Jump Right into our New Winter Bedding

We hope you’re ready to see some gorgeous designs, because at Christy we’ve just released our new Winter 2020 collection full of intricate designs that will make it even harder for you to leave your bed in the morning!

Featuring beautiful hand-painted designs, and prints inspired by Moroccan tiles, this collection is bound to have something you’ll be craving to dress your bed in!

View this stunning collection below:

Rochester Bed Linen in Pale Gold

Rochester bedding features a subtle gleam and flowing damask pattern that has an unmistakable air of sophistication about it. It’s a perfect bed linen set for those with a more classical taste whilst still being extremely intricate.

Bethany Bed Linen in Ochre

Available in two fashionable colours, ochre and pomegranate, Bethany is a super versatile design that you can coordinate with just about any bedroom style.

Bethany Bed Linen in Pomegranate

Marrakesh Bed Linen in Gold

It’s easy to see the Moroccan tile inspiration in this beautiful Marrakesh design here. It’s available in both gold and blue with each having its own bountiful appeal. In gold, the elegance and glamour is easy to see whilst the cool blue tones in the other bed help to make it the focal point of any room.

Marrakesh Bed Linen in Blue

Sakura Bed Linen in Blue

Featuring a unique, beautiful creation from our own designers, Sakura is available in both a dreamy blue shade and a bright buttercup. It features cherry blossom throughout in a contrasting white and grey for the blue whilst on the buttercup it effortlessly intertwines with the golden tones to help lift the overall brightness.

Sakura Bed Linen in Buttercup

Nikko Bed Linen in Cerise

Yet another gorgeous design from our in-house team, Nikko comes in both cerise and mineral. In cerise the beautiful florals stand out against a crisp, white background whilst in the mineral it’s slightly muted yet just as stunning.

Nikko Bed Linen in Mineral

And there you have it! We may be *slightly* biased, but we love our new collection, what are your thoughts, is there a bed linen set you just can’t wait to snap up here?


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