Bright and Bold: Christy Living AW20 Range

We may have just recently released our Christy Home Winter 2020 collection of bed linen, but that isn’t all we have in the way of beautiful bedding for you!

Brand new and fresh off the rails, our Christy Living AW20 range is full of bold and bright designs that you’ll fall in love with.

Ibiza Bed Linen

Ibiza may involve a muted pastel colour palette, but it’s overall geometric design with abstract shapes is still beautifully bold when up close. The softer colours aid with creating a more calming environment and will make any bedroom easy to accessorise at the same time.

Hidden Tiger Bed Linen

One for the animal lovers, Hidden Tiger features a beautiful colour palette of corals, browns and golds. The design has jungle foliage and animal prints throughout with, of course, hidden tigers. This unique print will have you dreaming of faraway places.

Sakana Bed Linen

This super-simple Japanese inspired pattern has a pared back vibe and a mood of Far Eastern chic. In a warm plum colour this design is a timeless classic.

Palms Bed Linen

This bedding design embraces the tropical trend in neutral, monochrome tones. The hand painted, watercolour brushstrokes give a softer feel to this print and the muted colours give more freedom to be bold with accessories.

Manchester Bee Bed Linen

Taking inspiration from our heritage, this design uses key symbols of Manchester’s industrial past in current on trend colours for AW20. The green and gold gives an opulent yet tranquil feel.

Wild Blooms Bed Linen

This striking, textured watercolour floral has been hand painted in our design studio. Taking influence from beautiful Japanese florals, this duvet set will give a calming and relaxing vibe to any bedroom.

Dash Bed Linen

This effortlessly cool, bold and simple design in classic monochrome is a great addition to any bedroom. It can be easily accessorised with any coloured throws and cushions to create your own individual look and style.


10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Our bedrooms are the main places we go to relax, rest up and feel better for the next day. But, with the vast amount of lockdown time this year you may be starting to see it in a different, not-so-great light.

It’s important to look after how we view our bedrooms though to make sure that we’re getting the best rest possible, eliminating the chance of having a bad night’s sleep.

Here are some top tips for how you can recreate your bedroom as a fantastic place to chill out again.

A Dedicated Working Space

This year has made working from home a standard for many, and if you are having to do so without a study/office then there’s a chance you’re currently sat in bed on your laptop working.

Try to make sure that you have a dedicated area away from your bed to do work at though, just the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning and sitting elsewhere with help with stopping to associate the bed with a place of stress.

Tidy Up

As the saying goes, ‘tidy home, tidy mind’. Now it’s more important than ever that your bedroom is free of any mess. If you’re working from the bedroom, it’ll just distract you. Vice versa if the room is clean and tidy you can admire the items in it a lot easier, and it’ll be a much warmer welcome at the end of the day.

Treat Yourself to New Bedding

The right bed linen set becomes a comforting thing to see at the end of the day, but changing it up every so often for fresh, new bedding can be exciting.

Christy Sakura Bed Linen in Buttercup

Psst… we have some beautiful new bedding we’ve recently released as part of our Winter 20 collection, check it out on the Christy site here.

Redecorate your Walls

Sometimes something as simple as just a new colour on the walls, or going over a colour which might be starting to fade, can help you see your bedroom in a totally new light.

Maybe try a yellow-toned colour over the Autumn/Winter period to help lift your spirits and remind you of sunshine.

A Bedroom Companion

Now, you can interpret this however you like because new family members in the way of pets are incredibly helpful for decreasing stress levels, but if you can’t have a dog or cat for any reason then try to keep a living plant in your bedroom.

Not only will plants be a great aesthetic touch but they can also help with purifying the air in your bedroom, which could help you get a much better sleep.

Christy Marrakesh Bed Linen in Blue

Lighting Candles

A fragranced candle will both make your bedroom smell lovely and also add a great atmosphere late at night. It’s a perfect little trick to help you get some sleep, especially if you try out some lavender scented candles. (But make sure that you don’t fall asleep with them lit!)

Choose the Right Lighting

When it comes to lighting for your bedroom, one key thing to consider is that you have the right amount of light in your room. Of course, late at night when you’re trying to sleep then blinds or curtains to block out light from outside are fantastic, but if you’re trying to look for something in your room it might be best to go for LED soft white light bulbs. Additionally, investing in bedside lamps is a must for making sure the room isn’t too bright just before bed.

Keep Electronics Out of the Room

Getting yourself an actual alarm clock for the mornings can be a big help for making sure you get to sleep as soon as possible. If you only have your phone to rely on, there’s a big chance you’ll think about having a quick scroll through social media which can easily turn into hours if you get carried away.

Likewise, if you keep your laptop out of the room then that will help with disassociating the bedroom with work late at night.

Make your Bed in the Morning

A pretty simple way to make sure your bedroom keeps feeling cosy and relaxing, making your bed at the start of the day not only helps to keep it looking tidy (especially if you’re in the room working throughout the day) but also helps to make it look inviting at the end of the day.

Mix Things Up a Little

If you have the same prints up on your walls all year round, it might be a good idea to try switching them up with prints from elsewhere in the house for a little change of scenery. Even just swapping prints, cushions or just decorations from the bedroom with ones in the living room could just give your bedroom an extra something to help you appreciate the room a little more.

Christy Nikko Bed Linen in Cerise

There you have it, ten ways to help your bedroom become a more relaxing place to end up at the end of the day, regardless of whether or not it’s also your work space.


Jump Right into our New Winter Bedding

We hope you’re ready to see some gorgeous designs, because at Christy we’ve just released our new Winter 2020 collection full of intricate designs that will make it even harder for you to leave your bed in the morning!

Featuring beautiful hand-painted designs, and prints inspired by Moroccan tiles, this collection is bound to have something you’ll be craving to dress your bed in!

View this stunning collection below:

Rochester Bed Linen in Pale Gold

Rochester bedding features a subtle gleam and flowing damask pattern that has an unmistakable air of sophistication about it. It’s a perfect bed linen set for those with a more classical taste whilst still being extremely intricate.

Bethany Bed Linen in Ochre

Available in two fashionable colours, ochre and pomegranate, Bethany is a super versatile design that you can coordinate with just about any bedroom style.

Bethany Bed Linen in Pomegranate

Marrakesh Bed Linen in Gold

It’s easy to see the Moroccan tile inspiration in this beautiful Marrakesh design here. It’s available in both gold and blue with each having its own bountiful appeal. In gold, the elegance and glamour is easy to see whilst the cool blue tones in the other bed help to make it the focal point of any room.

Marrakesh Bed Linen in Blue

Sakura Bed Linen in Blue

Featuring a unique, beautiful creation from our own designers, Sakura is available in both a dreamy blue shade and a bright buttercup. It features cherry blossom throughout in a contrasting white and grey for the blue whilst on the buttercup it effortlessly intertwines with the golden tones to help lift the overall brightness.

Sakura Bed Linen in Buttercup

Nikko Bed Linen in Cerise

Yet another gorgeous design from our in-house team, Nikko comes in both cerise and mineral. In cerise the beautiful florals stand out against a crisp, white background whilst in the mineral it’s slightly muted yet just as stunning.

Nikko Bed Linen in Mineral

And there you have it! We may be *slightly* biased, but we love our new collection, what are your thoughts, is there a bed linen set you just can’t wait to snap up here?


Top Tips for Keeping Warm Over the Colder Months

December onwards can be difficult if you’re someone who craves heat, and even if you’re working from home it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to stay warm and cosy.

Read on for some of our top tips of how you can try to stay as warm as possible.

1. Regular Hot Drinks

It’s a simple fact that most people love to get their day going with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, but if you’re not a fan of either of these then it can be difficult to consider starting your day by turning the kettle on.

However, considering everything that’s happened this year, this winter is the perfect time to decide to start treating yourself with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Not a fan of hot chocolate? Then if your aim is just to keep yourself a bit warmer there’s nothing wrong with simply boiling some water to drink.

Bonus warmth – the mug itself will heat your hands up a great amount!

2. Use Your Curtains

When it’s light outside, make sure to keep your curtains and blinds open to let in any heat. Of course, in these long, dark days that might not be for long but when it does go dark make sure you’re still using the curtains to your advantage – shutting them will add another layer of insulation and keep the warmth in your rooms.

3. Invest in a Good Throw

During the cooler months, it can be easily argued that nothing beats being in your warm, cosy bed. But having just bed linen without a throw can still be far too cold, especially in the peak of winter.

For this reason, we recommend investing in a good throw. Not only will it keep your bed warmer in general but the right throw can make any bed set look all the more fancy. (And you can even use it for some extra warmth whilst working).

Christy Agnes Throw
Christy Agnes Throw

At Christy, we have a range of beautiful throws that will add both warmth and a touch of style to your bedding, including our Christy Agnes Throw.

4. Make/Buy a Draught Excluder

Any gaps in doors can cause cool air to enter a room and can take away precious heat that has built up. So, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that any gaps are filled up to stop this. Draught excluders can help to combat this issue, and if you’re looking for a weekend project to have something to do then you can follow this guide here from Ovo Energy to make your own super cute sausage dog draught excluder!

5. Swap out your Sandwich for a Hot Lunch

Similar to making sure you have a hot drink, having something warm for lunches is a quick-fire way to warm yourself up for the rest of the day. Trade in your salad or sandwich for a nice warm bowl of soup instead.

6. Layers

Adding layers to your bedding is important for keeping your bed nice and warm at night but it is also a must that you make sure you yourself are wearing enough layers on a day-to-day basis. It’s especially important if you’d rather not end up spending a large amount on your heating.

If a dress code isn’t an issue, we recommend our Supreme Velour Bath Robes. Not only do they feel nice to touch but they’ll warm you up in no time if you just use them like a dressing gown!

Supreme Velour Robe in Raspberry
Supreme Velour Robe in Raspberry

Additional bonus – in Raspberry it’s a perfect festive-themed colour!

7. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are perfect if you suffer from cold hands a lot, as it can be extremely frustrating when your hands start to seize up from being too cold whilst you’re trying your hardest to write anything. Fingerless gloves are particularly useful, they’ll keep your hands nice and warm whilst still letting you type as if you didn’t have gloves on.

8. Move More

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you start going on marathon runs for the first time or anything in the middle of winter! Just a little extra movement can go a long way by moving more muscles and warming you up. Try moving your legs more often when you’re sat down.

And that’s our top tips for keeping warm in the cooler months! If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments below!


A Christy Christmas: Bedding Sets with the Wow Factor

Christy UK Bed Linen

The bedroom may be one of the most private rooms in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact in the room by having bed linen that stands out ready to impress.

At Christy, we have a variety of bed linen currently on sale for Christmas that are sure to give you that wow factor when people walk into the room. With up to 70% off the below sets, now is the perfect time to either invest in some new bedding for yourself or gift a loved one (especially if you know they like to be bold).

Check out some of our most striking designs below:

Fitzgerald Bed Linen in Ink

Christy Fitzgerald Bed Linen in Ink
Fitzgerald Bed Linen in Ink

Inspired by art deco, the Fitzgerald bed linen set features a geometric design with a luxurious and glamourous feel. It’s available in both and Ink and Platinum but in Ink it most definitely stands out!

It’s especially perfect for fans of the Great Gatsby with the striking vibes it gives out.

Rochester Bed Linen in Pale Gold

Christy Rochester Bed Linen in Pale Gold
Rochester Bed Linen in Pale Gold

In contrast to the Fitzgerald, Rochester bed linen features less contrast but an equally complex design. It’s perfect for lovers of more classical patterns with its subtle gleam and flowing damask pattern.

Additionally, the 200 thread count on the reverse side results in a luscious feel, perfect for that hard-earned rest at the end of a long day.

Nina Bed Linen in Coral

Christy Nina Bed Linen in Coral
Christy Nina Bed Linen in Coral

For the artistic, floral fans, our Nina bedding is bright and bold and will add vibrancy and excitement to your room.

The splashes of coral against the muted background on this watercolour print are sure to wow.

Osaka Bed Linen in Ochre

Christy Osaka Bed Linen in Ochre
Osaka Bed Linen in Ochre

The Osaka bed linen set is one which will stand out to any fan of Japanese culture, with its beautiful cherry blossom design against a crisp white background.

In the ochre colour, it features beautiful yellow tones for the petals giving it a golden look. It’s sure to help anyone wake up with a smile on their face in the mornings.

Osaka Bed Linen in Coral

Christy Osaka Bed Linen in Coral
Osaka Bed Linen in Coral

Osaka bed linen in coral is just as stunning as the ochre, but perfect if you’re more of a fan of slightly darker colours.

Bonus Bed Linen Features

The two bed linen sets featured below are also exceedingly striking, but low in stock. Get them whilst you still can:

Rhapsody Bed Linen in Ochre

Christy Rhapsody Bed Linen in Ochre
Rhapsody Bed Linen in Ochre

Super King Duvet Set and Cushions Only

The Rhapsody bed linen features an intricate paisley print, twisting and weaving throughout the design. Its ochre pattern over a white background helps it to be a real attention grabber. Featuring florals and the iconic pattern, this design adds delicate details to your room.

Diamonds Bed Linen in Ochre

Christy Diamonds Bed Linen in Ochre
Diamonds Bed Linen in Ochre

Single and Super King Duvet Sets Only

Bold and stylish, the geometric print of the Diamonds bed linen adds effortless cool to your room.

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A Christy Christmas: Gifts They’ll Love

We all know that the most important part of Christmas is being around the people you love, but another great part is seeing how happy someone gets to receive a gift that has had a lot of care and consideration go into it.

At Christy, we have several products available that will show how much you care and are sure to put a smile on loved ones’ faces.

Check out our guide below for ideas!

Personalised Items

As you may already be aware from our recent post, we’re a big fan of our personalised products!

Buying something totally unique for someone can at times be difficult, and you may sometimes accidentally buy something very similar to something they’ve already been gifted.

With a personalised Christy bath robe or towel though, you can rest assured as it would be an item they would be able to get use out of regardless of whether or not they already own a lot of towels or robes!

From our collections, the Supreme Velour Bath Robe can be personalised along with towels from the Supreme Hygro® and Renaissance collections.

This weekend is the best time to grab the bath robe as it’s included in our Christmas offers! Pick one up for just £50* today (£19 off normal price).

*Personalisation optional at an additional cost of £7.50.

promoting personalisation, bath towel gift set and boxed super soft robes.
Supreme Velour Personalised Bath Robe in Thistle
personalised towels for christmas gifts
Supreme Hygro® Towels

Bath Towel Gift Set

At Christy, we take great pride in creating towels that will make your baths and showers feel all the more luxurious, and this Bath Towel Gift Set is a perfect example of that.

The gift set includes two brilliant white, super soft bath towels with black detailing. It’s perfect if this is your first dip into Christy towels with a great deal price of just £30.

Make sure you act quick though, as we have a super limited amount of stock!

Christy Bath Towel Gift Set with Black Detailing
Christy Bath Towel Gift Set with Black Detailing

Gift Boxed Super Soft Robes

Another set of products we’ve covered recently, but love talking about, is our super soft, gift boxed bath robe collection.

Our Gift Boxed Robes are the Super Soft Bath Robes, and they are sent in a lovely Christy branded gift box. It makes for a super easy to wrap present but also looks very nice unwrapped! Available in six great colours to suit a variety of tastes, it’s a steal at just £35!

Gift Boxed Super Soft Robe in Crushed Grape
Gift Boxed Super Soft Robe in Crushed Grape

A Christy Christmas: The Personalised Touch

personalised bath robe towels

Picking a gift for a loved one can sometimes be difficult, especially if they’re someone who tends to buy things impulsively. Our solution – make sure it’s something that they can’t get easily.

At Christy, we offer a range of items which can be personalised for that special touch, including both towels and bathrobes.

Currently, you can personalise bathrobes from our Supreme Velour range, available in four prestigious looking colours (Deep Sea, Graphite, Raspberry and Thistle). These robes are made from 100% cotton and 400 GSM, being luxuriously soft with a velour texture and shawl collar. They’re available in four different sizes making them inclusive to many fits.

Usually £69, as a special Christmas offer you can get the Supreme Velour robe for £50 (including free delivery). For just £7.50 extra, you can have it personalised with the initials of the receiver.

Supreme Velour Personalised Bath Robe in Thistle
Supreme Velour Personalised Bath Robe in Thistle

Unsure about a bathrobe?

If you’re wanting a personalised item but are unsure of a personalised bathrobe, we also offer two ranges of towels which can also be personalised, the Supreme Hygro® and Renaissance collection.

The Supreme Hygro® towel is available in 15 colours, made with 100% Supima cotton in the loops, 650 GSM and MADE IN GREEN* Certified. This collection uses the Christy patented Hygro® technology, creating an ultra-absorbent and plush finish. Hygro® technology will ensure that the towels retain their colour for years to come, making them a perfect, long-lasting option for gifting. From a classic, crisp white to deep, rich reds, these beautifully plush towels offer option to suit a range of homes, along with a range of personal tastes.  The collection ranges from £4 (face cloths) to £34 (bath sheets), with personalisation being £7.50.

Supreme Hygro Towels
Some of our Supreme Hygro® towels

Christy Renaissance towels are also MADE IN GREEN Certified, but available in 12 colours and made with 100% Egyptian cotton and 675 GSM. This range is one of the few towels that carries the Egyptian Cotton Association Gold Seal certification – guaranteeing that fibres used in the towels are 100% Egyptian Cotton and not blended with any inferior cotton blends. The cotton feels super soft against skin and many of the colours are perfect for those pastel themed bathrooms, whilst there are also darker shades for making an impact. The collection ranges from £5 to £40, with personalisation being £7.50.

Christy Renaissance towels
Christy Renaissance towels

*MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® is a traceable product label for all textile items, the label verifies that the product has been tested for harmful substances and has been made sustainably. Christy has partnered with OEKO-TEX® Institute, Shirley® to deliver a selection of ranges certified by MADE IN GREEN.

Christmas Cut-Off

If you’re interested in buying a personalised bath robe or towel for someone as a Christmas present, please bear in mind that the cut-off for them to be delivered will be December 10th.

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A Christy Christmas: Bath Robes You’ll Love to Get Cosy In

Right now is the perfect time to pick up Christmas gifts for loved ones, or even a little treat for yourself if you want to. At Christy, we don’t think that anything can beat a cosy bath robe to get yourself tucked into and relax in.

Our gift boxed, Super Soft Robe comes in six available colours:

  • Very Berry (a vibrant mix of hot pink and purple)
  • Tarmac (a dark grey)
  • White (simple, yet classy)
  • Blue Velvet (a rich blue)
  • Crushed Grape (a dark purple)
  • Poolside (a gorgeous teal)
Super Soft Bath Robe in Crushed Grape
Super Soft Bath Robe in Crushed Grape

All gift boxed bath robes have a super soft feel, being 320 GSM and made with 48% cotton and 52% polyester. Each robe is also available to buy in either size Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large, so you can pick up one for sizes from 8 all the way through to 22.

And we haven’t even spoken about the presentation yet! They come in a Christy branded gift box, making it super easy to wrap up for Christmas whilst looking great even when unwrapped.

During our Christmas promotions, you can get one of these super soft gift boxed robes for someone (or yourself, we won’t judge) for just £35, making now the perfect time to invest in cosiness.

Gift Boxed Super Soft Robe Crushed Grape.
Gift Boxed Super Soft Robe Crushed Grape.

Not Quite The Robe You Were Looking For?

At Christy, we stock a variety of bath robes to suit your needs. Our main collection includes not just the Super Soft Robe but also:

  • Christy Supreme Velour Robe
  • Christy Brixton Robe                               

The Supreme Velour Robe is another of our robes which is included in the Christmas offers available. It’s a luxurious robe, made from 100% cotton and with a 400 GSM thickness, available in four striking colours (Deep Sea, Graphite, Raspberry and Thistle). Additionally, this robe can also be personalised for a small additional cost of £7.50. For Christmas, the Supreme Velour Robe is available with £19 off its normal price, making it £50.

Supreme Velour Bath Robe in Deep Sea
Supreme Velour Bath Robe in Deep Sea

On the other hand, our Christy Brixton Robe has its own benefit in that it has a hood attached. This makes it perfect for when you’ve just stepped out of the shower if you’re blessed with thick hair that takes forever to dry off. It is also made from 100% cotton and 400 GSM thickness, but it is made with a textured weave allowing for a softer feeling texture. The robe is available in four colours (Midnight, White, Khaki and Blush) and can be purchased for £50.

Brixton Bath Robe in Pebble
Brixton Bath Robe in Pebble

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Meet The Christy Team: David Eccles

Meet one of our longest standing staff members, David Eccles, our Sourcing Manager here at Christy in this weeks meet the team.

David Eccles: Sourcing Manager at Christy
David Eccles: Sourcing Manager

What is your background?

A long time ago I studied textiles at college which gave me a good grounding in all things textile and particularly manufacturing.

One of my early jobs at Christy was one of the team of production managers in the mill. Which means of course that when I’m dealing with supply factories, they can’t pull the wool (err or the towel) over my eyes!

What is your role at Christy?

I am the sourcing manager.

Describe a typical day in your shoes?

Like everyone, I start by sifting through all the emails. Most of my contacts are 4-5 hours ahead so my inbox is already pretty full when I log on. It’s all product details, prices, despatch dates, delivery plans etc etc, not in any way exciting. But I do get a bit of foreign travel occasionally which livens things up. I am also in contact with some of our customers too, often I’m called upon to discuss supply, products, quality etc. A particular recent highlight was travelling to Dubai for a sales meetings with a customer

What’s the best thing about working at Christy?

I’m sure everyone will say the people, but it’s true. The office camaraderie makes it a pleasure to come to work

What is your biggest achievement so far?

After all this time, it’s not easy to pick a biggest, I suppose spending 43 working years and never ever being unemployed could have some merit.

What is your favourite Christy product and why?

I’ve always like the Renaissance towel. I was instrumental in its creation nearly 30 years ago and it’s still going strong.

What is your favourite quote/book/podcast?

My best recent holiday reads were:

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared By Jonas Jonasson. Truly a worldwide adventure

And my best recent non-fiction was the life story of Lord Lonsdale, known as the Yellow Earl. Hugh Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale. A real life adventurer who led a truly remarkable life.

What is your hidden talent?

None whatsoever, If I had any talent there’s no way I’d be keeping it hidden

When you are not at Christy, what is your favourite thing to do?

My wife and I are big music fans, we have been to may festivals and gigs over the years. We are really looking fwd to going to our next gig after lockdown is over.

Our current faves are local North West bands Cabbage, Blinders, John Bramwell, She Drew The Gun. Check them out, they are great.

I am also a season ticket holder at Bolton Wanderers but at the moment that’s nothing to shout about, although a football highlight was being at the Allianz Arena to watch BWFC get a draw against Bayern Munich.

Who inspires you?

We should all be inspired the work done by the NHS, national heroes all of them, including my wife of course.

If you were stranded on a desert island what would be your 3 luxury items?

I suppose while we are in lockdown, it’s a bit like being stranded on an Island!

  • Hummus – Not necessarily luxury of course, but I love it
  • A big thick blanket for those cold nights (A Jaipur Throw will do it)
  • And my mobile phone – so I can call a helicopter to come and get me

What’s your favourite desk snack/drink?

Oh no it’s a slippery slope all those treats, especially when there are lots of birthdays in the office. When we all get back in, the office table might be piled up with treats from all of those who have had birthdays during lockdown.

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Night owl probably, but that does make it tricky when my alarm goes off at 5.45am to get the 6.45am train to work.


Too hot to sleep?

Don’t compromise on your zzz’s when the temperatures soar and it’s too hot to sleep, get the perfect set up with Christy and sleep easy when the heat heightens.

too hot to sleep - bed shaded with curtains
Too hot to sleep

It has been super hot this week and there has been many reports of some serious sleep struggle over the last few nights. Know the feeling? Read our top tips for when its too hot to sleep below.

TOP TIPS For Cool Nights:

  1. Dampen a face cloth with cold water and rest it on your forehead for an instant refreshing ‘aahhhhh’ feel.
  2. Keep your bedroom curtains or blinds closed throughout the day to help keep the heat out.
  3. Ensure you have plenty of water to drink. They last thing you need is dehydration!
  4. Hot dog? Run a towel under the cold tap, wring it out and lay on the floor for your pooch to cool down on.
  5. Ditch the duvet. If your duvet is any higher than 4.5 tog, you are going to melt.
  6. Go with Tencel Tm bed linen, it helps to keep you cooler as the fibres can be softer than silk and cooler than linen. It also absorbs more moisture than most cotton and quickly discharges it.

What are your favourite tips on keeping cool when its too hot to sleep?


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