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Preparing your bedroom for summer

Preparing your bedroom for the warmer season is both practical and aesthetically refreshing! From updating your bedroom decor to changing your duvet tog, here’s our to-do list to ready your sleep sanctuary for summer.

christy bedroom

Dress up your bed

Dressing your bed for summer is an easy way to change your bedroom and bring the essence of the new season into your home. Living by Christy showcases our hottest bedding for the season, including ditsy print florals, abstract shapes and patterns and soft solid colours. 

Our Kotake Bed Linen Honey Living by Christy emulates the warmth of summer evenings with its warm honey shade and golden art deco inspired shapes. Or for a delicate floral touch consider our Pressed Flowers Bed Linen Spring Living by Christy which features hand painted pressed flowers in plum and complementary warm orange tones.

Browse our Living by Christy collections here.

Change your duvet tog

Avoid tossing and turning during the warmer season and change your duvet as soon as you feel the nights are warm enough. Changing your duvet to a lower tog will mean your duvet is lighter and will keep you cool throughout the night, giving you a more restful sleep.

We recommend selecting a tog rating of 4.5 and considering a duvet with a breathable, natural cover such as cotton for a soothing, refreshing night’s sleep.

If you’re bringing out a duvet used in previous years, we suggest airing the duvet out before dressing to reduce potential musty smells and to shake off the dust.

Colourful flowers

Nothing says “summer is here” quite like a splash of colour from a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Adding a bunch of baked blooms to your sleep sanctuary will create a fresh, bold look which looks amazing with neutral decor and bedding. 

Or you could add a bouquet of fresh flowers to your bedroom which will fill your room with the delicate, floral scent of seasonal flowers.

summer flowers in the bedroom

Hand painted candles

We’re loving the way handpainted candles look in the bedroom this season! Available in a variety of vivid, summery colours and decorated with handpainted flowers, fruits and designs that perfectly depict the joys of summer.

These beautiful candles don’t just have to be used for the bedroom. Add a touch of colourful elegance to your dining table, outside dinner space or coffee table and living room. Browse hundreds of eye-catching hand painted designs on Etsy, or if you’re feeling creative, give painting candles a go for yourself.

Add a splash of colour to your walls

Whether you paint your walls with a fresh lick of paint in this year’s most popular Pantone colours or add wall art and decor, this is a sure way to make your bedroom feel brand new!

Etsy is a great place to find hand painted wall art and decor, prints and posters for those on a budget or for those willing to splurge! We really love this textured, contemporary wall art that is perfect for large wall spaces and adds a striking art piece to get lost in. For a splash of colour, we also really like this set of 3 colourful prints in modern, abstract shapes and colours.

For a natural, artisan touch, consider adding seagrass wall decor. Seagrass wall decorations come in a variety of shapes, designs and patterns and add a prominent focal point to your bedroom.

the folding lady christy

Declutter your bedroom

There’s nothing more effective than a good, thorough declutter when you get the itch to freshen up your space! Start with your wardrobe and get rid of old clothes or items you no longer wear or care for. Donating or selling them is a great way to give your unwanted goods a second life. 

Move over to the bed, and if you store items under the bed, have a rummage through and bin what you’ve not thought about or reached for some time. Use this time to dust and clean items if they’re dusty. Over time, even the items stored under our bed can become thick with dust and this can cause both hardwood floors and carpet to look dirty quicker. 

It’s common for your bedside tables to accumulate random bits and bobs over the months, and clearing and organising these items can help make your entire room feel fresh and more organised.

Help stay on top of your hard work by organising items into boxes and wicker baskets. Wicker baskets and seagrass woven baskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and are great for storing soft items such as pillows and throws, or heavier items such as documents, books and electronics.

The Folding Lady, a well-loved folding guru with over 4.3 million followers on TikTok, teaches us how to fold all our household items, from boxers, leggings and socks to sheets, towels and even napkins and wrapping paper. Here at Christy, we are celebrating the launch of the fabulous brand new book ‘The Folding Lady’ and we are delighted to be featured within its pages!

Deep summer clean

Spring isn’t the only time of the year you can give your sleeping space a deep clean! While you declutter your room, seize the opportunity and give it a thorough clean from top to bottom.

Cleaning queen, Mrs Hinch, shares her favourite cleaning tips for the entire house from keeping doors sparkling clean to getting rid of stains on the mattress. Give Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips a read and get inspired to give your sleep sanctuary a thorough cleaning that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Freshen up rugs and curtains

Shake off the dust and make your bedroom feel brand new by refreshing your rugs and curtains. Easily overlooked, your rugs and curtains are a magnet for dirt, dust and debris and summer is the perfect time to give them a wash and hang them on the line. 

To give your rug an extra bit of TLC by using a spray-on scent deodoriser or a shake-on and vacuum-off powder carpet freshener. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how clean and new your room will feel after!

Alternatively, organise for your rugs to be picked up by a professional carpet cleaner. They’ll ensure the integrity of your rugs which is especially important for older rugs.

bedroom plants for summer

Bring the greenery in

Houseplants are beautiful and cleansing and are always a welcome addition to any living space – especially the bedroom! Mix and match with different colours, textures and sizes and create your very own indoor jungle.

Low maintenance plants such as a Ficus Elastica are great additions to bedroom. They come in a variety of colours such as the rich green “robusta” variation, a deep black “black prince” and a watercolour patterned “tineke” variation. These plants like bright, indirect light away from draughts.

Add texture with a large hanging plant such as a Pothos or an abstract plant like the classic Spider Plant. Both plants are fast growers with little maintenance requirements and will happily grow in almost any space!

For darker bedrooms, consider adding a Snake Plant or a Japanese Sago Palm into your space. These plants will happily live in lower lighting settings – just make sure you don’t water them too often!

Handcrafted cushions from SPUN

This season we’re in love with the latest cushions from SPUN. These delicately embroidered cushions are handcrafted using traditional weaving techniques and are made using recycled fabric waste. The designs have been inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage and have a real rustic, artisan feel to them.

Learn more about these cushions and how they’re changing the lives of the craftspeople creating them.


Spring style ideas for cushions

Warmer weather, longer days and an abundance of bank holidays to enjoy – spring is well underway. 

Traditionally a time for refreshing and rejuvenating, spring is the perfect time to declutter and brighten up our homes to hone in on the brighter, sunnier outdoors and channel that energy into our living spaces.

There is still plenty of time to transition your home decor in line with the new season, and it doesn’t need to break the bank.

The key to changing up your home decor for each season without the need for large-scale redecorating is to focus on the accessories. One of our favourite ways to do this is by switching up our cushions. From bold and bright to neutral and subtle, cushions can have a powerful impact on the overall look and feel of a room.

Christy’s top tips for spring styling with cushions are here to help you upgrade your home decor in a way that’s simple, affordable and effective.

spring cushion styles

1. Take inspiration from your existing decor

There’s no need to try re-inventing the wheel when upgrading your bedroom or living room for spring – start by taking inspiration from what you’ve already got.

It’s important to think about how your new cushions will fit in with your existing decor. For example, if you’re working with cool tones such as blue, seek out blue floral patterns or complementary shades that will work in tandem.

If your home styling is more on the neutral side, then you have a great base to play with and plenty of opportunities to introduce some new shades and patterns. In order to keep your decor coherent, we would recommend creating a balance by layering up your vibrant spring cushions with a selection of neutrals.

2. Go bold with colours

If ever there’s a good time to introduce some colour into your living space, it’s during spring. This season is perfect for experimenting with bold, vibrant colours to add a breath of fresh air and really boost those spring vibes at home.

The addition of colourful cushions is the easiest way to spruce up your space, and the options are endless.

Spring yellow and green are our favourite colours for this time of year, and our Jaipur cushions in Tumeric and Jade are the perfect springtime accessories. Both shades work beautifully with neutral decor and a splash of spring greenery or daffodils.

If vibrant colours aren’t quite your thing, our Jaipur cushion in Dusky Pink is the ultimate subtle pink shade that works perfectly throughout all seasons. Pair with our beautiful Meadow bed linen in a spring floral pattern for an all-over spring chic look.

colourful spring bedroom inspiration

3. Experiment with textures and patterns

When looking to keep your home modern and stylish this spring, getting creative with different textures and patterns is a foolproof way to do so.

Whilst a pop of colour is great for introducing an essence of spring brightness, this may not be to everyone’s taste. This is where different textures and patterns become a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors. If neutrals are your thing, this one is for you.

These handmade artisan cushions by SPUN give us Scandinavian minimalism vibes – a style that’s perfect for spring. Think clean-cut, modern styling with a touch of texture and embroidery to uplift your bedroom or living room decor.

Handcrafted with striking embroidery that sits well with any neutral tones and helps to bring the whole look together. The subtle patterns and textures promote sustainability and style, too.

Pair with light oak furniture, embroidered rugs and potted plants for the ultimate spring styling that works well in any home.

SPUN handcrafted cushions

4. Mix and match your cushions

Regimented cushion arrangements are well and truly a thing of the past. Layering and mixing up your cushion style in terms of shapes, sizes, textures and colours is the latest trend for 2022, and it’s here to stay.

Even if home styling isn’t quite your forte, you won’t go far wrong by pairing square cushions with complementary rectangular styles, and the same goes for different sizes. In spring, we recommend opting for a selection of larger neutral cushions and scattering them across the bed or sofa with a mixture of bright colours or patterns in different shapes and sizes intertwined to spruce it up.

The beauty of mixing and matching your cushions is that they are then interchangeable all year round. Keep your neutral colours as a solid base that can complement your seasonal cushions for an easy switch up.

Keep these tips in mind when decorating for different seasons – simply switch out the summery colours for darker tones in the colder months, and pair with chunky knitted throws to bring in the warmer vibes and create a cosy haven.


How to style a guest bedroom

Transforming a space in your home into a guest bedroom is an exciting interior design journey, but doesn’t come without its challenges.

Guest rooms are typically much smaller than our master bedrooms, so it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to create a cosy and relaxing space that also encompasses all of the necessary functionalities for an enjoyable stay. However, it’s totally possible (on a budget, too) but it may just be that you’re lacking inspiration.

Styling a guest bedroom offers the chance to get creative and design an inspired space for your guests to unwind in. A carefully designed space not only helps to make your friends and family feel welcomed into your home but gives you a real sense of pride in a room that you’re happy to showcase and share with others. 

Whether you’re creating a guest bedroom from scratch or looking to style up your existing space, Christy’s top tips are here to give you the inspiration you need.

guest bedroom styling

Stick to a theme

In order to avoid your guest bedroom looking like an afterthought, it’s important to style it with a theme in mind. 

A well thought out design shows that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating the perfect space to make your guests feel welcome – as opposed to a half-empty room with odds and ends of furniture thrown in there.

If you have a running theme or colour scheme throughout your house, then your guest bedroom should follow suit. Whether your house decor is subdued and neutral, or a soft grey palette with a pop of colour, following this same style into your guest bedroom is the key to creating an inviting space and helping your guests settle in.

That’s not to say that you can’t get experimental with your guest bedroom styling, though. It can be a great place to introduce different tones and textures, but just be sure to stick to similar colour palettes and decor styles to make it feel part of your home and not out of place.

Get the bedding right

Making sure your guests are comfortable and get a restful night’s sleep is without a doubt the most important thing to consider when styling the space. Helping your guests to drift off easily and wake up refreshed in the morning is all down to how you dress the bed.

The need to invest in a high-quality mattress goes without saying. A sturdy and comfortable base with a medium firmness will provide the foundations for the perfect bed set-up that will have your guests feeling at home.

This should then be complemented by a set of luxury filled duvets and pillows. We recommend splashing out on your bedding fillers, as generally the higher quality you go, this will lessen the need to replace them – no matter how often your guest room is occupied. For the ultimate budget-saving tip, Christy recommends opting for a mid-weight 10.5 tog that will be serviceable throughout the seasons.  

Now, choosing bed linen to complete the look is the exciting part! For a guest bedroom, 100% cotton bed linen should be at the top of your shopping list. Soft and comfortable with the ability to keep heat in during the winter and your guests cool during the summer – it’s our go-to choice.

When styling a guest bed, white bed linen is the optimal choice. Think hotel chic – it’s modern, clean looking and to everyone’s taste so you can easily please all of your guests. Christy’s Coniston bed linen in white is a beautiful set for a stylish guest bedroom, or discover our Egyptian cotton Percale bed linen and achieve that 5* hotel feeling at home.

coniston luxury white bed linen

Make it cosy

Accessories are your best friend when it comes to designing a cosy guest bedroom. The finer details count, and some carefully thought-out additions can transform the space into a home away from home for your guests.

We personally love the warmth and cosiness that a soft, fluffy rug brings to a room. Placed under the bed, a large natural-toned rug works to tie the whole look together and can help smaller spaces to look more expansive. Make sure that the rug is large enough to spill out of all sides of the bed to make an impact and you’re good to go.

Style the bed with luxury throws and cushions to further add depth and dimension. Choose tones and textures that compliment your existing decor but add a splash of style and warmth. A general rule for cushions and throws is – the more, the better! Christy’s Jaipur range of coordinating cushions and throws are perfect for creating a coherent, on-trend look that really shows attention to detail and brings in those extra cosy vibes to help your guests relax.

If you have the space, consider introducing a little seating area where your guests can unwind somewhere that isn’t the bed. Add a comfortable chair, chaise lounge or bench to create the ultimate chill-out space for your guests.

Provide plenty of storage

Guest bedroom storage can often be overlooked, and present quite the challenge especially if it’s a particularly small space. However, storage solutions are crucial to prevent your guests from having to live out of a suitcase for the duration of their stay.

Make the most of the space you do have and provide an empty set of drawers, dressing table or small wardrobe if possible. Generally, any place to store belongings and hang a few items of clothes will be sufficient.

guest bedroom bedside table

Introduce scents

When creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere, scents are key. For a guest bedroom, stick to diffusers as a safer alternative to candles. Diffusers can easily create the same effect without fire or burn risks, particularly if you have children spending the night.

As it would be near impossible to pinpoint all of your guests’ favourite fragrances, sticking to soft scents is the safest option. Opt for light fragrances that aren’t too overpowering but will inject the space with some wonderful freshness. 

Don’t forget towels

Towels are a must-have in a guest bedroom if you really want to offer a hotel-quality experience. Not only are they a nice finishing touch, but it saves your guests the awkwardness of asking for a towel when they want to shower.

In the same way that your guest bed linen is an important comfort, your towels are too. Invest in high-quality towels that will add a touch of luxury to your guests’ stay and ensure that they can freshen up in comfort.

If a true hotel-quality experience is on your guest bedroom radar, then taking it one step further and welcoming them with a luxurious bathrobe is the perfect added touch to brighten up their stay.

luxury cotton towels

Finishing touches

With a guest bedroom, there are things you need to prioritise (bed linen, storage) that should be considered first, but there are also plenty of opportunities to include some lovely finishing touches to create the guest space of dreams.

Think about the things that always make your hotel stays extra special, and try to provide your guests with some of that, too. From mirrors and toiletries to mood-setting lamps and even a selection of books, there are endless ways to improve your guest bedroom and transform it into a tranquil retreat for your friends and family.

Ultimately, the way you style your guest bedroom comes down to personal preference, but we hope our tips have given you some inspiration!


Simple Tricks to Transform your Bathroom into a Spa

At the end of a long week, there’s nothing that says “me time” more than indulging yourself in an evening of self-care with an at-home pamper session in your own personal spa. 

Introduce Christy’s simple tricks to transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa of your own.

Soothing aromatherapy for your at-home spa

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that can be used to trigger emotional and physical responses and is used to help change your state of mind and lift your mood. There are many stylish and effective ways to introduce scents into your bathroom to create a relaxing, soothing spa-like experience.

Candles are probably the most popular choice as they give a soft flicker and glow whilst releasing delicate aromas into the atmosphere. There are many soothing scents available in candles specifically designed to relax and calm the mind. 

Bathroom-friendly candle alternatives

A great alternative to candles is oil burners. With just a small tea light, a few drops of essential oil and water, your oil burner will be filling your luxury bathroom with delicious scents. And with so many oil burners being created in so many styles you’re guaranteed to find one to match your style.

If you’re into ritualistic practises, you’ll likely have some incense sticks already in your home. Incense sticks make a great addition to your spa day and can bring peace and mindfulness to your self-care session.

Our favourite, flame-free option for introducing scents into your bathroom is using a diffuser. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and there’s a style to suit everyone’s idea of a spa. Simply add your favourite soothing essential oils and water and you’ll have a delicate, refreshing scent in your bathroom for hours.

Refresh your bathrobe

Nothing says spa quite like a crisp white, irresistibly soft, plush cotton bathrobe. Christy has a large and luxurious collection of cotton bathrobes for you to create your very own spa at home. 

Our Spa Robe in the classic white colourway is perfect for emulating the feel of a spa environment. Our luxurious robes are made using the highest quality cotton in the softest blends for an indulgent embrace use after use. 

We also have 100% Egyptian cotton robes in neutral, calm shades, environmentally friendly Supreme Velour robes in a variety of colours and our lusciously plush Super Soft Cosy Bath Robe. Click here to view our entire robe collection.

Adding a touch of the tropics with houseplants

Houseplants add life to any room and emulate a tropical, lush environment in your bathroom that screams luxury spa. There are a few houseplants of different sizes and types that will thrive in your bathroom, even in low light conditions – and they’ll cleanse your air, too!

We recommend –

  • A spider plant; notorious for its easy care will thrive in humid environments, this little plant comes in a few varieties such as the curly Bonnie or the striking Zebra variation.
  • Palms such as Kentia and Chamaedorea Elegans will look luscious in larger bathrooms. These palms are easy to care for, even easier to find and are beginner-friendly.
  • Small vining plants such as pothos and philodendrons look majestic hung above baths and come in colours such as the white Marble Queen pothos and yellow and green Basil philodendron variation.
  • Large vining plants such as the Monstera Deliciousa or the smaller variant, the Borsigiana will love a space in your bathroom – so long as you have adequate space and light. These monsteras will thrive with the high humidity and warmth.

Another way to add a refreshing scent to your bathroom is by hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower. A bundle of eucalyptus will keep for some time and release an invigorating scent into the air every time you take a hot shower.

Choosing foliage over fauxliage will give a more luxurious and luscious indoor spa garden aesthetic that gives back to you with abundance in growth, pure air and fresh green leaves.

Freshen up your towels and bathmats

Much like our robes, our towels are luxurious and soft and add a sense of freshness and serenity that we love from our most high-end spas. Bring home the sense of opulent luxury with our cotton towels and bath mats. 

Our matching towel and bathmats create a cohesive feel in your bathroom that add warmth and softness without distracting the eye, creating the perfect tranquil space for you to lose track of time and relax. 

If you love everything to match, our Brixton includes bath and shower mats, towels and bathrobes. Or, if you want to sink your feet into a deep, soft pile then you’ll love our 100% cotton, environmentally friendly Deep Pile bath rugs that come in beautiful, calm colours and tones.

Calm colours for a calm mind

Much like aromatherapy, colours have a strong impact on your state of mind and can help shift your mood. In the bathroom, opt for calm tones in shades of greens, browns and blues, or if you want to keep it fresh and clean, opt for a soft, bright white shade.

Our Luxe 100% Turkish cotton towels are available in soothing tones that would translate beautifully as wall paint. We love French Grey and Surf for bathrooms!

Declutter and decant for clearer counters

A great way to transform your bathroom into a tranquil space of relaxation and luxury is to give your bathroom a deep clean, a declutter and to decant your products! Having a professional come in to thoroughly clean your bathroom from head to toe will give your bathroom a brand new feel for you to create your home spa.

Decluttering bathroom countertops and reducing visual clutter is an easy way to improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. To take it to the next level, consider decanting your essential products into brown glass bottles for a cohesive look.

Update your fixtures and showerhead

New fixtures and fittings are an affordable way to update your bathroom and give it a full facelift. Gold accents give that spa feel we all strive for without the spa expense. 

Or if gold isn’t your thing, simple black handles are sleek and minimal which help to reduce visual distractions. Upgrading your showerhead will also bring new life into your bathroom with little cost and effort.

At-home luxury you deserve with Christy

We believe everyone deserves luxury in their lives and strive to provide the most opulent and luxurious bathroom textiles so you can create your own spa in your very home. Discover our entire bathroom collection and transform your space today.


Beat the January Blues With a Bedroom Upgrade

If you feel like the January blues are hitting you hard, you’re not alone. Christmas seems like a distant memory, New Year’s resolutions are proving difficult to keep up with, and the freezing cold mornings haven’t yet passed – but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Beating the January blues is all about injecting some positive energy into your life ready for the year ahead, and it’s not too late to get over that slump. The environment around you can have a huge impact on your energy levels and mindset, so why not start your journey to positivity with a simple bedroom makeover?

Transforming your bedroom into a relaxing, calm sanctuary can help you to unwind at the end of the day and contribute to a good night’s sleep, making you feel energised upon waking.

Thankfully, it’s simple enough to do with Christy’s top tips for upgrading your bedroom in 2022.

Declutter your space

Nothing quite signals a fresh start in the new year than a good old fashioned clear out. A cluttered bedroom can lead to a cluttered mind, and make it difficult to switch off at night. 

Whether you’ve not quite got around to finding a home for your Christmas presents, or you’re struggling to navigate your overcrowded wardrobe, now is the perfect time to introduce some organisation into your space.

We find that the most effective way to declutter is to be ruthless. If you haven’t worn or used something in a while, you probably don’t need it. Fill up a charity bag with any unwanted clothes, shoes and books, and feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping a good cause whilst re-homing some of your once-loved goods.

Try to keep your decor and aesthetics minimal by decluttering your shelves and bedside tables to really create a fresh, calming atmosphere. Consider investing in some new storage to keep everything tidy and tucked away.

minimalistic bedroom decor

Invest in your bed

How you dress your bed has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep, and comfort should be a top priority when upgrading your bedroom. This includes everything from your duvet set right down to your mattress topper.

Start with a luxury mattress topper that will create a cushioned base and envelop you in comfort as you sleep. Top with a soft high quality fitted sheet and you will be well on your way to setting yourself up for a perfect night of rest.

Next, invest in a good quality duvet that will keep you snug throughout the night, and choose a tog rating that suits your sleeping requirements. If you want to stay cool all night, opt for a lower tog rating, and the higher tog ratings are the ones to go for when you need the most warmth.

Last but certainly not least, your choice of pillows is the key to sleeping soundly and retaining good posture throughout the night. Whether you choose a firm pillow or a soft pillow will depend on how you sleep and the support you require.

Not sure what pillow is right for you? Check out The Sleep Doctor’s guide to picking the perfect pillow.

Christy’s range of luxury duvets and pillows are designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind. Browse our full range here.

christy bed linen

Experiment with textures

Comfort is key, but aesthetics can help to create an environment that you look forward to sleeping in at night. Whilst completely redecorating your bedroom may not be a viable option, there are plenty of other ways that you can transform the look with just a few accessories.

Now that you’ve got the foundations of your cosy bed set up, introducing different textures in the form of cushions and throws is an affordable way to upgrade the style of your bedroom by adding depth and comfort.

Perfect for the winter season, Christy’s chunky knit Oslo throws are the ultimate accessory for adding warmth and cosiness. For an added touch of elegance and colour, our Jaipur range of velvet cushions and throws are available in a range of stunning shades that will take your bedroom from 0 to luxury hotel chic in no time.

luxury cushions and throws

Make the most of natural light

It’s no secret that the cold, dark and dull January days contribute to our mood and overall well being. However, introducing as much light as possible into your bedroom is a great way to combat the January blues.

Get into the habit of opening your blinds or curtains the moment you wake up, and keep the window area free from any light-blocking obstacles.

Make the most out of the daylight hours by adding reflective materials such as mirrors and mirrored furniture which can help to bounce the light around the space and create a more light, airy and spacious feeling environment.


Making your Bathroom Guest-Ready in 2022

Disclaimer: This article was posted on 21st December 2021 in line with then-Government guidance on household gatherings. For the latest guidance, you can click here.

We’ve had New Year, new you, but how about New Year, new bathroom? If you can’t wait for the big Spring clean, why not get started on sprucing up your guest bathroom with Christy. 

We’ve got everything you need to give your guest bathroom a new year makeover that will wow your guests!

Deep cleaning your bathroom

Some may argue that there’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning your bathroom until it shines. Whatever your stance on cleaning, it’s definitely the best place to start when getting your bathroom guest-ready.

Cleaning from top to bottom is a great approach, but don’t forget important details such as wiping skirting boards, removing limescale build-up and cleaning the windows. Thoroughly cleaning your bathroom ready for your guests will give them that hotel-clean feeling, making their stay extra special.

blue cotton towels

Organising and decluttering the guest bathroom

This is certainly a must if the bathroom is regularly used as toiletries and cosmetics can quickly clutter countertops, cupboards and shelves. Not only is this a must when having guests, but it’s also a great task to do every few months. 

Throwing away out of date cosmetics and toiletries or packaging that is broken is a must for a bathroom declutter. 

When it comes to organising your bathroom products, putting smaller items on glass or metal trays is a great way to keep them tidy whilst displaying them aesthetically. Wicker and seagrass woven baskets are a trendy option that looks beautiful in many bathrooms and come in an array of sizes, perfect for storing fresh face cloths, hand towels and toilet paper. 

To keep the space inside cupboards and drawers organised and easy on the eye use fabric or plastic drawer organisers or small storage boxes. These are perfect for storing regularly used cleaning products, spare toilet paper, hand wash and toiletries.

Uplifting and refreshing scents for the bathroom

Upgrade from your usual aerosol bathroom air freshener to something more discrete, more stylish and maybe try something new!

There are so many stylish ways to introduce scent into your bathroom, including reed diffusers, candles and popery, all ranging from affordable to extravagant depending on your preference. 

For an uplifting scent try using invigorating citrus scents, and for fresh scents comforting cotton is a firm household favourite no matter your scent palette.

high quality towels

Fresh bathroom towels are a must

Nothing says “welcome to my home” quite like pristine, soft towels. Christy’s bathroom towels are synonymous with luxury and style and will have your guests asking where you got your towels from.

Christy has a towel for every guest bathroom, from the Neo Towels Living collection to add a bold splash of colour, or if hotel luxury is more your style, we have our classic White Towels that add a touch of elegance.

Regardless of your style, all our towels are made with the finest 100% cotton, perfect for even the most delicate skin. And with so many designs, textures and colours to choose from, you can even have a towel set for each season!

Complimentary bath mats and rugs

You’ve got your plush new bath towels, so why not pair them with a luxury Christy bath and shower mat?

Much like our towels, our bathroom rugs come in many different colours to compliment your bathroom fabrics. From our luxurious Lifestyle by Kingsley Bath Mats collection to our stylish Fina Bath Mat, our shower and bath mats are the perfect finish for your guest bathroom.

luxury bath mats

Creating your perfect guest bathroom is easy with Christy. Shop our entire bathroom collection today.


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bed Linen

We don’t need to stress the importance of sleep, as you already know that a good 8 hours of sleep is essential to your mental and physical health. But, what about the quality of your sleep?

Getting good quality, deep sleep can work wonders for your wellbeing. Whilst many factors can determine just how well you snooze, what you choose to dress your bed in can build a solid foundation for getting a restful night.

After all, you’re wearing your bed linen for approximately 8 hours a night – so it’s important to choose the right fit for you.

Christy’s guide to choosing the perfect bed linen is here to help transform your sleeping routine.

1. Thread count, counts

We’ve all heard of thread count when looking to invest in new bedding – but what exactly is it?

Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch. For example, a 200TC means that there are 200 horizontal and vertical threads running through every square inch of the fabric. As a general guide, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric should be.

Don’t be fooled, though. Not every manufacturer is honest about their thread count and many can cheat their way to a higher number with additional threads from a cheaper fabric.

Christy’s range of luxury bed linen and duvets are woven from the finest quality cotton, available in a thread count of 180 and above for the most sumptuously soft, luxurious feel against the skin.

high quality bed linen

2. Choose a material

When it comes to transforming your bed into a comfy cloud, ready to sink into after a long day, material really does matter.

Investing in high-quality bed linen is the key to both upgrading your sleep and getting the most out of your purchase. When cared for correctly, premium bed linen will last you for years to come – so there’s no dealing with hard, scratchy sheets anymore.

So, what is the best bed linen material?

It’s no secret that cotton is the go-to choice for many. Nothing creates the classic, freshly-made bed look like a crisp yet soft cotton arrangement. 

Regulating your body temperature within a comfortable range throughout the night is essential for a good sleep. Lightweight, natural and breathable – cotton bed linen possesses unique qualities that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you really want to sink down in luxury for a restful night, nothing comes close to Egyptian cotton. World-renowned as the softest and most durable type of cotton, Egyptian cotton is long-lasting and incredibly crisp & smooth to the touch. Browse Christy’s range of Egyptian cotton bed linen sets.

3. Pick your weave

For those who want to delve deep into the finer details, the way sheets are woven can directly impact how they feel against the skin.

Flannel and sateen weaves are popular choices for cooler climates, but Percale is Christy’s personal favourite. Woven with a plain matte, super-tight weave, Percale is lightweight and wrinkle resistant.

With a crisp and cool feel, Percale woven bed linen makes it feel like you’re hopping in a freshly changed bed every single night.

4. Patterned or plain?

Besides the softness and feel of your bed linen, aesthetics play a huge role when it comes to creating a relaxing sanctuary. Deciding between patterned or plain bed linen boils down to personal preference, but it’s important to choose a design that complements your bedroom decor and interiors.

Classic white sheets create a refreshing, calming atmosphere and give you that luxury hotel-chic feeling at home. Accessorise with knit throws or velvet cushions to add your own touch of style and make your bed feel cosy all year round.

If the current design of your bedroom allows, don’t be afraid to choose bold patterned bedding to make your bed the centrepiece of the room. Striking designs such as our floral Sofia bed linen are the perfect way to transform your space, with a refreshing reversible pattern to switch up the look in a matter of minutes.

5. Think seasonal

When investing in good quality bed linen, it’s important to keep in mind changes in seasons. Choose a material that works well all year round, such as cotton, that will keep you cool through the summer months, and warm during the winter.

Accessorise to stay cosy with throws and blankets when the temperatures plummet and strip back to the bare essentials in hotter climates without having to purchase multiple bed linen collections.

cosy bed linen

6. Shop sustainably

Sustainability is more important than ever. So, why not make moves towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle by investing in sustainable bed linen that will help to make the world a better place, and your bed a comfier haven?

Christy’s range of Tencel bed linen is MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified. Made with a smooth blend of cotton and Tencel ™ all sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are produced through environmentally responsible processes.

Great for your conscience and even better for your sleep, they provide the added benefit of moisture-wicking technology so that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Free from toxic chemicals, you can rest easy knowing your bedding has been produced sustainably under socially responsible working conditions.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take good care of your bed sheets, duvets and pillows. Washing and storing them correctly will help to keep them in tip-top condition for years to come.


Keeping Warm and Stylish: Christy Throws

Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons to stock up on more layers – both for your own clothing as well as for your bedding.

At Christy, we have a number of bed throws that won’t just keep you warm and snuggly at night but will also look stylish throughout the day, adding an extra dash of elegance to any bedding sets.

Jaipur Throw

Our Jaipur collection is a range of beautiful quilted throws and coordinating cushions with 100% cotton velvet, and a 100% cotton reverse. The collection is available in a range of gorgeous colours from dusty pink to a dark grey, ink colour.

Agnes Throw

The Agnes throw is a knitted, super cosy throw made from a luxurious yarn blend that includes Alpaca fleece. Alpaca is well known to be one of the softest, silkiest fibres from nature and this adds to the comfort spectacularly. With fabulous details such as fluffy tassels and chunky wooden buttons, they are perfect for snuggling into on cold winter nights.

Lace Throw

This cosy knitted throw is the perfect finishing touch to your bed linen, in 5 must-have shades which will brighten up your room as well as creating a cosy, comforting feel.

Liza Throw

Made with velvet, this stylish piece is affordable luxury which will add a touch of class to your bed. Ensure you have the full look with both throw and cushion! Navy is renowned for its versatility, a colourway which is easy to match and fits seamlessly into a room. This colour sits beautifully on the Enzo bed linen design also available in the Living by Christy range.

Edmonton Throw

If you love glamorous cushions and throws in your home then you are going to love our Edmonton accessories. The Edmonton throw is large and can be used either as a bedspread or a statement piece for your sofa.

Oslo Throw

This on-trend throw, available in 3 muted colours, offers beautiful depth, co-ordinating well with all neutral hues to expand a bedrooms colour palette. The chunky knit adds a relaxed look and feel to crisp bedding, whilst still keeping a sleek and on trend appearance.


How to Make Your Bedroom Insta-Worthy

Ever wondered how we get our beds so Instagram worthy? To celebrate National Bed Month, we’ve spoken to our Visual Merchandising Manager, to pull together their top tips on how you can create the perfect bedroom in your home. Read on to discover how.

How to Make Your Bedroom Insta-Worthy

Attention to detail

We know it’s a chore but ironing all of the linen on your bed can make a real difference. Even if you only do it when you have guests, ironing everything from pillowcases to the fitted sheet, you’ll see an instant lift in your bed and won’t be able to stop snapping photos of your perfection.

Good quality filled product

No one wants to slumber on a baggy pillow case, so make sure your pillows are plush and luxurious. Whether you choose a natural or synthentic filling, memory foam or king size, the perfect, not to mention matching, pillows go a long way. The same goes for your choice of duvet, a good quality inner will create a very insta-worthy setting. For the warmer months accessorize with a throw to bulk out your lower tog rated duvet.

Use different sized pillows

Creating a contrast in the bedroom with a variety of cushions and pillows will add hotel quality style to your room. From square shams, to king size and standard to boudoir, our offering of cushions and pillows covers will add extravagance to your room, whatever your style.


Experiment with different colours and textures in cushions and throws to show your personality. Opt for a bold Jaipur throw and matching cushions or chunky Axis throw . A rather unique feature of our Jaipur range is that each colour cleverly coordinates with all current season Christy bed linen designs.

How do you make your bedroom Instagram worthy? Let us now in the comments below.


5 Tips For Awkward Shaped Bedroom

An awkward shaped bedroom often requires some careful design and planning. Creating optimum storage space for clothes and accessories whilst keeping the room as clutter free as possible is key.  As the saying goes “a tidy house equals a tidy mind”. This is a crucial formula to follow in our bedrooms where we want to rest, relax and clear our busy minds.  Our friends at London bespoke furniture company, Form Creations, share their tips on how to add a touch of luxury to a quirkily shaped space…

Five tips on creating space and adding a touch of luxury to awkward shaped bedrooms:

Tip 1

When it comes to bedrooms, furniture is the key to storage success.  If your belongings have a dedicated space to be stored away, you will achieve the clutter free, oasis we all dream of at bedtime.  However, some bedrooms, particularly attic rooms can be difficult to furnish with all those awkward spaces and low ceilings.  Opting for custom-made and built in furniture that is truly made to measure will provide a sleek, seamless look.  It also allows you to create storage that suits you and your household needs for example, if you want a small alcove in your en-suite to have some shelves built in to showcase your beautiful towels, you can. 

Maybe you want to use some alcove space to store all your cushions, throws and linens?  Bespoke furniture helps you to use every inch of space possible. 

Fitted loft room storage unit.
Loft room storage unit

Tip 2

Bespoke radiator covers are great for hiding away ugly rads but they also create another surface to display flowers, candles or pictures.  You can even colour match them to other areas of the room to really make them a statement. 

Bespoke radiator covering
Bespoke radiator cover

Tip 3

Choose fitted wardrobes to utilise space and design them to fit the space you have and choose storage options that work for you. Our top tip would be – if you are opting for sliding wardrobe doors ask your designer/fitter to use top-hung runners when fitting them, which makes for smoother operation and helps them last longer, as you won’t find that the doors get stuck in the tracks as dirt inevitably makes its way in.  Don’t forget to opt for a ‘soft-close’ if you are opting for a hinged wardrobe style to eliminate any banging doors.

Custom made fitted wardrobe
Bespoke fitted wardrobe

Tip 4

Quirky, awkward shaped bedroom spaces can sometimes work to your advantage.  Utilise a tiny corner cupboard by hanging some hooks for necklaces.  Maybe you could add some rails and hooks on the inside of wardrobe doors to hang your belts/ties rather than wasting a whole drawer?  Look for little hacks that will help you keep your surfaces free of clutter.

Tip 5

Use colour to set the mood.  For example, lighter, soft blues are said to calm the mind and aid concentration, consequently it is serene and mentally calming.  Bear colour in mind when choosing your linens, towels and accessories.  Opting for soft, neutral shades will definitely create a soothing, cooling effect.  A light blue is also good for tricking your mind into thinking you are cool – a great way to stay cool, calm and collected during the summer months.

Author:  Simon Hall, Director of Form Creations Ltd.


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