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Stay warm and comfortable this winter

Winter has well and truly struck and people all over Britain are experiencing some freezing temperatures. At this time of year, everyone tends to get a bit hurried and stressed. With Christmas coming up, people start to worry about getting everything ready in time and finding the right Christmas shopping presents. What’s more, many businesses are on tight deadlines and staff are pressed to finish projects before the festive holidays. At times like these it is important to stay as warm and comfortable as you can. After all, there is no point in being cold as at best you will feel uncomfortable and at worst you could catch an illness or pneumonia! As such, here are some of our top tips to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable this winter. 1. Use Quality Bedding Climbing into a cold bed is never much fun, but it is even less fun if it stays that way all night! Invest in some luxury bedding which is designed to deal with the coldest of temperatures and you will soon find yourself enjoying a better night’s sleep. Summer duvets and sheets are no good at this time of year. You need to bring out the winter bedding to ensure that you do not get cold at night. If you do get cold at night you are likely to suffer from disturbed sleep, which will be no good for restoring your body’s energy. 2. Drink Plenty of Hot Drinks There is nothing quite like drinking a good cup of tea to help lift the spirits. Tea will keep you hydrated and warm up your body’s temperature. No matter whether you prefer tea or coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine, a steaming hot drink always makes you feel more comfortable and can stop you from getting the shivers. 3. Enjoy a Hot Bath or Shower after Work When you get home from work the chances are that you will feel pretty cold and bedraggled. Forget about the outside world and enjoy a luxurious bath or shower as soon as you get home. Wash away your worries and dry off with one of our high quality towels which provide ultimate warmth and comfort. If you are having a bath add some oils into the water and light some candles around the tub to create a perfect sanctuary retreat. 4. Wrap up Warm in a Quality Bath Robe Once you have had a bath or shower, there is no need to get properly dressed again unless you are going out or expecting visitors to the house. Wrap yourself up in one of our beautiful luxury bath robes and settle down in front of the fire with a really good book. Alternatively, put your feet up on the sofa and find something good to watch on the box. You really can relax when wearing a wonderful bath robe and there is little chance of you falling cold again. Look after yourself this winter and snuggle up inside.



Stylish bedrooms

The fact is that we all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Everybody needs to sleep so why not make sure that you can sleep in as comfortable and stylish a bedroom as possible. Many people think that decorating is only for when you move into a new home, but this is certainly not the case. A newly decorated room can provide a huge boost to the system and make a house feel more like a home. What is more, decorating does not have to be a stressful matter. Browse interior design magazines or the Internet to find some bedroom decoration inspiration. Once you know how you want to decorate your bedroom, make a plan and put it into action! One of the major ways of decorating a bedroom is to change the wallpaper or the colour of the paint on the walls. The colours that you choose will of course be down to personal taste, but you should consider factors such as how light you want the room to be and whether you prefer painted walls or exposed brickwork. Once you have chosen the main colour themes of your new bedroom, you can set to work on finding appropriate items to accessorise your room with. Finding the best bedding UK stores have to offer is an important task. The chances are that your old bedding will not match the colour of your new walls. Fortunately we have a range of superb bedding options which will ensure that you enjoy as comfortable a night’s sleep as possible. No matter whether you require the plainest sheets or coordinated bedroom linen, you are bound to find something to suit your tastes in our outstanding range of products. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed, especially if it is kitted out with the very latest Christy products. We have been supplying the nation and beyond since 1850, so it is safe to say that we only provide bed linen of the very highest quality. It is said that you should start thinking about changing your mattress if you are sleeping better in a hotel bed than you are in your own bedroom. If you decide to decorate your bedroom it may be the perfect time to invest in a new mattress. The National Sleep Foundation recently carried out a new research survey which aimed to discover whether people really do sleep better at home than they do in a quality hotel. The survey found that 55% of people believed that their bedroom mattress was more comfortable than a quality hotel counterpart. 29% of people believed that the mattress experience was equal to their own bedroom, whereas only 16% say that they found better mattresses in the top hotels. Similar results were found for bed linen such as pillows and sheets, which shows the value of buying quality products from brands that you trust. Don’t shell out on a 5 star hotel to get a good night’s sleep when you can create a perfect bedroom at home instead!



Bed linen buying guide

Do you feel overawed when looking for suitable linen for your bedroom? Are you confused by thread count? Unaware of the differences between Sateen and Egyptian cotton? Unsure of duvet covers that don’t have buttons. If so, don’t be alarmed – our handy bed linen buying guide will soon have you picking out the best duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases for your bedroom. What is thread count exactly? Thread count is used to determine the number of threads that are present in a square inch of fabric. As a rule, the higher a thread count is, the finer and smoother the fabric will be to the touch. Naturally, the smoother your bed linen feels, the more superior in quality it will be; therefore, you will want to purchase linen that has a high thread count. In general, standard cottons have a thread count of around 110 whereas higher quality variants start at around 200. Anything above 200 is generally considered to be luxurious. However, this is not the entire story. Not all thread counts are created equal so you will also need to consider the overall quality of linen fabric, as a thread count which is made of longer fibres is better than a combination of shorter, cheaper fibres. What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and Sateen? This is a very common question. In essence, Egyptian cotton is the actual fibre that is used to make most linen fabrics. Indeed, Egypt is known throughout the world for growing cotton which has particularly long, thin fibres that can be spun into yarns that are fine, soft and incredibly durable. Sateen is a term which relates to the weave which is used to turn Egyptian cotton into fabric. Through an overlay of yarns on the surface, a sateen weave creates a fabric that has a lustrous sheen as well as a smooth surface which feels luxuriously soft against your skin. Percale is another term which you may hear a lot of when you are shopping for linen. Like Sateen, this term also refers to the weave of Egyptian cotton fibres; however, unlike Sateen, Percale has a more matte appearance as it is a flat weave. When made in a good quality thread count, Percale has the unique quality of improving with age. In addition, Percale is also a high-quality combed cotton. Indeed, the combing process removes any rough fibres so that the linen has a lovely smooth finish. What about duvets with no buttons?Many high-quality duvet covers these days come compete with a traditional French ‘tail’ or ‘bottleneck’ end fold instead of buttons or poppers. Whilst these duvet cover options make it far easier for you to make your bed, they will require you to tuck your duvet in at the bottom so that you don’t lose your covers overnight! If you still have a queries about buying linen, pillowcases, curtain sets or towels then please feel free to call our dedicated customer helpline on 0845 7585252.



How to stay suitably snug and stylish in your bedroom this winter

Now that winter has well and truly arrived, you will more than likely be taking every opportunity you can to snuggle up in bed. Indeed, there are few things more satisfying than feeling all warm and comfy in your bedroom while the winter winds and rain rattle on the window. So, now really is the perfect time of year to invest in some new bed linen. Certainly, having luxurious duvet covers and decadent bed sheets to curl up in can make all the difference when the mercury really starts to drop! Fortunately we here at Christy, the UK’s leading bed and bath linen creators, have a range of incredible bedding and curtain sets available that can help to ensure your bedroom is as cosy as it is stylish. Regardless of whether you’re after something elegant, contemporary, natural or luxurious; we here at Christy will have the perfect linen for your needs. Elegant If you are looking to add a touch of class to your bedroom then the beautifully elegant Christy Anastasia duvet cover set, with its vintage inspired embroidery and classic cream hand finished detail, really is the perfect option. Anastasia is available in single, double and king sizes, whilst rectangular bed cushions in matching design can also be purchased to help complete the classic French style. Contemporary The Christy Palladium burgundy duvet set is perfect for adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your bedroom. Indeed, this cream coloured set with burgundy box designs will bring a touch of modern-day luxury to your bedroom and ensure your bed is simply too comfortable to leave! With sateen fabrics consisting of 600 thread counts and a neutral design that is able to compliment any decor, the Palladium is one contemporary style that is classically comfortable! Natural If you’re after a cosy bedspread that can give your bedroom a natural and calming look then the Christy Paris Rose duvet set may well be the ideal choice. This gorgeous white and burnt orange bed linen is ideal for brightening up your bedroom during the winter months as its pretty orange flowers will help it to look fresh and bright as well as feel snug and warm. Luxurious For a truly luxurious and romantic look, the Christy Georgina is a must have duvet set. Indeed, the dusty pink and mocha colours along with the beautifully graceful embroidery will make your bedroom feel like a veritable palace. And, if you want to make your decadent bed chamber feel even more palatial, you can also purchase the matching readymade curtains that are available to compliment this particular design. As well as the above options, we also have an extensive collection of practical everyday linen of plain easy-iron Christy duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and towels available for purchase in a wide range of colours. So, if you want to stay snug and stylish this winter, make us here at Christy your first port of call.



Nostalgia collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 2

We’ve been talking an awful lot lately about being warm and cozy; the kind that involves mounds of pillows and blankets and a roaring fire. But there are memories that are just as warm and we tend to gather these around us in the autumn just as we gather wool socks. Old photo albums resurface and favourite stories are retold. Loved ones long gone are remembered and simpler days are yearned for. Who can say what it is precisely that makes us look to the past with such appreciation. But our Nostalgia Collection was made to encourage those charming trips down memory lane. I advise you not to resist. Just lay back and imagine you’re a child again, visiting the grandparents and feeling like you’ve left one world behind and are safely cocooned in another. Our perfectly ladylike Elouise Bed Linen pay gentle homage to the modern botanicals of William Morris and conjure visions of patent leather pumps and mysterious, wonderfully smelling bottles and powders on the dressing table. Grosgrain ribbon and stylized lace lend an elegant touch without being the least bit prim…because everyone knows grandmother was as sassy as she was gentile.

The delightfully dotty Penny Bed Linen on the other hand just might be the incarnation of swing music and pincurls.  A deep moody blue and adorable frills are equally sweet and jazzy; like dancing barefoot in the sitting room to the sound of the radio.

our Natalie Bed Linen best. A cheerful stripe of seersucker in colours you could just eat up, this finale in our Nostalgia Collection will have you believing that life is a bowlful of cherries once again.

And as you slide between the sheets and envision your juvenile self toddling after grandmother in a kitchen alive with smells and sounds, creating a simple magic that only she seems to have time for, you’ll feel something deep down to your toes that is every bit as effective as a woollen throw: it’s called warm and cozy.





Luxe retreat collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 1

Soft and warm simply go together, like fish and chips or bread and butter. Almost the moment the temperature drops, we turn into such tactile creatures, entwining ourselves in fabrics we threw off for the summer and now welcome back like best friends. The leaves change, the sun sets a little earlier and comfort reigns supreme. We seek the softness of lamplight and firelight and the patina of things that have been loved over years, like that bench at the back door where the children sat to put on their boots, or dad’s old cable knit sweater.  It’s a nesting instinct, as natural as breathing, and it must be gratified (nature is an insistent little vixen). And so we obligingly designed our Luxe Retreat Collection to be as much a solace to your sense of sight as to your sense of touch. It’s cosy to be sure, but also irresistibly elegant. We began with a slightly faded stripe and charcoal knit in our Copenhagen Bed Linen that captures the tender side of masculinity with gorgeous greys and subtle tailoring. Instead of daydreaming of snuggling up in bed, you may find yourself daydreaming of the one you get to snuggle up to. It’s a romance in colour and texture that suits him as well as it suits her.

Or perhaps you favour bands of muted gold and silk with velvet piping; pure decadence made simple in our Silk Stripe Bed Linen, like hot caramel drizzled over white cake. It’s the height of luxury and yet perfectly accommodating to little hands and feet that might clamber up next to you first thing in the morning.

But if you dream of awakening amidst clouds, then I would happily recommend our Domino Bed Linen as a perfect fit. You’ll feel like you’re floating on this textural, colour woven, sea of dots. It’s a pattern that easily lends itself to a modern sensibility as well as the intense pleasure of sleeping in on a Saturday.

But really, no matter where your tastes lie, our Luxe Retreat Collection will satisfy your cravings for soft and warm, helping you nest for the season as nature intended.


Treat yourself to new designer bed linen this winter

This is the perfect time of year to treat yourself to some gorgeous new designer bed linen. The nights are getting longer and temperatures are falling. On chilly evenings, there is nothing better than sinking into indulgent bedding. As well as boosting the look of your bedroom, it can also help ensure you feel comfy and snug when you climb under your sheets at night. Feeling the chill The British weather is notoriously hard to predict, but it seems as though this winter may be a cold one. According to a report in the Daily Mail, forecasters have warned of a “very potent” Arctic plunge, with snow likely. It also noted that the British Weather Services have suggested this winter will be colder than average, with ‘significant snow’ in store for Britons. The organisation suggested that temperatures of -18C lie ahead and transport disruption is also probable. Simple and quick Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you’re too busy to head out to the shops to stock up on new bedding. Instead of hitting the high street, you can source the products you want online. This means you can do it from the comfort of home or even while you’re on a lunch break at work. Also, this approach circumvents the problems of heavy traffic, difficult parking and crowded shops and streets. A big difference It’s incredible how much of a difference new bed linen can make to entire rooms. Simply replacing your current duvet and pillow covers with new versions can radically change the whole look of the space. Of course, the style you go for will depend on your interior design themes and your personal preferences. You might want to opt for a contemporary set that exudes modern chic, or perhaps something more rustic and homely would suit you better. Take your pick Here at Christy, we’re passionate about great bedding and should have exactly what you’re after. We pride ourselves on the innovative and luxurious qualities of our products and you can have complete confidence when you shop with us. Our bed linen UK is second to none and may be perfect for you. Our design team create original and inspiring collections that can help define your home. Petra Maybe Petra would suit your bedroom perfectly. Its classic paisley print on a glossy sateen weave could add some real luxury and style to your home and it comes in a rich shade of mocha, finished with a deep red sateen weave. Natalie Another great option is the Natalie design. This vibrant number is colour woven for a look that’s bold, fresh and fun. Meanwhile, it’s finished with grosgrain ribbon detailing. Copenhagen You might also be captivated by the Copenhagen. This has an understated look and its subtle shades of grey give a modern look. It’s edged with smart grey velvet piping for a tailored finish. To find out more about our products, please visit:


The Perfect Bedroom Style

Your bedroom is one of the most relaxing rooms within the home, so you will undoubtedly want it to be beautiful and welcoming. One way to ensure this is to incorporate high quality bed linen into your room, and that’s exactly what we can provide you with here at Christy. A bedroom is the place where you can really express your style, as it is your private retreat from the rest of the world. Therefore, it’s important you make the most of the space and decorate it in a way that suits your taste. Here at Christy we have a plethora of bed linen designs available for both modern and traditional tastes. We can also provide luxury bedding which has all the elegance of convention but with a contemporary twist. While many homeowners often choose the bed covers around their interior shades, we recommend you approach the design the other way around. Don’t settle for any old bed sheets just because they match your wallpaper; pick quality bedding that suits your taste and design your room around it. Simply select a shade from the duvet cover and choose wallpaper to match – you can guarantee it will make your whole room come alive. Luxury Bed Sheets If both comfort and style are your main priorities, then you should definitely consider Egyptian cotton sheets for pure luxury. These exquisite sheets are available in a flat or fitted style, and have a high thread count for ultimate soft and silkiness. With six colours available for order on our website, you are sure to find the perfect shade to harmonise with your bed covers. Another luxurious option is the supima bedding sheets which are available in four magnificent shades. You can choose from a valance of fitted or flat bed sheet and can also opt for a duvet and pillowcase to match or contrast. Created from extra long American staple cotton, it has a silky feel will help you relax after a long, hard day. However, is convenience would better suit your lifestyle, we recommend polycotton bed sheets as they are easy to care for and require little ironing. Also, with a 200 thread count, you can rest assured you will have a blissful night’s sleep. Our polycotton sheets are available as a flat, fitted or valance sheet and come in six stunning colours. Therefore, whether you have a single, double, king or king size bed, you are sure to find the ideal bed sheets to match. Once you’ve chosen your bed linen, you should move onto opting for curtains, cushions and throws that match the bedding. Choosing complementary curtains will only add to the overall design of the room, and will make a focal point of your fabrics. So, if you are looking for elegant and stylish designer bed linen, make Christy your first and only port of call.


To make the right impression to your house guests

We all want to create a home to be proud of, and it’s understandable that you’ll want to impress your house guests, especially those who might be staying a night or two. Here at Christy we are leading providers of high quality bedding and towels in the UK, so you can trust in our expert advice. We only provide our customers with the highest quality fabrics on the market whilst offering numerous styles to suit our customers’ tastes. If you are about to welcome a house guest and want to make the right impression, we recommend you take a look at our luxury bedding range. You only have one chance to make a first impression so, no matter how soft your existing bed covers are, it’s important you incorporate tasteful and stylish sheets that are bound to impress. We have a diverse array of beautiful duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases, with styles available for those with modern or traditional tastes. So you can rest assured that you’ll find a style for you on our website. English Heritage Bedding Our English Heritage bedding has all the elegance of conventional designs but with a touch of modernity that make the fabrics exquisitely stylish. Therefore, they are perfect for a guest bedroom as they can suit a variety of tastes. With so many styles and shades to choose from, we are confident that you will adore this stunning designer range that’s popular across the world. Christy Bed Linen We also have our own luxury range of bed linen that you’re sure to adore. With complementary bed covers and pillows, and an array of soft and silky bed sheets to choose from, you can create a room that will make your guests never want to leave your home. Think about the Weather The weather can affect our sleeping patterns. The last thing a person needs is a duvet with a high tog in the hot summer, or a thin duvet in the colder weather. Therefore, make sure you provide your guest with a duvet tog that is suitable to the current climate. Also, have a few extra pillows on hand just in case they prefer sleeping with two or more. High Quality Towels Your guest will undoubtedly need to use your bathroom at some point, so ensure it complements the rest of the home. One way to do this is by placing stylish, quality towels for your guest to use. You could even provide them with a guest towel and bath robe to make them feel right at home. However, be sure that your hand and bath towels complement your mats and rug shades; otherwise, it could potentially look a little garish. Therefore, harmonise your bathroom fabrics with complementary or similar shades; for example, red and black work well together, as does green and yellow. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive array of towels and bedding today.


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