter dress is worn.

“Panama’s for the men and large brimmed sunhats for women are a good idea, as indeed a good pair of sunglasses.”

Advice for spectators

If this is your first time at Wimbledon, there’s a few things to note to avoid any potential scowls from fellow attendees.

  1. If you’re inside a court watching a game, your phone must be switched off
  2. Similarly, chatting is kept to an absolute minimum
  3. No flashlight photography
  4. No selfie sticks

William adds: “For first-timers, it is important to know that you cannot leave or take your seats whilst a game is in play. Wardens control the spectator entrances and exits and sometimes you can wait anything up to fifteen minutes before the game is completed.”

Celebrations and commiserations

When it comes to cheering on your favourite player, William says there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to show your appreciation: “I would suggest that spectators do not make a song and dance about any British sporting prowess or success that Mr Murray may have: flag waving and nice cheering (not during actual play, mind you) is preferred – there’s no need to go overboard.”

Similarly, if the player you’re routing for doesn’t win, keep that classic stiff upper lip that us Brits are famous for. William says: “If Murray does not do as well as hoped, one should remember to be gracious in defeat. Congratulate the victor and do not sulk churlishly or lash out.”

 Get the perfect selfie before heading to Wimbledon and we’ll see you court side.

Love, Christy


#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Treat Yourself to a Christmas Spa Break

#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Treat Yourself to a Christmas Spa Break

Christmas, the time of year for gift giving, treating your nearest and dearest and… stress. In the midst of spoiling your loved ones during the festive season, it can be easy to forget about treating yourself.

What better way to do this than with a luxury spa break? We’ve hand selected our top 5 luxury spa hotels around the UK in the hope that we can help that holiday stress melt away.

  1. Seaham Hall

This five star spa hotel is perfectly located on the stunning Durham heritage coastline. Seaham Hall is 44,000 square feet of sheer luxury, with a 20 metre pool, luxurious hot tubs, 20 suites and 17 treatment rooms. We can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas time than treating yourself to a weekend in the lavish Seaham Hall spa, perfectly designed to wash away all your winter worries.

  1. Verbena at Feversham Arms Hotel

This boutique spa is perfectly hidden away from stress of the outside world. Located in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, this stunning spa features relaxing treatment rooms, a saunarium a unique monsoon shower and best of all, an outdoor heated pool, perfect to help put the rouge back in your cheeks during the Christmas period.

  1. Down Hall

If you’re looking for a festive themed spa getaway, then Down Hall located in Bishops Stortford is the perfect choice for you. You can spend your time relaxing in the mood-lit sauna, or receiving luxury facials and body treatments in their brand new treatment rooms. After you are fully pampered, you can finished off your day with Christmas-themed afternoon tea, what more could you possibly need?

  1. Black Swan

We’re back to the picturesque town of Helmsley, North Yorkshire, only this time it’s the 500 year old Black Swan that gets our recommendation. This historic hotel offers the perfect country getaway for those who want a change of scenery from a crowded city. Whilst here, you can get in the Christmas spirit by ice skating in the local town or singing carols in the church next to the hotel.

  1. Portavadie

Our final pick is an idyllic winter getaway on the scenic Scottish west coast. Portavadie features a state-of-the-art spa with the largest heated infinity pool in all of Scotland. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, Portavadie’s huge Scandinavian saunas with panoramic views of Loch Fyne certainly will. This truly unique spa will truly invigorate you ready to beat any Christmas stress.

Share your favourite Christmas getaway destinations with us on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love some extra festive inspiration!



Postcard from Paris

Postcard from Paris - a Christy Blog

Fiona is General Manger for Christy and teamed with Visual Merchandiser Amanda they are responsible for sourcing home accessories for the new concept Flagship Store in Chester. They have just attended luxury home exhibition Maison & Oject in Paris and we thought we would fire a few questions at them to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

Q. Since the opening of the Flagship store in Chester do you buy products to specifically fit the stores theme?

AT: The great thing about Chester is the store itself and the way we visual merchandised it means it’s a great canvas for  different tastes and styles but ultimately everything comes back to the core Christy values.

FM: The shop is in a historic building that we have had to be very respectful of when we created the fit. It’s a beautiful way of demonstrating how a classic building can work with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary home accessories.

Q. Is there a lot of research before hand?

AT: There’s a lot of consideration for on season trends and colours that are forecast to be a big hit but a favourite place to start is looking in my favourite home magazines and blogs.

FM: There’s always a lot of research and we work very closely with the design team at Christy HQ to make sure the end result is a collection that is inspiring and well thought out.

Q. What is your favourite home accessory that you have ever bought?

AT: Vintage railway lanterns that we found in reclamation yard in Shrewsbury. They can be used anywhere and look great as a centre piece with little tea lights.

You can never have too many gorgeous things though, can you?

FM: I really love tins and coloured glass, things with a vintage twist.

AT: She is tin mad, she drives me mad with her tins.

Q. Being a buyer sounds like the most amazing shopping trip ever. Most of us would have difficulty knowing when to stop, how do you know when to hit the brakes?

AT: You don’t. She (nodding at Fiona) stops me.

FM: Fiona rolls her eyes and agrees. I have to bring her back to reality.

AT: Fiona’s the breaks. As a seasoned shopaholic I don’t actually know when to stop you should see my shoe collection.

Q. Paris, New York the life of a buyer appears very glamorous, but make us feel better what’s your most un-glamorous experience?

AT: Think summer in Paris, white linen, stopping for a quick coffee at an outdoor cafe in San Michele. Hair and makeup perfect…then think rain like the world is going to end and a ten minute mad dash back to the hotel which we had already checked out of via a streets stall selling matching luminous pink plastic mac in a bag raincoat.

FM: This ended with us in the toilets of the hotel trying to dig clean outfits out of our already packed suitcases and drying our hair under the hand dryer not very chic.

I also find that when you think of Paris you think of strolling along the Seine with a Hermes bag not a wheelie trolley suitcase full of brochures and samples marching around an exhibition hall at 100 miles per hour!

Q. And finally do you travel light?

AT I do she doesn’t (gesturing at Fiona with a cheeky grin). I’m all about the capsule collection we can’t even lift Fiona’s off the conveyor belt at the airport. How many shoes did you take this time…?

Fiona looks up to the right and starts a mental count…Amanda interjects before she gets to the total.

5 is the answer, 5 pairs for three nights.

FM: It’s not just full of clothes and shoes I have to take all of the brochures and samples etc. But looks a bit sheepish.



Get Tennis Fever In 2013


With the world waiting to see who will lift the trophies at this year’s Championships, Christy is honoured to continue its relationship as the official towel supplier at Wimbledon. Established over 160 years ago, Christy is England’s original towel brand and proud to have been designing and manufacturing the official Wimbledon towels for 26 years.

Each year sees the introduction of new colourways for the Ladies towel while the Men’s towel remains the iconic Wimbledon purple and green. New designs are introduced every two or three years. All towels are made from the highest quality cotton.

Not only are the Championship towels used on court by the competitors, but can also be purchased both on-site at The Championships and from the Official Wimbledon Online Shop, making them THE perfect Wimbledon  souvenir and, for many years, the best-selling product. Consider opting for the embroidered Guest towels or Face Cloth packs as well to really make your home a tennis haven!

Demonstrate your passion for tennis on holiday as well with these two gorgeous Wimbledon beach towels. Featuring a fun strawberries and cream motif, iconic of hot days court side, as well as a design which incorporates the  famed lingo you would hear during game play, these towels will proudly reveal to all your love for this classic sport.

Product information:

Men’s Championship Towel 70 x 133cm Green & Purple £28.00
Ladies Championship Towel 70 x 133cm Berry & Purple £28.00
Men’s Face Cloth Pack 30 x 30cm Green & Purple £9.00
Ladies Face Cloth Pack 30 x 30cm Berry & Apple £9.00
Men’s Embroidered Guest Towel 40 x 70cm Green & Purple £14.00
Ladies Embroidered Guest Towel 40 x 70cm Berry £14.00
Strawberries Beach Towel 75 x 150cm Pink £20.00
Match Beach Towel 75 x 150cm Blue £20.00

NOTES • If you shop online, you can personalise your towels with up to three initials for an additional £5, making them an ideal sporting gift • The entire Wimbledon Collection is available for image and product loans Visit to buy online



New shop in Chester

A business venture is like a marriage. And we designing types love weddings because when you strip away all the romance, it’s really just a conjoining of old customs with new trends in one fantastic design scheme. Perhaps you feel the same thrill when you hear the church bells chime. In any case, I am pleased to announce a recent marriage that is sure to result in some very happy shoppers: Christy is the blushing bride, and the role of groom is filled by the distinguished city of Chester. And since both have a true appreciation for the old and the new, I believe this is a match made in heaven. Christy of course, is where tradition and classic charm meet the best in new technology. And the groom? Once a roman fortress with exceptional nerve, Chester is the best preserved walled city in the country and a veritable pageant of carefully restored buildings around which the residents live their fabulous modern lives. An excellent home I think for Christy’s shiny new two story shop which is brimming with enticing vignettes and all the lovely towels and linens in our impressive repertoire. And since we’re making grand announcements, you will now find a gorgeous array of decorative home furnishings in our new shop as Christy leaps gracefully into the world of home décor, with lamps, candles and picture frames to perfectly compliment our linens.

What is that old saying for luck in a marriage? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. You’re sure to find plenty of lovely blue things in our shop. And as for the borrowed bit, you could probably just borrow a little extra shopping cash…yes, I’m sure that counts. So feel free to stop by the Chester store and wish us joy.