Preparing for Bubble Bath Day! (8th January)

It’s a new year and the first week back to work for many, so (naturally) this Friday happens to be National Bubble Bath Day!

Now, what better national day for us at Christy to share advice on having the perfect bubble bath?

Preparation is Key

The ultimate way to make that your bath will be relaxing is to prepare in advance. Have you picked out your favourite bath bomb, is there a book you can pick up and read in there, maybe you’d even like to enjoy a glass of wine?

Whatever your plans for the main event, make sure any items are within reaching distancing! 

And if you’ll be reading a book or going on your phone then also have a towel close by you can pick up beforehand – the last thing you’ll want is a soggy book at the end of it.

Set the Mood

Candles are perfect for setting a relaxing mood, choose scents such as lavender to really put yourself at ease after a hard week’s work.

Keeping the lights down, or out in general will also help to set the mood with your candles in tow.

Finally, if you feel like listening to some calming music make sure you have a Spotify playlist set up with some relaxing tracks.

Don’t Forget to Prepare for After!

Last, but in no way least, when preparing for your bubble bath make sure you have some beautifully soft towels to dry yourself off with after.

You can’t go wrong with Christy towels, team them up with a bath robe for after and you’ll be wrapped in luxury.

And there you have it, steps for a perfect bubble bath to treat yourself with this Friday. The very last thing you’d need to do is snuggle into your bed covers ready to fall asleep!


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