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Linens that Fit

– you know, the one who remembers what you said last week and dutifully ignores all of your drama.  A good fit isn’t always easy to find and that makes it all the more valuable.  And perhaps a good fitted sheet isn’t high on your list of priorities, but might we suggest that it ought to be?  Because it’s far easier to get a blissful night’s sleep when your sheets aren’t bunching and pulling loose at the corners.  Your bed is twice as lovely when there are no wrinkles and when the mattress is completely hidden.  In other words, a well fitting set of bed linens is really every bit as valuable as that beloved pair of blue jeans.

At Christy, we work just as hard on achieving the ideal sizing as we do on making things gorgeous.  Our bedcovers are generously proportioned for double, king and super king sized beds and our sheets have been smartly tailored to match the evolving standards for mattresses. Our fitted sheets are 32cm deep instead of your typical 27cm, making them fit more securely and provide maximum mattress coverage. It’s these little extras that make all the difference and which we are especially proud of. That’s because, at the end of the day, we really want to be your perfect fit.

In fact, when it comes down to bed linens, we’d like to think that we’re your soul mate.


Christy – That Extra Hour

Let’s face it – with busy lives, time is still the hottest commodity of all. We never seem to have enough and yet have no real firm idea of where it all goes. One moment you’re hurrying to rescue your breakfast from the toaster and the next you’re clearing the supper dishes. And as much as we’d all like to hit the giant cosmic ‘pause’ button from time to time, life continues to fly by at an exhausting pace. But once a year there’s one day in which we all get to set our clocks back and get one blessed extra hour. One extra hour to do with what we will before it simply blends into the schedule and disappears. For just one day, we are the masters of time. At Christy we like to imagine what our customers want most, and so it’s easy to believe there are many of you who might choose to spend that extra hour lying in bed luxuriating in the warmth and softness of sheets and pillows and blankets, for as long as possible. There may be others who would rather grab an extra long shower or sit in a quiet corner and sip their coffee instead of gulping it down before moving on to the first task. And there are probably still more of you who will attempt the lie-in only to be awakened by the children, who think an extra hour means more time to play and make noise and spill cereal across the kitchen table. Well this magical day of time manipulation is approaching and however you choose to enjoy that extra hour, we’d love to hear about it. Click onto our Facebook page to tell us your favourite way of spending that extra hour.


Sumptuous Jacquard Christy Bed Linen

The newest technology of our generation is all about cold, hard speed and efficiency. But innovation wasn’t always like that. The newest technology of former eras was more about quality and beauty than finding the nearest coffee shop in under five seconds.The best and brightest minds of the former machine age were just trying to bring elegance to the masses. And aren’t we so very grateful to them? When French manufacturer, Joseph Marie Jacquard, invented the latest machine weaving marvel in 1801, he was really just satisfying the consumer’s cravings for lush, tangible style for the every-man. His punch card system was the pre-cursor to the modern computer and it also allowed gorgeous woven patterns to be produced en masse and eventually end up on the shelves at Christy. Our stunning jacquard linens aren’t just luxurious – they’re a fine example of how cutting edge becomes a classic and our Henry Christy Heritage collection is no exception. And the wonderful thing about a good classic is that it isn’t obsolete before you’ve even figured out how to use it. It doesn’t need a new model every year or a hundred thousand new apps. The opulent dusty gray of our Fitzroy linens or the cheerful shell pink of our Fyfield collection would look equally at home in a romantic gabled master suite or an airy modern loft. Or you might prefer the serene shimmer of ourPalace and Wave collections or the richness of the Mandalay.  Because there comes a point in your day when you turn off the new HD tv and put the tablets and smart phones aside and reach for something that feels ever so much nicer than a touch screen. And at Christy, we believe the best technology is the kind that combines the present with the past…especially if you can take a long nap in it with a good book.


Taking Care

From the time that we’re small our parents are constantly urging us to take care of things. Pick your toys up off the floor, hang your clothes in the wardrobe, wash the jam from your fingers before reading your book. To a seven year old this might seem like an endless litany of unwanted advice. But as we grow, we all (it is to be hoped) learn the satisfaction of caring for those little things that add quality to life: a set of vintage china for instance or great grandmother’s wedding sideboard. And we at Christy are especially committed to caring for the softer everyday treasures, like those crisp Egyptian cotton sheets or that velvet trimmed duvet cover. We want your linens to be as luxurious, as beautiful and as soothing in years to come as they are on the very first night you burrow into them. There is no magic formula or complicated domestic ritual. It’s simply a matter of taking care. And you’ll get all the practical advice you need in our Care Guide which is just as useful as a lecture from mum…perhaps even more so. Get to know a little about your linen fibres and how to keep that sheen you fell in love with. Keep your colors fresh and vibrant and your towels soft and fluffy. Really, what you need is a boost of confidence in your laundering. So while you’re busily taking care of the kids and the dog and the house and the job – and also the vintage china and great grandmother’s sideboard – take a moment to revel in warm sheets that smell faintly of soap and a fresh stack of clean towels. Enjoy the satisfaction of taking care. And might we remind you to wash the jam from your fingers before climbing under the covers…


The Linen Cupboard

The generations that have gone before us seem to have been a much more romantic lot. For instance, could there be anything more sweet than the idea of the venerable ladies of the family sewing a bride’s first set of linens for her to ‘keep house’ with? A sentimental notion that isn’t very practical in the modern age since most mothers these days don’t sit around and hem pillow cases – most mums don’t even have time to iron them. But while I’m happy not to be stuck with the task of making anyone’s bedsheets, we certainly seem to be missing some of the charm of yesteryear. It was almost a rite of passage among women that a linen cupboard was properly stocked. And while feminism has disavowed some of these home-making traditions, we still think it’s lovely to have a well curated linen cupboard filled with beautiful things, whether you’re a bride or not. A stack of neatly folded sheets and towels isn’t just a pile of stuff in a closet. It’s what you wrap your loved ones in day and night and it’s a state of readiness for honored house guests. It’s also a tradition that grows over the seasons from the first year in a home of your own to the time when your cupboard is full and you can trace your life back several decades through cottons and silks and fine trimmings. It’s the care and attention to detail that makes this tradition beautiful and most certainly worth preserving, even in our busy modern era. There’s no need for dear great grandmother to embroider your towels with trembling ninety-year-old fingers – let Christy provide the quality linens and you can just have great grandmother round for tea. You can impress her with your brilliantly appointed linen cupboard…


A nip in the air, piles of leaves and snuggling up in a stack of pillow and a chunky knit throw…Autumn is here!

When autumn arrives there is a distinct nip in the air.  A combination of morning frost, the smell of bonfires and dry russet coloured leaves piling up on every corner.  Or maybe it’s just our heightened sense of romanticism.  In any case, as soon as October hits the desire to bundle up in a wool jacket and wellies and traipse through crisp fields is almost irresistible.  The heart just wants to wander a country estate.   And why not?  It’s a season that is meant for nostalgia…and for being especially British.  You can live in the most modern flat in the heart of the city and still feel the desire for an autumn stroll in the Park. But perhaps the best part of an autumn walk is coming home, rosy faced and yearning for a hot drink.  The wool jacket and wellies are then abandoned for a pile of pillows and a throw perfect for wrapping up in.  And then you sigh and declare that if a season could be put in a box, autumn would be the perfect gift.  And it is.  At Christy we think we have figured out how to do just that.  A very British Autumn is our gift to you.  Enter our current competition to win a family pass to the myriad of properties of the National Trust and a pair of Hunter wellington boots and you can wander the historic and picturesque to your heart’s content.  And when you’re ready to curl up by an evening fire or in bed with an especially thick book, we have, as always, the pillows and blankets of your dreams.


Caring for your brand new bedding and towels

Getting quality towels and bed linen is a great feeling and there are now so many fabulous products on the market that look and feel great. By perusing our website here at Christy you should be able to find versions that really reflect your personal style. To ensure these items stand the test of time, it’s important to bear a few simple principles in mind. Follow the washing instructions It might seem like an obvious point, but it really pays off to follow the washing instructions. Life can be hectic and if you’re putting a wash on in a hurry, it can be tempting to be a bit slapdash. This is when mistakes occur. If you don’t read the instructions, you might do something wrong and damage your bathroom towels and bed sheets. Washing detergent Also, make sure you use the recommended amount of washing detergent. When it comes to cleaning chemicals, it’s not a case of the more, the better. If you put too much detergent into your washing loads, you risk draining the colour of your bedding and towels. It’s also advisable to avoid exposing your towels and bed linens to neat detergent before you wash them. There’s no shortage of cleaning chemicals out there for you to choose from these days, and it pays off to be selective. Many versions contain bleach or whitening agents and these shouldn’t be used when you’re washing coloured fabrics because they can fade them over time. As a general rule, gentler products are better.


Bedroom Design Tips

If your bedroom is in need of a bit of a revamp, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Christy we offer an impressive selection of bed linen UK and should have the perfect products for you. The only trouble is, once you’ve finished beautifying this part of your home, you might struggle to tear yourself away from it each morning! Beds are the most prominent feature in these rooms, so the way they look has a massive impact on the overall appearance of the areas. This is why it’s so important to find the perfect bedding. Monochrome Monochrome is a buzz word in the interior design world these days. It’s possible to create fabulous looks using a two-colour theme for entire rooms. If you’re keen to adopt this style in your boudoir, it’s well worth taking a look at our Batik bed linen. This charcoal design exudes luxury and elegance and it works perfectly alongside grey and white furniture. It boasts a striking ornamental print with a beautiful floral trail on a deep charcoal background. Meanwhile, the linen blended fabric, complemented by a linen Oxford edge, has a crisp, cool feel that works perfectly in summer. You can always jazz up a monochrome bedroom by introducing the odd splash of colour too. For example, you could place some vibrant artwork up on the walls, or scatter a few bright cushions on top of your bed. Comfort is key As well as looking good, it’s really important that your room feels fabulous. This is why it pays off to invest in top-quality pillows and duvets. Attention to detail Every interior designer worth their salt knows that the key to success when you’re revamping a room is attention to detail. This is why it’s a good idea to take a look at the selection of accessories now available. Placing a few cushions on your bed and any chairs you have can make a big difference to the overall look of the space, and stylish throws also make a superb addition. Perhaps our Oslo throw will be perfect for your home. This indulgent, chunky knit throw looks and feels great and it has a super soft handle. More handy hints You might also benefit from investing in some blackout curtains. These products can help you get plenty of shuteye during the summer when the sun rises very early in the morning. They’re also great if you fancy an afternoon nap. In addition, it’s really important that you clear any clutter with practical and attractive storage units. Another top tip is to personalise the space with some framed photos or printed canvases and you might also decide to introduce a relaxing fragrance into your bedroom. Lavender is a popular choice, but there are lots of other options too. Check us out To see the fabulous range of bedding sheets, cushions & throws and other items we offer, just take a look around our website. With our help, revamping your boudoir should be that bit easier.


Choosing Bedding Thats Right For You

We can all agree that luxury bed linen looks wonderful and helps you to get a good night’s sleep, but there are so many wonderful designs and fabrics out there, it can be hard to know which is right for you. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so getting it right is quite important. Here are some tips to bear in mind when looking at our bedding UK online catalogue. 1. If You Feel the Cold It is important to go to sleep in a cool, dark and quiet environment, however plenty of us feel the cold easily, so you should choose bedding that helps to keep you warm. Cotton flannel and jersey fabrics are warm and cosy. What’s more, they don’t wrinkle as easily as some other fabrics, so you can cut down on your ironing time too! 2. If You Prefer Cool Bedding Some people are the opposite way and like nothing better than sliding into the cool, crisp sheets of their bed. In this case, opt for bed sheets and linens which have a plain weave. 3. If You Want to Naturally Regulate Your Body Temperature through the Night Most of us have suffered from the ‘night sweats’ at least once – waking up to find your body completely drenched in sweat for no apparent reason. In fact, overheating during the night is a condition which affects up to 40% of people at some time. However, by changing the fabric of your bed linen, you can reduce the chances of this happening. Using linens made from natural fibres, such as silk, can help your body to naturally regulate its temperature throughout the night. Silk is a naturally porous and absorbent fabric which is suitable for all year round. It is also resistant to mildew and moths, and so is fine in storage too. Another natural fibre fabric is linen, which is also highly absorbent and helps to draw the heat away from the body. As a hypoallergenic fabric, it is great for those who suffer from asthma, plus it is naturally insect repellent. 4. If You Want Long Lasting Linens The best way to make your bed linens last is to choose quality linens to begin with and to look after them well. Fabrics such as linen are durable and can cope with higher washing temperatures, but you should always make sure that you follow the washing instructions correctly to keep your linens in good shape. For any delicate fabrics, such as silk, put your sheets into a mesh bag before putting in the washing machine. Linens with a higher thread count will be more durable and will be less prone to shrinkage, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as often. Some fabrics even improve with age, such as cotton percale. Aim to wash your bed linen weekly and use a milder detergent, which is gentler on both your sheets and your skin. If you tumble dry your sheets, do so on a low heat and remove them before they’re completely dry, leaving them to dry flat naturally.



Linen Colour Affects Sleep

You might not have given too much thought to the colour of your bed linen beyond getting it to match or complement the rest of your bedroom décor. However, some interior designers have purported recently that the colour and quality of your linen affects how you sleep. Choosing quality bedding is one way of improving your sleep quality, according to interior designer Lisa Staprans, from the McRoskey Mattress Company in the Bay Area, California. She says: “Invest in high quality and beautiful linens, pillows, comforters and mattress pads. They feel great and last longer,” she advises. Ms Staprans also advises having a combination of different pillow sizes so that you can always be comfortable whether sleeping or sitting up reading or watching television in bed. She also suggests an upholstered headboard offers additional comfort and can help to soften the room’s appearance. It makes perfect sense that choosing quality bed linens will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed while in bed, which in turn helps you to sleep better. However, what about colour? Ms Staprans is also of the opinion that white bed linen aids sleep too. After all, there has to be a reason that so many hotels choose beautiful white linens for their hotel rooms. The colour white is calming and peaceful, which puts your mind into the right state for getting off to sleep quickly. It also gives the illusion of space and reflects any light in the room, and so is a particularly good choice for smaller or darker bedrooms. One worry consumers often have when it comes to buying white bed linen is keeping it looking fresh and clean. Adding a slight pattern in another light and airy colour can help keep linens looking clean, although all bed linens still need washing regularly to keep them free of dirt and dust. Should you get a stain or mark on your white sheets, use a detergent or stain remover which contains oxygenated bleach, as this isn’t as harsh as chlorine. One of the most common ways of discolouring your beautiful new linens is through make-up, so make sure you properly cleanse your face and wash your hands before bed. Interestingly, many everyday creams and lotions that we put on our face and body contain oxidising agents themselves which can bleach your sheets. By having white linens to begin with, this won’t be an issue! Keeping your linens clean when they’re not on the bed can also be a concern for some. Make sure they are folded neatly and stored in a clean, dry and cool place. Line any surfaces with acid-free tissue paper, which will stop the sheets from yellowing while stored. Plastic containers should be avoided, as the plastic traps moisture and can cause mildew. If you are looking for some quality bed linen UK, then check out some of the great products we have on our website. The Serenity range features a Persian-inspired delicate interlocking pattern in a pale beige colour, while the clean, crisp squares in soft-grey in the Domino range makes for a cosy and relaxing feel.


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