#MyWimbledon Crafts With the Family, by Along Came Cherry

Our friend Jess from Along Came Cherry is here with some Wimbledon inspired crafts this Wimbledon. We’ve got our scissors at the ready…


Wimbledon is now in full swing which means that summer has officially arrived. The weather doesn’t seem to have realised that yet but a BBQ isn’t a BBQ here in the UK unless you have to stop to take cover from a heavy rain shower, we had to do exactly that last weekend.

It didn’t stop us having a good time though, I think sometimes you just have to get on with your plans and ignore the weather forecast otherwise the summer will be over before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. If you are planning any Wimbledon themed parties or BBQs then I have a couple of handmade garland ideas you might like.

The first is made up of tennis rackets and the second is made up of strawberries.


For the tennis racket garland you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun
  • Yarn (I used white)
  • Felt (I used white and grey but you could use any colour)
  • Scissors

You start by cutting a tennis racket shape out of the cardboard and then cutting a circle out of the racket area. Next use the glue gun to stick on some lengths of yarn across the centre.

Cut a hole out of the felt in the same place as it is on the cardboard tennis racket and glue it on top then cut around the outside. Repeat this until you have the amount you need then glue some yarn on to the backside of them all to turn it into a garland.


For the strawberry garland you will need:

  • Red and green felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

Start by cutting a strawberry shape out of the red felt and then the strawberry top out of the green felt. Stitch them both together before using the needle to weave a long piece of thread in and out of the backs to join them all together.

They are both really simple to make and look great hanging up on the wall.



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