Caring for your brand new bedding and towels

Getting quality towels and bed linen is a great feeling and there are now so many fabulous products on the market that look and feel great. By perusing our website here at Christy you should be able to find versions that really reflect your personal style. To ensure these items stand the test of time, it’s important to bear a few simple principles in mind. Follow the washing instructions It might seem like an obvious point, but it really pays off to follow the washing instructions. Life can be hectic and if you’re putting a wash on in a hurry, it can be tempting to be a bit slapdash. This is when mistakes occur. If you don’t read the instructions, you might do something wrong and damage your bathroom towels and bed sheets. Washing detergent Also, make sure you use the recommended amount of washing detergent. When it comes to cleaning chemicals, it’s not a case of the more, the better. If you put too much detergent into your washing loads, you risk draining the colour of your bedding and towels. It’s also advisable to avoid exposing your towels and bed linens to neat detergent before you wash them. There’s no shortage of cleaning chemicals out there for you to choose from these days, and it pays off to be selective. Many versions contain bleach or whitening agents and these shouldn’t be used when you’re washing coloured fabrics because they can fade them over time. As a general rule, gentler products are better.


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