Laid Back Style During Winter Months

We’ve spoken to our friends at Furniture Choice about the best way to achieve that comfortable, laid back style during the Winter months.  Put the kettle on and enjoy a moment to yourself, reading about the four corners of interior styling in the post below.Cosy Living1

The days are getting shorter, the rain more frequent – no doubt about it, winter is coming! But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s a great excuse to get the blankets out and snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa in your warm, cosy home away from the miserable weather outside. Here are some tips for making your home a snuggly, warm haven this winter:


Choose traditional winter fabrics like thick wool and fluffy faux fur when picking out throws, rugs and cushions. Nothing says warm and cosy like a pile of knitted cushions and a soft, inviting fleece blanket.

Cosy Living2


Lighting can change a room in an instant. For that cosy cottage feel without breaking the bank swap out your white light bulbs for ones with a warmer glow. Multiple small lamps create a more inviting atmosphere than a one large light. A cute way of achieving this effect is to put fairy lights in mason jars and place them in key positions around the room instead of turning the main light on.

Cosy Living3


Cranberry reds and terracotta oranges are perfect for autumn and winter, whether you sneak them in via scatter cushions or curtains they’re sure to inject a fiery warmth into your home. And the great thing about decorating with reds is that you can use many shades without fear of them clashing. Or team with greens for a more natural look to reflect the beautiful seasonal changes outside.

Cosy Living4

Finishing touches

When choosing your final touches natural is the way to go for a warm, cosy home. Rustic, wooden ornaments are perfect here. Candles are a great option too with their comforting glow, and if you choose a scented one you can pick the perfect smell to curl up to.


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