How to take care of your towels

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a relaxing bubble bath or a steaming, hot shower and into the warm, soft embrace of your favourite Christy towel.

Learn how to care for your towels like a pro to ensure your favourite Christy towels stay softer and last longer for a spa-like experience wash after wash.

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How to wash your towels

Proper towel care starts in your washing machine! Our top towel care tips discuss correct washing machine detergent usage and drying methods – and even what to avoid when washing your towels.

Wash your towels before use

We always recommend you wash your brand new towels before their first use. This will ensure your towels are clean and fragrant before use and reduce the amount of shed.

Wash towels together

Laundering your towels separately from other items helps avoid pulls and pills on your towels and ensures you can use the correct care when washing. Weave pulls and fabric pills age your towels visibly and over time this will cause them to lose their softness. 

Doing this will also reduce the chance of discolouration or reduced absorbancy from using brightening detergents and softeners.

Separate lights, darks and colours

This is a well-known rule for laundering any fabrics, but be sure to separate your lights, colours and darks when washing. If you want to ensure your colours remain vivid and clean, consider washing like-colours together.

For example, all green towels together in one load, all beige, creams and light brown towels together in another load and then dark hues and blacks in one load, too.

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Launder your towels in small loads

When laundry comes around we often want to make the most of our washing machine space and fill the drum to the brim, but this is counterproductive and can cause your laundry to come out not as clean as you’d expect.

When loading your washing machine, ensure there’s adequate space for your towels to tumble. This will change from machine to machine but we recommend leaving an estimated towels-worth of space.

Removing lingering smells from your towels

It’s normal for your towel to become musty and for smells to linger over time with regular use of your towel. To remove musty smells add about 64 grams or ½ cup of bicarbonate soda (baking soda) to your detergent tray and wash as normal.

Remove buildup and re-fluff your towels

Much like lingering smells, with regular use and washing your towels can lose their lustre and become stiff. This is commonly caused by a buildup of chemicals, including those found in your tap water. Thoroughly cleanse your towels by adding 230ml or 1 cup of white vinegar to your wash. And fear not – your towels won’t smell of vinegar when you take them out.

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Avoid brightening laundry detergents

When shopping for your detergent, avoid using laundry detergent that contains brightening agents such as bleach, alpha hydroxyl acids and benzoyl peroxides. These ingredients can cause colours to fade, lead to patchy towels and deteriorate the fabrics which can reduce their absorption and softness.

Do not use softener on your towels

Contrary to popular belief, softener should not be used on your towels! Using softener can lead to product build-up which will not only decrease the softness and effectiveness of your towel causing them to be stiff, it can also permanently damage the threads and weave. 

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How often should you wash your towels?

The washing frequency will change depending on your usage, but we recommend washing or changing your towel once per week. After use, hang your towel to air dry in a warm space to prevent mildew and unpleasant smells.

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How to store your towels

Whether you roll your towels for a perfect spa feel or neatly fold them away from sight, following these simple steps will help keep your towels smelling fresh and feeling brand new.

How to dry towels correctly

When drying your towels, it’s easy to throw them into the tumble dryer on full heat for a maximum time, but this will over time damage the threads causing them to become overly dry and brittle which will affect the softness and absorption of your towel.

We recommend using the automated setting on your tumble dryer which will stop drying when the towel is fully dried.

Keep your towels smelling fresh

The key to keeping your towels smelling fresh after washing them is making sure they’re fully dried before being put away. Whether you air dry, hang outside or tumble dry your towels, making sure they’re 100% dry before folding away will prevent musty smells and mildew.

Always shake your towels

Before folding away, be sure to give your towels a good shake. This helps loosen the threads making them softer and easier to fold. 

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Tips on caring for your towels

Over the years, we’ve built up quite the knowledge on how to care for your towels to keep them looking spa-quality and feeling irresistibly soft. Incorporating these tips will make a big difference to your towels!

Rinse off your skincare

You wouldn’t believe it but some skincare can bleach your towels! When using AHAs and other skincare products that contain acids and brightening agents, ensure your skin is thoroughly rinsed before drying your face with your favourite Christy towel. This will help prevent bleach patches and discolouration on your towel.

Snip off snags

Sometimes no amount of care will stop the occasional pull and snag. Make sure to cut the pulled loop as soon as possible so it doesn’t worsen. This will help keep your towel looking new!

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