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Bringing The Outside In

The rising temperatures and lighter mornings show that spring has definitely sprung, and if your home is in need of some springtime refreshment, we have a few simple tips to make it look seasonally appropriate.

Fresh flowers

Nothing instantly brightens a room more than bunches of fresh flowers, and there are plenty of beautiful blooms in season at this time of the year. May Day symbolises the transition from spring to summer, making it a perfect time to bring fresh floral arrangements into your home.

Popular flowers which are in season this time of the year include:

  • Campanulas
  • Marigolds
  • Spray carnations
  • Cornflowers
  • Freesias
  • Lisianthus

Scented candles

Bring the scents of the outdoors inside by lighting a few scented candles around the home – use slightly stronger fragrances in the kitchen and you’ll find any cooking smells will be replaced by a fresh and spring-life scent.

Swap heavy rugs for lighter styles

If a heavy oriental print rug is the main feature of your living room, consider swapping it for a neutral shade style in a lighter fabric. Avoid shaggy fabrics which are more suited to winter, and opt for woven styles in spring appropriate colours and patterns.

Natural rafia rugs are ideal for spring and summer, and are hardwearing enough for high footfall areas in your home such as hallways and the spots around doorways.


Healthy Breakfasts For The New Year

How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions by making sure the first meal of the day is a healthy one

Starting a new year with a fresh start on a healthy lifestyle is extremely common. New year’s resolutions – if, of course, they are stuck to – provide the perfect opportunity for making improvements to your life that you otherwise may not have had the opportunity or willpower to do.

Drinking less, stopping smoking, joining the gym and healthy eating are just some of the promises that we make to ourselves on January 1st, but quite often, their attempts are short lived and bad habits sneak back in as the cold winter bites.

However, starting your day on the right foot could possibly make these resolutions easier to keep up, so why not do that the healthy way with a nutritious and delicious breakfast? They say the first meal of the day is the most important, but they never said it had to be boring… Take a look at a few of our ideas and see if any of them take your fancy.

Avocado on toast

Take one or two slices of lightly toasted whole-grain bread, then mash an avocado on top with a sprinkling of salt and pepper and, voila, you have one healthy, delicious and – most importantly – simple breakfast. Yes, avocados do have a high fat content, but this is not the same fat found in fried food – these good fats are great for your body. This vegetable powerhouse is also jampacked with vitamins and minerals that lower cholesterol and give you shiny hair.

If you want to make this meal that little bit more substantial, serve up some fried, scrambled or poached eggs on top, which are a brilliant source of protein. Perfect for the start of a tiring day at work.

Green smoothie

Every celebrity’s must-have accessory, the green smoothie is really making waves at the moment. While this type of drink has had some bad press over the years due to high sugar content and misleading ingredients, when made correctly, they are the perfect on-the-go source of a health kick.

If you substitute sugary fruits for leafy greens, you are on to a winner – setting yourself up perfectly for the day ahead. To make a green smoothie, simply add the vegetables of your choice – we recommend spinach, celery, cucumber and a hint of ginger – to your food processor and hey presto. This hearty beverage is brimming with vitamins and minerals, while supplying a healthy dose of fibre and antioxidants, making it a great post-workout snack too.

Porridge with blueberry compote

When the weather is gloomy and cold, there is nothing quite like a hearty breakfast to set you on your way. However, this does not mean you are restricted to unhealthy options. Stock up on fibre with porridge oats and blueberries, served with Greek yogurt for additional benefits.

Blueberries are an ideal addition to virtually any breakfast, and this seemingly inconspicuous fruit is brimming with ingredients that provide the perfect boost to your health. Not only do they improve your skin, but blueberries work wonders for the bladder,  and also give your brain that much-needed boost. If you are going to add one fruit to your daily diet today, make it blueberries.

Quinoa fruit salad

A fruit salad is an obvious choice if you are looking to start your day in the right way, but it can be quite boring and take a while to prepare. However, if you have that little bit of extra time, there is no denying this meal option is jampacked with vitamins and minerals, and will fill you up until lunch. Add a scoop of the superfood of the moment quinoa for a healthy boost and a spoonful of plain yogurt with honey for additional substance.

Quinoa is great alternative to starchy grains, and it is versatile too, meaning it can be added to virtually any meal. It has twice the protein content of rice and is also a great source of calcium, magnesium and several B vitamins.


Welcome to our New Home

But even if we could freeze time, we just wouldn’t do it, because as life continues to roll on it brings all kinds of surprises with it.  When dear old Henry and Richard Christy set about to manufacture the first terry towel in the 1850’s they could not have possibly foreseen where their company would be in 160 years.  Nor could they imagine the globalized world that surrounds it.  To them, perhaps the epitome of success was presenting their towels at the historic Crystal Palace Exhibition, to be seen by millions of passing spectators and hailed as a miracle by one and all.  It would be easy to rest on your laurels when Queen Victoria is one of your customers. But the Christy brothers continued to aspire to ever greater things…and so do we.

Now Christy linens are a mere keystroke away from anyone around the globe.  We’re in the finest shops, are enjoyed by a most distinguished clientele, and we continue to stack up the accolades for design and production.  But what we really strive for is to better serve our customers, in store, and online. So we’ve launching a new website for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

We‘re sure that if Henry and Richard could see it they would approve – once they got over the shock of seeing computers for the first time, of course. Because that would be a shock for a gentleman of the 19th century!

But the one thing that is forever familiar and constant is the exceptional beauty and quality of our linens.  We aim for the best, whether it’s 1850 or 2013.  And even in a future possibly filled with hoverboards and robotic housekeepers, you’re still going to want a soft and snuggly bed to crawl into each night. Yes, gadgets and apps may come and go, but soft and snuggly are eternal.


Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog – and it gives me great pleasure to say that. We’ve been anticipating this moment for some time and now that it’s here I’m delighted to be able to waffle on about our new collections! But first, for the sake of the uninitiated, let me tell you a little about Christy. Not many companies can boast a tradition as interesting as ours. We’ve been crafting towels and linens since 1850, always using only the very finest premium yarns, constructions and finishes. Queen Victoria herself was one of our earliest and undoubtedly most illustrious fans. Which we’re extremely proud of. And hey, not only are our towels and bedlinen are fit for royalty, they may even make you feel a bit more royal! Whilst we try to hold fast to our traditions where quality is concerned, we’re not afraid to ring the changes on designs and colour, we believe that glorious comfort should be a visual feast as well, every bit as fab as it is luxurious. As Christy’s design manager, that’s where I come in. With my love of travel, culture, and design, and years of experience (never mind how many), it is both my job and my passion to try to stop you in your tracks with “wow factor” products. I’m fascinated by colour, fastidious about getting it right, and absolutely evangelical about a new favorite shade. In other words, I love a pile of delicious bed linens just as much as you do. I came to Christy so I could love working on gorgeous products. I hope you’ve come to Christy to enjoy them too! I do hope you’ll follow along as we introduce our gorgeous Autumn/Winter collections. Who knows, you may find your dream linens and your inner Queen Victoria! (We’ll get back to you on the handsome prince.) Love, Lucy



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