Get to Know: Brushed Cotton Bed Linen

Bedding to keep you cosy and warm through winter

January 2021 is turning into a super chilly start to the year, with snow showers and freezing fog being forecast for the next few days.

As such, at Christy we thought we’d give you some information on one of our warmest bed linen collections that are sure to help you fight off the cold when you’re wrapped up in bed.

Brushed Cotton bed linen (also known as flannel/flannelette) consists of wonderfully cosy, high quality, 100% brushed cotton. This fabric creates raised, fluffy fibres that can then trap air particles, helping to improve the insulation capabilities. This guarantees you’ll be kept lovely and warm through the cold nights.

Owing to the fabric composition, Brushed Cotton is also exceptionally soft and fuzzy – so you’ll get to feel like you’re wrapped in luxury.

Skye Stripe Flannelette Bedding in Blush and Grey

Skye Stripe may look fairly simple, but it’s stripes in Blush or Grey create a beautiful effect when up close!

In Blush it is perfect for going with creams, whites and rose golds, whilst Grey would suit a bedroom with blues and cool hues in perfectly.

Highgate Brushed Cotton Bed Linen in White and Cream

Highgate is a perfect, classic collection of linen featuring sheets, pillowcases and duvet sets that are simple yet perfect for jumping into at the end of the day.

Available in White or Cream, you could try mix-and-match the Cream with Skye Stripe in Blush or the White with Thurloe Check or Skye Stripe in Grey for that perfect set!

Thurloe Check Flannelette Bedding in Grey and Claret

When it comes to dressing your bed for Autumn/Winter, it’s very hard to go wrong with check.

It’s also perfect for mix-and-matching with the Highgate collection as seen above!

Customers’ Thoughts

Not quite sold yet? Here’s some reviews from our customers:

‘Great, lovely and soft, warm and comforting. Washes well.’

– Susan S

‘Beautifully soft and cosy, very pleased with our duvet set’

– Lynn K

‘Beautiful quality! Lovely subtle colours’‚Äč

– Aimee

‘ooooh so snuggly and warm’

– Pat A

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