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Confused about filled bedding?

Are you confused about filled bedding? With so many options out there when it comes to bedding, it can be easy to get confused. From mattress protectors to mattress toppers, even the best of us can wonder what the difference is. Fear not, there is no need to be confused about filled bedding any longer, let us help you to get it right!

Are you confused by different types of filled bedding?

Mattress protectors

Protecting your mattress and your health.

Mattress protectors are important for two major reasons; for keeping mattress free of stains and preventing exposure to dust mites, microbes and other potential allergens.

At Christy we have mattress protectors available in four sizes that fit over your mattress and secure with an elasticated edge. Plus, with a soft quilted face they are not only practical but also super comfortable.

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper is often overlooked but they can work wonders on ensuring that you get a great nights rest. They offer an added layer of plush comfort, making your bed a relaxing haven.

Our luxury mattress topper is pure bliss to sleep on. With elastic corners for added security and a well padded face, you won’t want to get out of bed!


Too hot? Too cold?

Considering we spend so much time in bed, you would think that we had the art of sleeping and the perfect duvet sorted. But which is the perfect duvet for you?

At Christy, our duvets come in three different togs and two different fillings to suit your sleeping style. To help you get your duvet choice down to a T, we have created a full duvet buying guide here!

Although the variety of options can be daunting, it creates the perfect opportunity to build a sleep space perfect for you! You can pick and choose what you want out of each item, whether it is to give you extra comfort whilst you snooze or to prolong the life of your mattress. Or perhaps both!


Top 5 Towel Hygiene Tips

Now more than ever, we are hearing about the importance of washing our hands to help protect from harmful microbes. As towel hygiene plays a key role in overall hand hygiene, we have put together our top 5 towel hygiene tips.

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water helps to prevent the spread of unwanted and harmful germs. It is worth noting that the final step of washing your hands, drying them with a towel, is just as important in the cleaning process. Complete hand hygiene starts with washing your hands, but is incomplete without drying your hands with a clean, hygienic towel.

Ensure that each family member has their own towel.
Ensure that each family member has their own towel.

You may think that your towels are clean, after all, you are drying your freshly washed hands! Although this is true, it is not always the case.

‘Some scientists have gone so far as to call towels the most germ-infected object in your home, and it’s likely you aren’t washing them nearly enough.’ Medical Daily.

Towels pick up bacteria from the human body, and combined with the addition of moisture, towels can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a towel that is used, unwashed and damp can spread bacteria throughout the household.

With this knowledge at hand, we have put together our 5 top towel hygiene tips that you can follow:

  • Wash towels after 2 days of use. Regularly washing towels will expel bacteria on the towel.
  • Wash towels in hot water so that all the microorganisms are removed.
  • After every use, allow towels to completely dry out. Rotate your towels to give wet towels time to dry.
  • Don’t share your towels with family members. Everybody should have a separate towel to discourage the spread of bacteria between people.
  • Avoid hanging towels to dry on the same hook/bar. Spread them out separately so that as much surface area exposed as possible.

Following these top 5 towel hygiene tips will help to keep you and your family safe by keeping your hands clean. What are your towel hygiene tips?


How often should bedding and towels be washed?

How often do you wash your bedding and towels? Every week or every month? Is there a certain length of recommended time to wait between washes and how often key items should be replaced? If you are wondering how often bedding and towels should be washed then read on, you have come to the right place!

It is estimated that 1 in 20 people wash their bedding every 4 weeks whilst 1 third clean them every 2 weeks. Now you are most likely asking yourself how often you change your bedding, but how often should bedding be washed? And what about your towels, duvets and pillows?

We have put together a list of recommended wait times between washing key items and have spun them into our 2020 home resolutions!

How often should bedding be washed

Taking on these top tips will get 2020 off to a fresh start, but why not welcome in the new year with a crisp set of gorgeous new Christy bedding?

What will your new year home resolutions be?


Limited Edition Chunky Knit Throw

Now we know how it is when the days start getting that little bit shorter and nights that little bit cooler. Those late August barbecues that end up inside as the air begins to drop and your guests enter your home to end the party. A setting that seems rather bare as your comfier statement accessories are still away in your linen cupboard.

Well fear not because this season’s statement throw has arrived!
AND it’s available in four stunning colours!

Our limited edition Chunky Knit throws are all beautifully hand made in Britain. Each piece is knitted completely by hand from giant yarns of Merino wool which shows in the intricate detail of each piece. These throws are one of a king and feel just as good as they look.

How are they knitted by hand you may ask? Well we do literally mean by hand… and arms…

The Lady behind these giant knits is Miriam Evans. Miriam creates these exquisite throws in her home studio in Leeds using just her arms and hands. We know you were imagining gigantic knitting needles and huge balls of never ending yarn, but were afraid not. However, they are made from the chunkiest of pure unspun Merino wool which is sourced locally in Yorkshire. The reason that Merino wool is used is because it is naturally stained and is also water and odour resistant. Meaning each throw is hypoallergenic, naturally flame resistant AND anti-static. The perfect accessory for your bed.

Does it get any better?! Dust free? Child proof? We’re sold.

Well we don’t like to boast but it does get better because we have a colour to suit every home, room and person!

For the softer toned lover we have the Dusky Pink throw. This is a shade of dusky mink with the perfect hint of pink. Not too much, but just enough!


Be Bold. Be Daring. Be Carmine. This electric pop of colour is not for faint-hearted and will certainly make a statement in any setting.

Taking it a shade darker… The Chunky Knit throw in Dark Teal is such a stunning shade, similar to the head of a mallard. It brings warmth just by looking at it.

Deep, dusky and bang on trend. The Mulberry coloured Chunky Knit Throw is a fashion statement alone, so imagine how amazing it would look paired with a set of Christy bed linen. Exactly what dreams are made of!

The only downside of this piece you ask? Well it is Limited edition meaning there are only a handful of these show stopper throws available. So make sure you grab yours before anybody else!

How could you resist?! Look how stunning they look in the home. A versatile must-have which shines through in any setting.

As seen on Come Down To The Woods Instagram. Layered with our Jaipur velvet throw in Jade and Belgian Linen in Silver.

I absolutely love making these blankets. Merino wool is a wonderful material to work with. It’s super soft, squishy and delightfully tactile.  The fineness of the merino wool means that it can be dyed in incredibly vibrant colours.  Using such glorious colours makes a real impact in any room, and can really pull a design together. Crafted in the simplest of knit stitches, the giant sized yarn creates tremendous texture and pattern, allowing each stitch to sing!

Turning a bundle of unspun wool into the blanket that you receive, using only my hands, is truly a joy. I hope it brings joy to you too! – Miriam Evans”

Shop our Chunky Knit Throws now whilst stock lasts.


#ChristyLovesWimbledon: Bringing Wimbledon In To Your Home, with Love Chic Living

As you may have already guessed, the team here at Christy HQ can’t get enough of Wimbledon this year, and like a lot of people, we eat, breath and sleep tennis at this time of year.

By why should it just stop at the odd Wimbledon-themed party once a year? Why not take some inspiration from the court and bring it into our homes for the ultimate summer upgrade?

Luckily, our friend, Jen, from Love Chic Living, is also an avid Wimbledon fan and is here to help discover the ultimate in tennis-inspired home décor.

Upcycling Tennis Racquets

Credit: Houzz

This first idea is a nifty DIY project that will transform a vintage tennis racquet (these can be found online or in most charity shops) into a fabulous multi-purpose addition to your hallway.

Jen says: “As above, you can turn them into great wall hooks in the entrance hallway, or use them in a wall collage or display, or even add a few little hooks to them to store your jewellery.”

We think it’s a must for any tennis lover. What would you use yours for?

Tennis Wallpaper

Credit: NOTHS

Next up is this beautifully intricate tennis-motif wallpaper from Cazalet Designs. It features a delicate design on a lush green background which makes the piece simultaneously bold yet subtle. It’s fun without being too quirky and wouldn’t jar with other décor pieces.

Jen adds: “Coordinated as in the picture with bright contemporary décor, it looks cool without being kitsch. This would be ideal as a statement wallpaper or even an all over pattern in a smaller room.”


Now, how could we mention tennis-inspired decor without including our beautiful range of Wimbledon textiles? Possibly the easiest way to incorporate the sports-luxe look into your home.

Jen’s favourite is the Wimbledon Sports Towel in white. She says: “With just a nod to the tennis scene, this is a bang on-trend way to add some tennis-inspired interiors to your home”.

Vintage Wall Art

Credit: Etsy

If like us, you can’t get enough of the industrial interiors trend that is everywhere at the moment, this next piece from Etsy will be perfect for you.

A fan or the piece, Jen adds: “I just love this piece, it’s so different, stylish and not obvious at all. For the diehard tennis fan, a piece like this is a must. Perfect displayed on its own or as part of a larger wall display, maybe even with the upcycled vintage tennis racquets we mentioned earlier.


Christy Book Review #1 – The Shopkeeper’s Home by Caroline Rowland


We’re guilty of not taking the time to switch off from technology, reaching for a tablet instead of a book from our bedside table. In an attempt to break bad habits, “What’s On Our Bedside Table” is a great way to ensure we delve into a few chapters of something wholesome (or not) each month. This month “The Shopkeeper’s Home” by Caroline Rowland is our reading material of choice.


Caroline’s beautiful book explores the world’s best independent retailers and boutiques and their stylish homes. It’s amazing to see the cross over from home to work and the influences that have created a successful business and a happy home. The book includes homeware stores, cafes, a converted barn and even a repurposed gas station ,presented stylishly and with an individuality not often seen on the high street.

As Caroline says “we all love browsing the style pages for that peek behind closed doors to reveal a person’s home life” and she couldn’t be more right.

We thought you’d like to hear what we loved about this book…

“Decorating ideas to take home with you…”

We loved this section at the beginning of each chapter. It kept us inspired whilst perusing through the pages and having a nosy into the retailer’s shops and homes, whilst dreaming of how it could influence our own.


The stunning photography throughout the book inspired both envy and desire, as well as growing us buds of inspiration for our own shoots.

Shops Directory

If you are asking yourself “how can I…”, the last few pages of the book feature a 100 best shops directory. It displays the shops name, address and contact details from the book, plus more. It’s so handy – especially if you are visiting a certain town or country in the world and decide to go there after coveting over the items within the book.

Visit Facebook and Twitter to be in with a chance to win yourself a copy.


The Christy Essential Linen Cupboard Guide


With all festivities and waves of guests dwindling, it’s time to de clutter the linen cupboard and get it organised ready for your next lot of guests to descend on your home. At Christy nothing gets us more excited than a pristine linen cupboard storing gorgeous linens from fluffy towels through to crisp sheets. If you’re anything like us your linen cupboard is over flowing with luxury linens so here’s some tips on organising your linen cupboard.

Closet organisation

Firstly have a good clear out of all your bedding and towels, we separate are linens into the following categories:

  • Towels
  • Bedlinen
  • Favourite linens
  • Guest linens
  • Children’s linens

And most importantly a pile for linens that have seen their best days, do not be afraid to throw away linens – just think of all the new soft fluffy towels and beautiful new bed linen designs you can purchase!

After you are happy with the piles of linens before thinking where they will be homed in your cupboard fold them neatly.  Watch this video for a tutorial from our towel design manager Julia on how to perfectly fold a towel.  Handy tip, fold your pillowcases up together and insert them into the middle of your neatly folded duvet. This will help to keep your linen closet looking in tip top shape and will also allow you to grab the full bed linen set for those last minute emergencies.

Once you have your linens all neatly folded and ready to put back in your closet, it’s time to give the cupboard a quick spruce up with some polish and even put a fresh little sachet of your favourite scent to keep your closet smelling fresh.

Finally place your linens back in remembering the categories you spilt you linens into previously. Colour co-ordinating your linens is also a great way of keeping your linen closet organised.

The Perfect Guest Linens


We’ve all been there when last minute guests arrive and our spare towels are in the laundry. Here are our useful tips on linens for guests which will make them want to come round again…

  • Have a separate section for your guest linens which are reserved strictly for visitors.
  • A spare robe for guests will make them feel like they’re really at home.
  • A spare pillow and duvet will allow your guest to wrap up warm on the winter nights. In Summer a spare flat sheet may be needed as an alternative to a duvet.
  • Layer up your guest bed with cosy knit throws and an array of cushions and a fresh bale of towels for the perfect finishing touch to your guest room.


The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for your Home

One last tip on linens in your household; we would recommend two bath towels and one full spare set of bed linen per person within the household to keep everyone in luxury linens.

Our essential linen guide can be found here and this can be printed and displayed on the back of the door on your closet for easy reference to our tips.

We’d love to hear how you get on organising your linen cupboard send us a message on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how you’ve categorised your linens.

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5 Essential Decluttering Hacks

decluttering(image link)

The art of decluttering seems to be every where at the moment, with Marie Kondo converts keen to learn the art of living in a calm, clutter-free space. Get ahead of the curve this year and start your spring cleaning early with our top 5 essential decluttering hacks. These valuable tips will help you clean, declutter and arrange your home using innovative techniques. Whether you need more space or simply want a fresh new start.

Invest in a label maker

Label makers are the perfect excuse to decant cereals, beverages, flour, sugar, spices, etc. into attractive jars that look great when on display, or stacked in a cupboard. Simply label each jar with it’s contents and place the jars either on a shelf, or neatly tuck them away in your kitchen storage. Not only will you feel organised, but you’ll secretly have loads of fun with playing with the label maker.

Wax the stove top

This fantastic tip not only makes your stove top look brand new, but it also makes cleaning spills and stains easy peasy. To achieve this, all you need is car wax and a cloth. Simply buff the wax into your stove top and wife off any excess. The wax will create a barrier between any spills and you stovetop, meaning you can simply wipe stains away with nothing more than a cloth.

Store bed sheets in pillowcases

Ever find yourself searching through a tangle of bedding, only to discover you’re missing a pillow case? By folding your bed sheets neatly into their matching pillowcase, you’ll never be searching for that missing component again. Not only does this tip keep all your linens together, but it will look great when you can stack each filled pillow case on top of one another, saving time and space.

Try the hangers trick

Keeping clothes we no longer wear takes up precious space, and makes your wardrobe look unorganised and cluttered. This trick is simple. Take all the hangers in your wardrobe and face them all in the same direction. Once you have worn a piece of clothing, store it back in your wardrobe with the hanger facing in the opposite direction. After 3 – 6 months, donate all the clothes that hangers haven’t been turned round to charity. This way, you can declutter and do a good deed at the same time.

Add plants for a finishing touch

Adding plants to your home keeps your home feeling fresh and looking great. Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning this year, pop to your local garden centre and invest in various plants to give your home that extra boost. Cacti and succulents are fantastic for those who want a low maintenance option but still want a stylish finish.

Do you have any essential spring cleaning hanks you want to share? To share your tips, head over to our Facebook and Twitter.

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Burning Calories and Maintaining Your Home!

13129A Christy-53

An optimistic spirit of “new year, new me” motivates many of us to make a New Year’s resolution. Usually the idea of a blank canvas will be the motivation for many to do more or less of something in their day-to-day lives. Getting fitter, exercising on a regular basis and generally improving lifestyle can usually be found at the top of the list along with home improvements.

You’ll be delighted to know that burning calories doesn’t have to start at the gym, or sporting unforgiving yoga pants (unless you really want to wear them). You can get an all over workout and improve your home at the same time! Changing habits and regular household chores, can make your failed resolutions a thing of the past!

Starting with the bathroom…

Scrubbing the bath and grimey tiles for 30 minutes alone burns 95 calories – add in mopping of the floor for 15 minutes to burn an additional 45 calories! Accelerate the workout by getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing down all areas of the floor.

Handy Tip: Alternate chores between rooms upstairs and downstairs. The more times you can climb the stairs, the more you’re toning your gluteus maximus! Walking up and down stairs soon adds up! Taking the stairs can add up to 125 calories burned each day.

Vacuuming for 15 minutes burns more than 40 calories – that’s the same as 5 minutes of continuous burpees.

Back up to the bedroom…

Making and laying your bed for 30 minutes burns 38 calories – The same as jogging along a flat terrain or treadmill for 10 minutes. Ironing your bed linen burns approx 88 calories, it also tones muscles of the upper body. Alternate arms to even the workout.

Cleaning windows for 30 minutes burns 68 calories, that’s the same as 15 minutes power yoga.

Improvements all round

Alter your mindset by not leaving things to pile up at the bottom of the stairs – take individual items upstairs as soon as you need to. This also stays on top of clutter in the home. A clutter-free home is a happy home.

When ironing, keep the laundry basket/pile on the floor (rather than on a raised surface like a table). That way you’ll constantly have to bend and stretch to reach the clothes, you can change your stance into a squat to elevate further.

Get creative in the kitchen – chopping, stirring, peeling and beating all burns more calories than simply taking out a ready meal out of the fridge and heating it up… And if you really want to work up a sweat and get your home smelling delicious, have a go at making your own bread using the below recipe – kneading the dough is hard work and great for your triceps!  

Bake your own Bread – The Taste of Home recipe


• 1 package (1/4 ounce) active dry yeast
• 2-1/4 cups warm water (110° to 115°)
• 3 tablespoons sugar
• 1 tablespoon salt
• 2 tablespoons canola oil
• 6-1/4 to 6-3/4 cups all-purpose flour


• In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add the sugar, salt, oil and 3 cups flour. Beat until smooth. Stir in enough remaining flour to form a soft dough.

• Turn onto a floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 8-10 minutes. Place in a greased bowl, turning once to grease the top. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1-1/2 hours.

• Punch dough down. Turn onto a lightly floured surface; divide dough in half. Shape each into a loaf. Place in two greased 9-in. x 5-in. loaf pans. Cover and let rise until doubled, about 30-45 minutes.

• Bake at 375° for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown and bread sounds hollow when tapped. Remove from pans to wire racks to cool. Yield: 2 loaves (16 slices each)


Recipe Credits | Homemade Bread in The Taste of Home Cookbook 2006, p452
Statistics from


Increasing natural light around your winter home.

City Urban2

Increasing natural light around your winter home.

It’s that dreaded time of year again… The clocks have gone back and we’re frighteningly close to December Solstice and the shortest day of the year!

During the Winter months, the reduction in light can leave you feeling like a vampire, rarely seeing the light of day and living in a cave. It’s easy enough to buy more and more artificial lights to brighten up your home, especially during the festive period. Due to years of hoarding it seems like there is (and never will be) a shortage of fairy lights…

However, there really is no replacement for natural light. Sunlight is proven to release chemicals in our bodies called Serotonin, the more Serotonin we produce – the better it is for our health and wellbeing. Increasing exposure in the home to natural light can result in an increase in energy, less fatigue and dramatically reduce rates of depression.

It’s no secret that Britain is far from one of the sunniest countries on the earth. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but essential to our health to maximise the intake of day light around your interiors while we can get it… A good place to start is to watch the light move around your home. This will help you plan where and how you can make adjustments to make the most of the short daylight hours.

The brighter side of life…

One of the most efficient ways is to start with the decoration. Replace dark, absorbing paint shades for a light, reflective hue, such as White, Yellow, Cream, Mushroom, Egg Shell Blue etc.  

Chantilly - Cream (3)

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Large Mirrors and light shelves can be an extremely effective way of promoting the light and sharing it with shaded areas of the room – especially when facing an open light source, i.e. Windows.

A handy trick for dark rooms would be to place two similar size mirrors directly opposite each other, they will reflect the light off both surfaces and distribute it further around your space. Go one step further and replace solid wood doors with glass designs. Light will travel through the transparent door and boast light into the surroundings


HANDY TIP: Use frosted or tinted glass for privacy.

Chose glass tabletops or acrylic chairs to reduce the amount of light absorbed by furniture. They can be placed anywhere – and can look really striking!

Fiddler on the roof

Fit roof lights and/or Sun Tunnels! Roof lights are a more expensive solution – but don’t underestimate the difference they can make! They open up any room, and floods all surfaces with light, regardless of whether the room is South or East facing. Sun Tunnels are as effective as windows, if not more so in some cases. Solar tubes can benefit those areas in your home where natural light barely reaches. i.e. Toilets, panties. etc.

The finishing touch…

Palm Frond

Once you’ve experimented with a few of the above tips look at decorating empty walls with lightweight, simplistic artwork. Hang with a simple bulldog clip to reduce the need for heavy rimmed picture frames.

Below are two FREE printables in the design style used in our Palm Frond bedroom set. Space purposely chosen to boast large windows, increase sunlight and enhance creativity.

postDownload Dream BIG – A4 printable here

Download X<3 – A5 printable here

Let us know your handy tips in the comment box below!


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