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Celebrating Everything Autumn

There are two things in life that we just can’t do without: good linens and good friends.  And where bet to spend nostalgic autumn days with friends at one of the many truly stunning National Trust properties. While we at Christy are devoted to preserving our linen history and traditions in a modern world, the National Trust is devoted to preserving the actuallinens.  And it’s nice to have common interests.

The National Trust is in the business of conserving our national treasures such as parks, monuments, castles, moorland, houses both humble and opulent, and yes…bed linens.  Perhaps you don’t immediately think of bed linens as needing protecting, but the National Trust’s textile conservation studio is vigilant in repairing and caring for some of the most beautiful pieces of our cherished history.  Because a warm, soft bed on a chill autumn night was just as important in the 16th century as it is in 2013.  And it’s thanks to the National Trust that we have such stunning examples from the lives of real Britons to peruse with our very own eyes. In nearly 120 years the National Trust has acquired 59 villages, 49 churches, 9 monasteries, 61 pubs and inns, as well as many of the structures and grounds you’ve seen in film and television (so you can satisfy your love of both Jane Austen and Harry Potter and more recently The Mill).  Their work is truly a celebration of the lives and loves that have gone before and the bricks and mortar that formed the foundation of our present day.  And so, in the spirit of commemoration and to celebrate our collective Britishness, Christy is giving away a year’s family membership* to the National Trust so that you can visit some of their magical properties for yourself.  We’ll even throw in a pair of Hunter Wellington Boots so that you’ll have the ideal footwear for all your nostalgic wanderings amidst hall and fen.  Click on the link to enter as soon as you possibly can for this is most certainly a prize worth winning. Just promise us that while you’re enjoying some of the most beautiful and historic homes in all of the United Kingdom, that you’ll be sure to notice the bed linens.*terms and conditions apply.


Back to School

Packing a child off to school is a bitter/sweet ritual that seems to come out of nowhere. One day you’re lovingly stacking cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off into their transformers lunchbox and the next, you’re trying to convince them they need to know how to cook something more than just toast. Perhaps they have a somewhat limited idea of what is required for a grown up life away from home, but amidst your flap of laundering and baking, intermittent weeping and plotting what to do with the extra bedroom, you’ve most likely written them a very comprehensive list. And we at Christy are determined to lend a hand with the shopping. We’re currently offering 20% off when you purchase four of our luxurious, yet practical, towels which will help you stock your student’s linen cupboard – and perhaps keep them from clearing out yours. Beautifully soft, big and fluffy, our towels are what every child remembers about bath time growing up. On top of that, you can also enter to win a Christy Bed and Bath set which includes Ashbury towels, a textured striped bed linen, an Aerelle duvet, and pillows, worth over 400(GBP). It’s not quite the same as having mum and dad with them of course, but at least you’ll take comfort in sending along a little piece of home comfort. So wipe your tears and load the last of the cardboard boxes into the back of the car. Your precious baby might be off into the great wide world without you, but you’ll soon see them back home again, with all their new linens, come washing day.


Beach Towels

Every season comes with its’ own sights, sounds and smells, although summer does have a distinct advantage over the other seasons: the sound of waves crashing and gulls calling, children squealing as they chase each other through the shallow surf, blue vistas, fresh green palms and coconut scented lotion. That’s why they call it paradise. And here at Christy, we’ve added another sense to the mix and that’s the ultra soft feeling of 100% cotton terrycloth against salt-kissed skin. It’s that one rectangle of luxurious fabric where you can stretch out on your own private island in a sea of hot sand. And if you should merely be spending a lazy afternoon by the pool instead of basking on an actual beach, well, that’s almost as good. But wherever you happen to be, right now at Christy you can get any of our stunningly bright beach towels for 30% off. Each towel is looped on one side for maximum absorption, with velour on the other for maximum relaxation. And I need hardly mention our gorgeous colors and patterns. And if that doesn’t convince you, starting today, you can go to our website, enter to win one of our towels and bear witness to their superior quality for yourself. A winner will be chosen every Monday for the following four Mondays. With four winners, your odds are pretty good. And the odds that you’ll fall madly in love with our beach towels are even better.


The place to come for stunning beach towels

Let’s face it, we’re never guaranteed great weather here in the UK and if you’re planning a beach holiday abroad, you’re certainly not alone. Every year, many Brits pack their suitcases and jet off to foreign shores to soak up the sun and top up their vitamin D levels. There are certain beach holiday must have items and designer beach towels are a great example. Before you set off on your next trip overseas, you might want to get your hands on new towels. Along with sunscreen, shades and swimwear, these products are essential. The savvy approach It’s now easier than ever to get your hands on stunning beach towels. Here at Christy we offer a selection of these items and may have the perfect versions for you. Ordering via our website is quick and simple, meaning even if you’re schedule’s action packed, you won’t struggle to buy the perfect products. Life these days can be hectic, so being able to source holiday items online like this may be a relief. It saves you the hassle of driving to your local town or shopping centre and finding a parking space. Stand out If you’re looking for a towel that will really stand out, perhaps our Brighton Stripe would be ideal. This product features vertical strips and is a real head turner. You can get it in fuschia or kingfisher blue. If you’re heading abroad with your partner, perhaps you could get one of each. Like all our beach towels, this product is looped on one side for absorbency and velour on the other to ensure you’re able to enjoy comfortable sunbathing. It is attention to detail like this that helps to set our products apart. Luxury Another fabulous product that could be ideal for you is our Indonesia towel. This has an exotic print and comes in ebony. You’ll look and feel like royalty when you unfurl this show stopper. You might also be interested in our Byzantine and Castelle towels. They are also patterned and can make a great addition to any holiday suitcase. Top tips Before you set off on your adventure, you might want to bear in mind some top holiday tips. For example, it’s a good idea to take more than one beach towel with you on your travels. After all, if you’re making frequent trips to the beach or swimming pool, your towel may not have time to dry. As long as you’ve got a spare handy, you won’t have to use a damp towel. The same applies to your swimwear. By taking a few sets, you can be certain you’ll always have a dry one to slip into. You might also benefit from taking a large beach bag on holiday with you. Remember, as well as your towel, you’ll need to carry other items like water bottles and sunscreen. Take a look If you’re intrigued by our selection of towels and want to see them for yourself, just take a look around the relevant section of our website.


Life’s A Beach

– 2013 BEACH TOWEL COLLECTION – Grab your flip flops and sunscreen, Christy introduces six new vibrant beach towel designs for the summer. Choose from a selection of colourful prints and striking jacquards designs inspired by the Christy SS13 bed linen collection. The new towels will rejuvenate your holiday attire and complement each beach look from a tropical getaway to a surfing break on the Cornwall coast.

Top: Byzantine, Castelle, Indonesian

Bottom: Brighton Stripe Fuschia, Brighton Stripe Kingfisher, Kino

 The six new beach towels are looped on one side for absorbency and velour on the other to ensure comfortable sunbathing.

420gsm, 100% cotton sheared jacquard beach towels

Price – £24


Get Tennis Fever In 2013


With the world waiting to see who will lift the trophies at this year’s Championships, Christy is honoured to continue its relationship as the official towel supplier at Wimbledon. Established over 160 years ago, Christy is England’s original towel brand and proud to have been designing and manufacturing the official Wimbledon towels for 26 years.

Each year sees the introduction of new colourways for the Ladies towel while the Men’s towel remains the iconic Wimbledon purple and green. New designs are introduced every two or three years. All towels are made from the highest quality cotton.

Not only are the Championship towels used on court by the competitors, but can also be purchased both on-site at The Championships and from the Official Wimbledon Online Shop, making them THE perfect Wimbledon  souvenir and, for many years, the best-selling product. Consider opting for the embroidered Guest towels or Face Cloth packs as well to really make your home a tennis haven!

Demonstrate your passion for tennis on holiday as well with these two gorgeous Wimbledon beach towels. Featuring a fun strawberries and cream motif, iconic of hot days court side, as well as a design which incorporates the  famed lingo you would hear during game play, these towels will proudly reveal to all your love for this classic sport.

Product information:

Men’s Championship Towel 70 x 133cm Green & Purple £28.00
Ladies Championship Towel 70 x 133cm Berry & Purple £28.00
Men’s Face Cloth Pack 30 x 30cm Green & Purple £9.00
Ladies Face Cloth Pack 30 x 30cm Berry & Apple £9.00
Men’s Embroidered Guest Towel 40 x 70cm Green & Purple £14.00
Ladies Embroidered Guest Towel 40 x 70cm Berry £14.00
Strawberries Beach Towel 75 x 150cm Pink £20.00
Match Beach Towel 75 x 150cm Blue £20.00

NOTES • If you shop online, you can personalise your towels with up to three initials for an additional £5, making them an ideal sporting gift • The entire Wimbledon Collection is available for image and product loans Visit to buy online



How to Make the Most of the Freezing Spring Weather

With snow over the Easter weekend, homes without power for days on end and temperatures dropping well below zero across large swathes of the country; it is fair to say this isn’t the kind of spring most of us had in mind when the Vernal Equinox came round a few weeks ago. Moreover, forecasters are saying that this bout of wintery weather is not just a few days of arctic blasting – it is expected to be with us for at least a few weeks. Lovely. One of the most irksome aspects of this is that it has come at the time of year when you have already stored away all of your winter clothes and bedding. However, with temperatures predicted to get as low as -10C in some parts of the UK this April, it is a sure bet that you will need to dig out all of your cold weather gear and adopt a winter mindset for the time being. With this in mind, we here at Christy thought we would provide you with some handy hints that will help you to stay nice and cosy whilst the weather is blowing a gale outside. Treat yourself to a Nice Hot Bath or Shower when you get in from Work It is very common to feel tired, cold and more than a little irritated after a commute home in wintry weather. Treating yourself to a nice hot bath or shower is arguably the best way to deal with this as the hot water will feel lovely on your skin, reinvigorating you and relaxing you in equal measure. Moreover, drying yourself off with one of our lovely soft towels will make you help you to feel far more relaxed and at peace with the world. Wrap up Warm and Do Something Cosy Once you have finished your bath or shower and dried yourself off nicely; put on your pyjamas, wrap yourself up in one of our beautifully luxurious bath robes and do something which will make you feel cosy. Certainly, sitting next to the fire with a good book or lying down on the sofa watching your favourite TV programme will soon make you forget all about the falling temperatures outside. Invest in High Quality Bedding Your summer duvets and sheets will not help you to sleep at night when the temperatures outside are colder than those in Greenland! To be sure, trying to get warm in a cold bed is never an enjoyable experience. Purchasing high quality bed linen that has been specifically designed to deal with cold temperatures is the best way to mitigate any such concerns as it will ensure you feel suitably warm and comfortable all night. Without doubt, taking heed of these hints will help you to stay cosy and content over the coming weeks. To find out more and view our high quality towel, bath robe and bedding products in greater detail; simply browse our pages further.


Stocking up on beach towels ahead of a summer break

The weather may be starting to show signs of improvement as we slowly edge our way into spring, but there is no guarantee that the British summer will live up to people’s hopes. To ensure you get your vitamin D top-up this year, you might be keen to take a beach holiday. Of course, no vacation like this is complete without beach towels. These items are a must-have accessory. Luckily, it’s now easy to get your hands on stylish and luxurious versions. Here at Christy, we sell a wide range of quality beach towels,. More cash left in your holiday budget? Also, you might find you’ve got more money to spare in your holiday budget this year, making purchasing designer beach towels even easier. According to a study conducted by online agent On the Beach, more than three-quarters of foreign holidays are cheaper this summer than in 2012. It compared like-for-like rates for seven-night vacations for two adults in June across a range of destinations and concluded there are “massive savings to be had”. Some stats despite the fact that there has been a rise of 2.7 per cent in inflation, many breaks are up to 25 per cent cheaper, the firm noted. Madeira is offering some of the best deals this summer. Whereas a week’s three-star holiday on a bed and breakfast basis for two on the Portuguese island cost £799 in 2012, it can be purchased for £599 this year. Cyprus is also boasting impressive value for money. Holidaymakers can save up to 20 per cent compared with last year. Completing the top five were Bulgaria, Tenerife and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, which are offering discounts of 15 per cent, 14 per cent and 13 per cent respectively. Breath of fresh air Commenting on the findings, On the Beach’s chief marketing officer Alistair Daly said: “When most day-to-day costs increase on a yearly basis, it’s no doubt a breath of fresh air for Brits when well-deserved holidays are actually more affordable than ever. “Holidays to Cyprus and Bulgaria are already outselling last year and with so many holidays cheaper, we expect a bumper year for travel this year.” Stocking up By perusing our website, you can stock up on all the luxury beach towels you need. Perhaps the Sumatra will take your fancy. This fun and trendy item looks great on the beach or by the pool. Also, made from 100 per cent cotton sheared jacquard, it feels fabulous to use. Another option is the Batik. This has an intricate design and can turn heads for all the right reasons. Meanwhile, it’s also made with 100 per cent cotton sheared jacquard. In addition, you might fancy taking one of our luxurious dressing gowns with you on breaks abroad. Our Supreme Robes are made from indulgent Supima cotton and you can choose from ten different colours. These products are ideal for lazing around in your hotel room or holiday apartment and you can take your pick from two sizes.



Spice trail collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 3

Autumn first arrives with the morning. One day we feel the chill in the air as we lock our front door and turn in surprise to see the first hint of frost on the car wind shield  We quickly fasten the top button on our jacket and climb into the driver’s seat, for the workday doesn’t pause for a bit of frost. But perhaps that is the moment when we first start dreaming of a winter holiday in some exotic climate. Our final series in the Autumn/Winter Collection was inspired by the romance of the eastern Spice Trail and the longing for a hazy sun in a bleached white sky. Imagine tents billowing softly in the hot wind, feasting on flat bread and dates while sitting cross-legged on rugs, or watching the long, spidery shadows of the caravan cross the desert floor. A lovely picture indeed. But I think it only fair that you also consider water rations, sunburned lips, the distinctive odour of camel and sand in EVERYTHING. As much as an exotic holiday may beckon, it might be better to bring the romance home where you can enjoy the benefit of sleeping soundly in your own bed. Our stunning Byzantine Bed Linen captures the essence of the ancient east using the colours of baked bricks, white plaster and blue mosaic tile.

A classic paisley is carried on a staggered stripe that ebbs and flows like drifting sand. You can easily imagine yourself in an airy, crenellated tower overlooking the bustling village bazaar where reams of hand dyed fabrics are bought and sold, and where you might find our Nina Bed Linen. A bold ikat pattern and lush red ribbon trim embody the more adventurous flavours of the market towns, like cumin and cedar and lamp smoke.

And for the desert oasis of your dreams, our Petra Bed Linen combines a soft paisley and rich red in a sateen finish that will make you feel as though you have your own private mirage.

With the Spice Trail Collection you’ll have the romance of the mystic east in your own familiar room and you just might forget entirely that there’s such a thing as frost. At least until the next morning.


Introduction to autumn / winter 2012 collections

As wonderful as summer is, it can be hectic trying to cram so much fun into so little time. The weeks go speeding by and the weekends pass even faster and you often stumble across October much like you would the finish line of a marathon. But autumn is here at last and I, for one, am ready to trade my days of chasing after the sun for days filled with softer light, warmer layers, and cosy evenings at home. That’s precisely what we had in mind when we designed our new collections for autumn/winter.  Tis the season for snuggling, burrowing, and curling up in a pyjama clad ball and we wanted to make sure our linens set the right tone for your perfect cool-weather escape. Summer lounging was meant for hammocks and seaside deck chairs, but in autumn, your own bed becomes the star of the show. So for the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to fabulousness in the form of things you can wrap yourself in. Thick, chunky knits, grosgrain trim, sateen finishes, lace and even silk make this one of our most luxurious, yet liveable collections ever. We’ve taken inspiration from the cool northern light of Scandinavia  the caravans of the aromatic middle east, and the vintage hominess of the arts and crafts movement. Whether your nesting fantasies take you back in time or to a distant land, you’ll be able to burrow in style…and a high thread count. So welcome autumn and bring on the winter; and I mean that in a very gradual sense. No need to rush things, now is there?



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