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#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Prepare your guest room

#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Prepare your guest room


It’s Christmas week, the food shopping has been done, the presents are gathering under the tree and the guests are imminent. Everything is ready and waiting for the guests to descend but there’s no chance that you’ll be relaxing just yet – not until everyone has a drink and multiple food options. Vol au vent anyone? Champagne?

If you’re accommodating family or friends overnight, then we’ve got a simple trick that’ll make your home synonymous with hotel quality luxury – perfectly folded towels! Watch the video now, and fold your way to spa style luxury with resident Christy towel designer Julia Hewitt.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas season from all of us here at Christy.


Create the perfect cushion arrangement

Textured Paisley - Petrol (1)

How to create the perfect cushion arrangement

A well and beautifully laid bed can be easily achieved at home. Following a few simple arrangement rules will make an empty, cold looking bed a thing of the past…

Firstly, it’s good to look at the entire arrangement of the bed. Once you’ve chosen and set your bed linen, you’re left with a blank canvas where we lay the pillows/cushions – this will become the masterpiece of the master bedroom!

We recommend adopting a pillow layout somewhat similar to the below diagram…


Starting with the largest first, arrange two co-ordinating Squares/Shams in an upright position against the headboard. Squares create a wholesome staggered look to instantly revitalise any bed. Secondly lay your first set of pillows. We like to chose a Plain Dye coloured, none patterned under pillow to breakup any colour from the linen design. Prop the second set of linen matching pillows at the front ensuring the back pillows are peeping over the top. You have now set the foundations. Make sure your pillows are straight, and fluffed! Now onto cushions… The fun part!!

Cushions can absolutely transform a bed, especially by adopting pops of bold solid colours. Your choice of cushion can make two beds, set with the same design look completely different. Don’t be afraid to choose contrasting colours. Pick colour shades from other items around your room such as: lamp, flowers, artwork, etc to tie the whole bedroom together.

So far your bed will look symmetrical. Create a more interesting tone by adding an odd amount of cushions. I’d suggest arranging from left to right, keeping the larger cushions to the back to continue the staggered feel. Mix different sizes and styles towards the centre. Be careful not to over do it – there is such a thing as too many cushions, also stray from using correlating colours and designs. It can, on occasion become overkill. Bright colours are the winning combination!

Ensure once more that all cushions are fluffed and pressed!

Don’t forget to place your favourite throw at the foot of the bed. It’s worthwhile to ensure at least one of the cushions chosen to layer, matches or compliments the throw, it will amalgamate all items together… Don’t forget, throws are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are the perfect ‘just in case’ layer for cold nights.

Now all that’s left to do is to slip into your cosiest of pyjamas, grab a good book and cuddle into your new retreat.

WARNING: Once you’ve created the perfect bed, getting out (especially on a cold morning) can cause difficulty and/or distress.

We would love to see your layered bed. Tweet us your pictures @christy_home.


#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Prepare for guests

#ChristyChristmas: Time to… Prepare for guests

It’s never too early to start planning for your Christmas guests; in fact, the earlier you begin the smoother the whole process will be. One of our Christy ambassadors, Love Audrey, seems to have got the knack of hosting down to a tee, and here are some of her top tips. If you have any words of wisdom to add please share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. After what will no doubt have been a long and hectic journey, your guests will be grateful for the offer of a warm bath followed by a restorative snooze. Make sure their surroundings are soft and sumptuous with fresh linen and clean towels, the fluffier the better! Remember, everyone feels the cold differently, so give guests the option of extra blankets and additional pillows to ensure they get a good night’s sleep.


  1. When you’re hauling countless gifts across country, it can be easy to forget the essentials, so consider leaving a stash of toiletries in the guest bedroom. Sample sizes of everything from toothpaste to deodorant could come in handy, but if you really want guests to feel cared for, a spare robe and some slipper socks would be perfect too.
  1. A well stocked bedside table adds another element of comfort to your guests’ surroundings. Fresh flowers, a pile of books or magazines and a box of tissues is a good start. A scented candle (don’t forget the matches) and easy access to a pen and paper might also be appreciated.


  1. Keeping a few refreshments within easy reach is a good idea. Not only will it help alleviate any potential guilt if a guest feels peckish between meals, it also takes some of the pressure off you having to fix countless drinks and snacks on top of the usual Christmas catering. Try filling a tray with bottles of soft drink, biscuits, snack bars and maybe even the odd mince pie!

xmas_breakfast xmas_mince_pies

  1. Nowadays, no one travels without their tech, so be sure to leave the Wi-Fi password somewhere visible. You could also invest in a universal charger, just in case someone forgets that vital bit of kit.

The Best Houses Of The Silver Screen

One of our favourite things to do on a rainy day is to curl up with a Christy throw and rewatch our favourite classic films, admiring the beautiful, covetable homes. We’ve picked out our most envied houses from the movies, looks from which we would love to recreate in our own homes.

The beach house from ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

The Hamptons beach house in Something’s Gotta Give is the perfect location for the unfolding of Harry & Erica’s romantic tale. The actual house is in Long Island (The Hamptons), but production designer Jon Hutman created the romantic home using interior sets. The beach location, layout of the home and the paint palette used are so covetable that the fictional home has a fan following and has inspired many a renovation.

Architectural Digest featured the home online, revealing interesting nuggets of information, such as the fact that the kitchen countertop was wood painted to look like soapstone. Diane Keaton, who plays Erica in the movie, has said that the kitchen from Something’s Gotta Give is her all-time favourite, and we think it’s pretty perfect too. We especially like the presence of fresh flowers throughout, which creates a romantic look.

Perhaps our favourite room in the house is Erica’s bedroom, complete with windows and built in shelves, Erica’s reading nook is bright, airy and peaceful – something we could all benefit from! Set director Beth Rubino has specified that the paint colours were custom-mixed to look good on the set, so there is unfortunately no paint code for the palette used in the house.

The house recently sold for $41million, but looks very different on the inside than it did in the film.

The glass house from The Lake House

The Lake House was a 2006 remake of South Korean film Il Mare, where two residents of the same house exchange letters through the mailbox, despite living at the house two years apart. The film itself is a entertaining love story, but the story of the glass house used for filming is just as captivating.

After looking extensively for a lake house to use for filming, the glass lake house was actually designed and built specifically for the movie in Maple Lake in Willow Springs, Illinois, and was allowed to be built as a temporary structure on the condition that it was removed after filming. The house was designed in two weeks by Nathan Crowley and took 100 people 7 weeks to construct. Here’s what the Lake House looked like during construction:

Our favourite view of the Lake House is the shot from the exterior at night, though this view highlights the fact that the home is compact and minimally styled. In the film, Alex tells his brother that “This house is about ownership, not connection. [His father] built a house, not a home.”

The cottage from The Holiday

The cottage from The Holiday is quintessentially British, but unfortunately doesn’t exist outside of the movies. The front was constructed in two weeks in an empty field, and extensive landscaping formed the garden; most of which is unseen in the film. The DVD special features showed the progress of the front:

While the reality of a winter in this cottage would probably be broken boilers, draughty windows and stone-cold floors, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) manages to enjoy the festive season in England. The picturesque village of Shere (in Surrey) was transformed into a winter wonderland for The Holiday.

We love the bedroom in the cottage; completely charming with its built in storage and bookshelves.

Those are our favourite homes from the silver screen – which homes from movies did you fall in love with?


Filling Your Home With Autumnal Shades

With Bonfire Night right around the corner, now is the perfect time to add deep oranges, cosy browns and other seasonal shades to your home in the form of accessories. A well placed cushion, bath mat or towel in the right shade can transform a room into a relaxing autumn space that offers solitude from the chilly weather outside. Below are a few of our favourite autumn items – which will you choose for your home?

Herringbone Cushion

Autumnal decoration is all about heavy fabrics and embellishments, and the combination of tweed material, leather trim and domed brown vintage buttons on our Herringbone cushion makes it the ideal addition to any sofa.

Revive Towel in Cocoa

Rich browns are great shades for the colder winter months, and our Revive towel in Cocoa can help create a cosy bathroom space – perfect for those chilly mornings when getting ready to leave the house is a bit of a struggle. Revive towels are incredibly quick drying, and boast superior softness combined with impressive absorbency.

Pascha Bed Linen

Our Pascha bed linen is a heavy damask jacquard in 100% cotton. It boasts a high thread count of 350 threads per square centimetre, giving a soft, warm finish that encourages a great night of shut-eye even on the coldest evenings.

Himalaya Bed Linen

Our Himalaya bed linen is inspired by the classic paisley-style print, and features warming autumnal tones of orange, dusky pink and purple. This impressively soft linen is made from a mix of cotton and Lyocell, and has a thread count of 200.

Revive Towel in Nectarine

If softness and absorbency are top of your list when it comes to buying bath towels, the Christy Revive range is a great choice. Orange is a traditionally autumnal shade, conjuring up images of Halloween pumpkins and falling leaves, so add a touch of autumn to your bathroom with some Revive towels in Nectarine.


5 easy ways to breath new life into your home decor

We’re 100% on the ball when it comes to things like bed linen UK products and related luxury items. And it’s easy for us to spot things like emerging trends, hints and tips for your home. So in the spirit of helping your home maintain it’s style credentials in 2013, here are five easy expert tips to help blow a breath of fresh air over your interiors without calling in the decorators! 1. Have a ruthless and thorough clear-out It can be pretty spine-tingling to finally tackle the spare room or open a wardrobe door that’s only held closed by the exercise bike propped against it, but a really good spring clean and de-clutter can do wonders for your home. You could even unearth some great items to upcycle or sell on. 2. Mirror, mirror The best way to complement any room is to invite light in. Mirrors are a great way to bring light into a dark or shadowy room like a basement level apartment. Try to site mirrors opposite natural light sources – e.g. the biggest window – to diffuse the light around the room. Placing decorative lights near mirrors can also have a great brightening effect. 3. Colour match This is a little tip we picked up recently. Choose a room and sort through everything in it, colour coding along the way. You can then see what the predominant colour is in that room and accessorise accordingly with bed linen, throw cushions etc. You could even choose a theme to match the colour – red hearts, tropical tones, winter wonderland – invest in key pieces that match. 4. Accessorise! Now this is where we come in! Investing in accessories is a great low cost way to add a completely new spin on a room. Take something like the bathroom. Perhaps you have a perfectly acceptable contemporary bathroom suite, but it’s lacking a little personality, isn’t it? Our luxury bathroom accessories like robes and bath mats can make all the difference, especially when combined with like accessories to finish off the look. The same can be said for any room – pick a colour or theme and go a little nuts on the accessories front! One of our favourite ways to really spruce up a bathroom is to use bold colours and prints. 5. Look at the window Curtains and blinds can completely lift the tone of a room… or lower it! Sumptuous curtains can add drama, light linen blinds can add a fresh, airy appeal to any room. Longer curtains tend to create a focal point and can be superb in a room that’s sparsely decorated or has an unfinished quality. So, if you want to brighten up your home without calling in the decorators, invest in a few key pieces, have some fun accessories shopping, take a look in the mirror and get rid of all that junk!



A taste of the exotic with Spice Trail

You might fancy making some changes to your home. It’s easy to get bored of fixtures and fittings in your house or flat, but by making some simple changes, you can completely transform the way your property looks. For example, you can invest in some luxury bedding. Here at Christy we offer an array of stunning items and may well have exactly what you’re after. For something a little exotic, why not check out our Spice Trail range? This is part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection and it might tick all of your boxes. Inspiration The inspiration for these fabulous products came from exotic locations across the globe and the items feature a rich use of colour and ethnic pattern, giving a unique British twist on international design. Our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Spice Trail conjures up memories of visits to spice markets and bustling bazaars. It has been designed to bring a vibrant, exotic element to the home.” Byzantine One design that might work perfectly in your abode is the Byzantine. This is a striking example of new yarn dying techniques that are used to create unique, random stripes. A classic paisley pattern sits over the stripe, resulting in a stunning and original collection. Meanwhile, the Izmir ink blue boudoir cushion and pillowcase with its leaf embroidery border adds extra colour and style. Nina Another design that might capture your imagination is Nina. This bold and beautiful creation makes a real statement and features exotic print and deep red ribbon trim. The shiny sateen weave results in an indulgent finish and the rich use of colour makes for a memorable pattern that can be the focal point of any bedroom. Petra You might also be intrigued by Petra. This classic paisley print is updated with the use of a rich mocha colourway adding a modern twist. The glossy lines can be styled with Cadiz, which is an elegant lace flat sheet and pillowcase combination. Doing this gives added luxury and a touch of the artisan.Eclectic Talking about the Spice Trail range in general, Lucy added: “I am always inspired by the eclectic use of colour, pattern and texture on my trips overseas. We combined all these elements to create striking designs that are still very liveable.” A real difference Even though adding some new luxury bed linen to your property is simple and quick, it can make a huge difference to the way it looks and feels. Creating the perfect home environment is all about paying attention to detail, so choosing the best possible bedding, cushions, throws and so on is really important. Meanwhile, by opting for items like those featured in our Spice Trail range, you can breathe new life into your rooms. They inject colour and vitality into the spaces.Find out more So, if you want to buy towels, bed linen and other items for your home and are keen to check out our full selection of products, just take a look around our website. We have lots to offer.



Enjoy natural simplicity and fabulous textures with Luxe Retreat

There’s no shortage of fabulous products for the home and you might feel spoiled for choice when you’re searching for items to spruce up your house or flat. If it’s quality towels or bedding you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Christy, we’re passionate about creations like this and we’re constantly striving to come up with new and attractive designs. Texture is key For example, as part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection we’ve developed the Luxe Retreat range. These items embody the trend for luxury living and they focus on texture as well as look. The products use a fusion of natural tones and tactile textures, and they strike the perfect balance of comfort and style. Commenting on them, our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Luxe Retreat is influenced by the simplicity of natural fabrics but with a strong emphasis on texture. I looked at beautiful silks, crisp cottons and natural palettes to create a truly sophisticated collection.” Copenhagen If you’re after something subtle and classy for your home, you might want to consider the Copenhagen design. This has a smart tailored appearance and a masculine yet cosy feel. It provides Scandinavian simplicity with its soft grey tones and it looks beautiful teamed up with chunky knits and deeper charcoal accessories. Silk Stripe Another fabulous option is the Silk Stripe. This features soft shades of caramel intertwined with delicate bands of glossy silk. The products have a luxurious feel, while the velvet piping offers the perfect finishing touch.Domino Meanwhile, a different but equally impressive offering is the Domino. This textured design combines grey and neutral tones with a distinct pattern that runs through in a colour-woven technique. The soft spot design in heavier weight cotton provides a sophisticated bed linen. Cocoon yourself this autumn You might have noticed a fall in temperatures and it seems winter is well and truly on its way.  At this time of year, it’s important to make sure your home is as cosy and appealing as possible. About this, Lucy said: “Autumn is the time to start looking to ‘cocoon’ as the nights are longer and darker. Luxe Retreat was designed with sumptuous, comfortable interiors in mind.” Beautifully simple She added: “Soft, neutral bed linens can influence the rest of your bedroom interiors to create a beautifully simplistic environment. Add soft lighting, neutral toned furniture and clean lines for total simplicity.” Festive gifts As well as stocking up on fabulous designer bedlinen and bath towels for yourself, you might want to hand them over as festive presents. Christmas is just around the corner and it can be hard to think of gift ideas for your loved ones. However, everyone likes to get gorgeous products for the home. As long as you bear in mind the tastes and preferences of the recipient, you should succeed in finding the perfect items. Also, shopping for presents in this way is quick and easy. You won’t have to battle your way through queues of consumers on crowded streets and in packed shops. All you need are a spare few moments and a web connection.

Nostalgia collection encapsulates vintage femininity

If you want to revamp your home, now’s the perfect time to do it. By investing in gorgeous new towels and bedding, you can help ensure your property looks and feels fabulous. The great thing is, there are so many products for you to choose from. For example, you might be bowled over by the Nostalgia range we’re offering as part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. The low-down These stunning designs focus on1940’s ditsy spots, pretty cotton frills and vintage style lace and they can help to update your decor with wistful charm. Our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Encapsulating vintage femininity, the Nostalgia collection focuses on exquisite detail and delicate fabrics.” Elouise Inspired by the beautiful patterns of the Arts & Crafts movement, our Elouise products look gorgeous. They take a classic leaf design and update it with contemporary teal. The products are edged with tactile grosgrain ribbon. Meanwhile, you can pair the creations with Anatalya, which is a playful pom-pom trim flat sheet and pillowcase. The William Morris style pattern inspired the design and colour palette for the Elouise range and the items are the perfect balance of nature and luxury. Penny For a different look, you can check out the Penny range, these are based on 1940s tea dresses and have a cute spot design with a real nostalgic charm. The three-tier frill detail is girly and playful and might really bring a smile to your face. Natalie On the other hand, maybe something a little fresher will win you over. The Natalie design is fresh and fun, featuring threads that are woven to produce a riot of bold colours. With rich red and pink stripes, it can be accessorised with block colour cushions and throws. A quirky take Commenting on the Nostalgia range, Lucy added: “I hope the Nostalgia collection will charm vintage fans with its quirky take on colour and cute details. The designs are feminine and sophisticated but with lots of personality.”See for yourself Of course, trying to picture the items based on our descriptions might be tricky, but by searching our website, you can find plenty of pictures of the products and once you’ve seen them, you’ll be better able to decide which versions would suit your home best. The great thing is, whichever items you decide to get, the process of ordering is simple and quick. You don’t need to brave the autumnal weather and crowds to get hold of the items. Instead, you can simply order them online. This could save you lots of time and hassle. In time for Christmas If you order the products now, you’ll be able to have them ahead of the festive season. At Christmas, it’s particularly crucial for homes to look the part. You might be having guests to stay with you and it’s important you feel comfortable with your home’s appearance. So, to see our full selection of items and decide whether or not we have the perfect bathroom linens and bed sheets for your property, just take a look around our website.



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