Making your Bathroom Guest-Ready in 2022

Disclaimer: This article was posted on 21st December 2021 in line with then-Government guidance on household gatherings. For the latest guidance, you can click here.

We’ve had New Year, new you, but how about New Year, new bathroom? If you can’t wait for the big Spring clean, why not get started on sprucing up your guest bathroom with Christy. 

We’ve got everything you need to give your guest bathroom a new year makeover that will wow your guests!

Deep cleaning your bathroom

Some may argue that there’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning your bathroom until it shines. Whatever your stance on cleaning, it’s definitely the best place to start when getting your bathroom guest-ready.

Cleaning from top to bottom is a great approach, but don’t forget important details such as wiping skirting boards, removing limescale build-up and cleaning the windows. Thoroughly cleaning your bathroom ready for your guests will give them that hotel-clean feeling, making their stay extra special.

blue cotton towels

Organising and decluttering the guest bathroom

This is certainly a must if the bathroom is regularly used as toiletries and cosmetics can quickly clutter countertops, cupboards and shelves. Not only is this a must when having guests, but it’s also a great task to do every few months. 

Throwing away out of date cosmetics and toiletries or packaging that is broken is a must for a bathroom declutter. 

When it comes to organising your bathroom products, putting smaller items on glass or metal trays is a great way to keep them tidy whilst displaying them aesthetically. Wicker and seagrass woven baskets are a trendy option that looks beautiful in many bathrooms and come in an array of sizes, perfect for storing fresh face cloths, hand towels and toilet paper. 

To keep the space inside cupboards and drawers organised and easy on the eye use fabric or plastic drawer organisers or small storage boxes. These are perfect for storing regularly used cleaning products, spare toilet paper, hand wash and toiletries.

Uplifting and refreshing scents for the bathroom

Upgrade from your usual aerosol bathroom air freshener to something more discrete, more stylish and maybe try something new!

There are so many stylish ways to introduce scent into your bathroom, including reed diffusers, candles and popery, all ranging from affordable to extravagant depending on your preference. 

For an uplifting scent try using invigorating citrus scents, and for fresh scents comforting cotton is a firm household favourite no matter your scent palette.

high quality towels

Fresh bathroom towels are a must

Nothing says “welcome to my home” quite like pristine, soft towels. Christy’s bathroom towels are synonymous with luxury and style and will have your guests asking where you got your towels from.

Christy has a towel for every guest bathroom, from the Neo Towels Living collection to add a bold splash of colour, or if hotel luxury is more your style, we have our classic White Towels that add a touch of elegance.

Regardless of your style, all our towels are made with the finest 100% cotton, perfect for even the most delicate skin. And with so many designs, textures and colours to choose from, you can even have a towel set for each season!

Complimentary bath mats and rugs

You’ve got your plush new bath towels, so why not pair them with a luxury Christy bath and shower mat?

Much like our towels, our bathroom rugs come in many different colours to compliment your bathroom fabrics. From our luxurious Lifestyle by Kingsley Bath Mats collection to our stylish Fina Bath Mat, our shower and bath mats are the perfect finish for your guest bathroom.

luxury bath mats

Creating your perfect guest bathroom is easy with Christy. Shop our entire bathroom collection today.


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