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Blast Off with NEW season Christy Junior


Just landed in our Christy Junior Collection, or should we say taken off is our NEW Blast Off Bed Linen Range. Your little one’s dreams will be rocketed to another galaxy with our space themed bed linen made with 100% cotton.

With details of spaceships and rockets they will always have the correct transport to explore the many planets and stars the Blast Off range includes. And the journey through their dreams will be out of this world!

The perfect addition to the range is the two NEW cushions in the collection. Who needs a telescope when you have the stars and moon in your own bedroom?! Made from super soft velvet it also makes an ideal cuddle buddy.

To celebrate the launch of a new range in our Christy Junior Collection we’re giving you the chance to WIN a full set of Christy Junior bed linen including our jersey cotton Speckles sheets and pillowcases, your choice of bed linen for your little explorer or even yourself, a cosy throw and super cute Star and Moon cushions. All you need to do to enter this amazing competition is follow the link below and answer the question. Good luck!


Christy’s Season Must-Haves.

Spring has arrived! A season full of new beginnings, freshly mowed grass, crisp air and the start of beautiful balmy weather – we hope, this is the UK after all! Whether you spent your days escaping away to a warmer climate for Easter, hiking through the nearest woodland forest or getting your home ready for the season ahead, Spring has the power to bring you out of your winter hideaway into the outdoors.

At Christy HQ, we’re always looking forward to Spring. Partly because we are quickly becoming tired of the cold, wet days, but also because we get to experiment with bright colours and patterns which help to make your homes summer-ready!

Our brand-new SS18 collection draws inspiration from the outdoors, both in the UK and overseas. Featuring bold colours and patterns, this season’s collection can help you to escape from the mundane and relaxxx. From oriental florals to minimalist French chic, our bed linens can easily transform your winter sanctuary to a summer escape.

Discover a taster of our SS18 collection.


The statement piece

Tapping into vibrant yellows, Haruki in Ochre is this year’s essential, on-trend bed linen. By capturing the beauty of the blossom tree, this design showcases intertwining branches through a watercolour masterpiece.The perfect base layer to creating a colourful getaway in your bedroom.

Also available in two additional colourways, Pink and Coral, this range is perfect for the bold and daring.


The bold traveller

Bedrooms are an expression of you. So if you are a fan of venturing into tropical paradises during your holidays, then this design is the perfect reflection of the summer you! Styled with wooden décor, you can easily transform your bedroom into a secluded exotic escape.


The woodland wanderer

This digitally printed design showcases the wonders of woodland walks. Featuring tall trees and hidden stone castles, Prestbury can give your bedroom a classic-contemporary feel.

Placed in a plain white room and paired with our Jaipur accessories in Jade your bedroom can bring the woodlands indoors easily and elegantly.


The beautifully understated

If your vibe is more along the lines of ‘less is more’ then Freya is this season’s ‘go to’ bedding for you. Tapping into sophisticated, vintage French style, this design is easy to dress with colourful throws and cushions, and can be incorporated into your room effortlessly. Detailed with small embroidered flowers, this design is minimal but far from boring!

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram what your favourite pick is from our Spring Summer 2018 collection using #MyChristy.


Reasons To Love Autumn!

Although it may signify the end of warm summer days, we love Autumn.

From the beautiful change in the leaves bringing golden yellow and burnt orange hues to the once green trees, to wrapping up in chunky knits and being able to hibernate under a knitted throw with a cup of hot chocolate – teamed with the promise of the Christmas festivities in the coming months where nature becomes a little bare for the winter.

It is one of our favourite times of the year!

From snuggly nights in with candles, button up pyjamas and good autumn shows, here’s why we should all get up and do little happy dances about the fact that we’re in the colder months. This is the best season to take early morning walks, while morning dew lingers on the crisp grass and soft mists make a romantic picture of the rolling suburban and city centre landscapes.

  1. Outside Events. Staying outside watching a display can make you a little chilly (even with a nice mug of mulled wine or hot chocolate) so layering up is key. There’s bound to be at least one November day or night where you think about lighting the fire for the first time, curling up with a chunky knitted throw or lighting a scented candle on a dusky evening. All are simple pleasures that make us happier about the onset of autumn.
  1. Burnt Oranges and Green Hues. Freshening up the home for the autumn months helps, you certainly don’t have to stick rigidly to a very specific palette especially for smaller accessories and it’s always a nice way to freshen up your home seasonally, with such brilliant colours during this time of year its hard to see why you wouldn’t. Our favourite colours are warm yellow, dark berries and greens such as our Atlas throw.

  1. Bed. Not feeling guilty about collapsing in bed wrapped in your duvet under piles of cosy throws shortly after dinner. Bad sleeps are a thing of the past with Christy’s bedlinen. It’s already dark alright, meaning its essentially bed time. Plus the added luxury of your electric blanket suddenly springs back into action. Hello old friend, it’s been too long…
  1. Heating on & Up. The end of the October half term signifies ‘putting the heating on’ time, so, making sure you’ve got a thin layer on underneath your woolies is always a good idea. You can shed layers when you move indoors to continue the celebrations. Fill up your Cashmere Hot Water bottle for a lavish and indulgent treat for chilly nights, this 100% Cashmere hot water bottle in this stunning on trend Light Grey hue is soft and warm and the perfect cuddle buddy to keep you cosy.
  1. Food. Sausage buns, slow cooked sticky sausages dripping in honey, toasted marshmallows and toffee apples are all on our November to-eat list, but is there anything better than getting home, slippers on, candles lit and snuggling up on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea?

  1. Experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Remember, remember when you wrote your name in sparklers? Yes Bonfire Night has been and gone but who doesn’t love the smell of bonfire with welcome undertones of a warming chilli?
  1. Scented Candles. Dreamy and indulgent autumn candle scents. Why make your home feel light and fresh when you can make it smell like cinnamon apple cake or like a pine scented cabin in the woods?
  1. Foraging. It’s the month to go foraging for nuts and berries. Woodlands and hedgerows are full of blackberries and hazelnuts, and old-fashioned wild ingredients like damsons, sloes, elderberries and wild strawberries are also in season. Take a tub or two on country walks and bring things home for culinary adventures – just remember to leave enough behind for wildlife.
  1. Baths & Robes. After a long day at work or a weekend spent looking at the many stalls at the Christmas Markets, theres nothing better than retreating to the sanctuary of your own home. Why not take a long, hot bubble bath before bed? With a warm and fluffy personalised bathrobes from Christy, snuggle in and treasure time spent at home, secluded and relaxed. pull on your soft cashmere Christy socks.
  1. Flavoured Coffees. Hot Chocolates with extra cream & marshmallows, Gingerbread lattes, Pumpkin spiced lattes are just some of the Christy staffs decadently creamy favourites. We think these are the perfect way to re-fuel during or post festive shopping trips. With Autumn also brings the benefits of being able to chain-drink tea and coffee without feeling like you’re boiling your vital organs.

  1. Darker Mornings. Although some see this as a negative, at least the sun isn’t aggressively waking you up at 5am. Waking up gradually as the sun comes up rather than two hours prior to the alarm going off is far better, so you can continue enjoying those uninterrupted dreams…
  1. Heading home. The food has been eaten, the sparklers have been lit, and the fireworks are finished until next year! Thaw your frozen hands in front of a radiator (or an open fire if you’re lucky), change into your comfiest pyjamas and relax.
  1. Rainy days/ nights in with the children. We know that the Autumnal weather brings a mix of crisp days and wet days. Continue your adventures indoors with our new Junior Collection. Our new designs bring the outdoors indoors, enabling playtime to never stop! From woodland trails, to infinity and beyond, this collection has something for everyone. Made with 100% Cotton, this luxury range provides the perfect backdrop and resting ground for all explorers. Besides, who says that adventures should begin and finish outside.

  1. Leaves. Piles of vibrant reds, oranges, browns and yellow on every street corner. Trying to resist the temptation of walking along the streets and kicking them up one because you’re an adult and two because you don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Then theres the glossy, shiny, perfect conkers perfectly placed near the tallest of trees, just lazing about in the leaves and wondering if maybe, just maybe, you should make this the year you start collecting them again.
  1. Chunky knits. Apart from our knitted throws, we love throwing on those loose, knitted jumpers and everything about them. Just eaten a 17-course meal? No-one needs know. Growing a human? We can’t see it. Want layer up because no one knows what the British weather has up its sleeve, that winter knit has you covered. Tucked into skirts or worn loose with jeans? This Autumn favourite can do both.

How to host the perfect BBQ this Father’s Day

In this blog post Nicky Roeber, the Online Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres, shares his top tips for hosting the perfect Father’s Day barbecue.

If the great British weather holds up, dads up and down the country will be lighting up the barbecue and hosting their very own Father’s Day feasts. If you want the festivities to go as smoothly as possible — and avoid cremating the sausages or giving your guests food poisoning while you’re at it — then read on to find out how to host the perfect barbeque this Father’s Day.

Make sure you’ve got the right kit

First things first: you need the right kit if you really want to treat your guests to a delicious meal.

Let’s start with the barbecue itself. While they offer instant heat, gas barbecues don’t impart your food with any of the smoky flavour that defines barbecued food. In terms of flavour, you might as well be cooking your burgers in the oven. So, if you’re after authentic flavour, go for a charcoal barbecue every time — one of The Telegraph’s pick of the best is sure to serve you well.

What many budding chefs don’t realise is that the type of charcoal you use can have a big impact on the flavour of your food. The best outdoor chefs treat charcoal the same as they treat herbs and spices, as they do the same thing — give your food flavour. Corenlius Veakins of recommends lump charcoal over briquettes for better control and a smoky flavour. Stock up on yours in advance so you don’t have to settle for whatever the local supermarket has in on the day.

Putting together the perfect BBQ menu

Burgers, sausages, and chicken skewers are barbecue classics, but there’s so much more you can do with a good outdoor grill. Fish, ribs, and lamb all taste extra special when grilled or smoked, while vegetables also go great on the barbeque and will ensure your guests get at least a somewhat balanced meal.

Take a look at BBC Good Food’s and Jamie Oliver’s collection of barbecue recipes for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit — although, include the classics on your menu as well to keep everyone happy.

Setting up your garden for the feast

In the build up to the big day, it’s a good idea to get your garden ready to serve as a kitchen.

First, be careful where you place your barbecue. Avoid putting it on your grass, as any coals that fall out will scorch it, causing permanent damage.

Make sure to clear a space between the barbecue and your seating area to prevent any mishaps when your guests take their food back to their seat. Also, if there’s going to be kids about, make sure to set up a separate area for them play in that’s well away from the grill to help keep them safe.

It’s also a good idea to get your garden looking the part. Make sure your potted plants are getting plenty of show by arranging them in full view from your seating area. Your bedding plants should be in full bloom in June, so they’ll make a great display. If you really want to add some colour and vibrancy to the day, you might even want to pick up some new pot plants or hanging baskets for an explosion of colour.

So, there you have it: everything you need to know to host the perfect barbeque on Father’s Day. Stick to these tips and you’re sure to serve up some delicious dishes that will have your guests wishing it was Father’s Day every day. Bon Appétit!


How to host a Halloween Party, by Bubblegum Balloons

Halloween is great fun for people of all ages, particularly if you really embrace the event and host a party. In our latest guest blog post, Sally Hodge, director at Bubblegum Balloons, shares her tips on how to make the most of the spooky festivities.

Halloween is one of the most exciting events of the year, especially for children.

Whether you’re throwing a spooky shindig or simply dressing your home for trick or treating, here’s a few tips on decorating and throwing the ultimate Halloween party.

Party pumpkins

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkin carving. Get some inspiration for a scary face from Pinterest or paint them as an alternative. Put candles inside and place then by the front door or around the house for the perfect Halloween accessory.


DIY decor

The kids will love turning your home into a haunted house. Hang fake spiders, creepy crawlies and cobwebs, and keep young ones busy by making creepy ‘Beware’ and ‘haunted house’ signs.

Sweet tooth

Sweets are a must if you want to win over little ones. Provide plastic buckets decorated with spooky stickers for kids to take their haul home with them.

Creepy cocktails

Conjure up a kid friendly punch to keep them refreshed. Serve in a punch bowl surrounded by creepy crawlies and cobwebs, and draw their attention with Halloween-themed helium balloons.

bubblegum balloons

Game for a laugh

A party isn’t a party without games. Kids will love a Halloween-themed party game of pass the parcel – use spooky wrapping paper and small gifts hidden in each layer. Apple bobbing is a time honoured tradition at this time of year, and pass the balloon is a firm favourite all year round.


Bubblegum Balloons has a spooktacular range of Halloween themed party balloons priced from £6 to £30. Visit the fang-tastic Halloween themed party range at


Create the perfect #staycation Champagne Cocktail with Flourish&Be.


With the balmy summer evenings approaching, our thoughts turn to alfresco dining with our family and friends and of course we want to serve the perfect accompaniment – a delicious refreshing champagne cocktail.  Here’s a great recipe from our friend Tom at Flourish and Be on making the perfect cocktail using our favourite Lanson Champagne.


To make the cocktail you will need:

  • Lanson White Label Non Vintage Champagne
  • Elderflower cordial/liqueur
  • Strawberries


  1. Before you start pick out your favourite champagne flutes… the fancier the better!
  2. Pour a splash of elderflower cordial/liqueur into each flute.
  3. Grab your bottle of Lanson Champagne from the fridge (make sure it’s suitably chilly!) before topping up each flute with bubbles.
  4. Before serving, place a suitably sized strawberry on the rim of each flute. (Top tip! If you pop the strawberry in with the champagne before drinking you’ll be left with a nice bonus at the bottom of your glass!)
  5. Serve up and enjoy!

We’d love to know what cocktail you would treat yourself to on your #staycation. Let us know in the comments!


Valentine’s Day: DIY Love Arrows

With days until Valentine’s Day, our thoughts are turning to our special loved ones. Of course when Valentine’s Day comes around on the calendar, sales for chocolates shaped in love hearts and flowers must soar. However at Christy we think making a gift is much more meaningful and crafting is one of our favourite past times.

With thoughts of cupid in the air, one crafting idea we love for this Valentine’s Day is love arrows.

These cute little arrows are a fun and creative way to spread a little bit of love this February 14th. To create your own personalised love arrows all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Equipment needed: Straws, paper, glue or sticky tape, feathers and scissors.

Step One:  

Draw your arrow head shape on your chosen paper and cut them out. Add a personal touch and write a little message on the arrow head.

Step Two:

Draw the tail of the arrows as a full shape (cut into the shape later on).

Step Three:

Add sticky tape to the back of your shapes, and then carefully stick them on to your straws.

Step Four:

You then need to use your scissors to cut into the tail of the arrow to create little slits.

Step Five:

Finally add the finishing touches to your arrows by sticking a feather to the tail of the arrow and if you have used colourful sticky tape you can add a small stripe and wrap it round the straw.

Christy can take no responsibility for the recipients falling madly in love with you.  Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Christy. X


Increasing natural light around your winter home.

City Urban2

Increasing natural light around your winter home.

It’s that dreaded time of year again… The clocks have gone back and we’re frighteningly close to December Solstice and the shortest day of the year!

During the Winter months, the reduction in light can leave you feeling like a vampire, rarely seeing the light of day and living in a cave. It’s easy enough to buy more and more artificial lights to brighten up your home, especially during the festive period. Due to years of hoarding it seems like there is (and never will be) a shortage of fairy lights…

However, there really is no replacement for natural light. Sunlight is proven to release chemicals in our bodies called Serotonin, the more Serotonin we produce – the better it is for our health and wellbeing. Increasing exposure in the home to natural light can result in an increase in energy, less fatigue and dramatically reduce rates of depression.

It’s no secret that Britain is far from one of the sunniest countries on the earth. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but essential to our health to maximise the intake of day light around your interiors while we can get it… A good place to start is to watch the light move around your home. This will help you plan where and how you can make adjustments to make the most of the short daylight hours.

The brighter side of life…

One of the most efficient ways is to start with the decoration. Replace dark, absorbing paint shades for a light, reflective hue, such as White, Yellow, Cream, Mushroom, Egg Shell Blue etc.  

Chantilly - Cream (3)

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Large Mirrors and light shelves can be an extremely effective way of promoting the light and sharing it with shaded areas of the room – especially when facing an open light source, i.e. Windows.

A handy trick for dark rooms would be to place two similar size mirrors directly opposite each other, they will reflect the light off both surfaces and distribute it further around your space. Go one step further and replace solid wood doors with glass designs. Light will travel through the transparent door and boast light into the surroundings


HANDY TIP: Use frosted or tinted glass for privacy.

Chose glass tabletops or acrylic chairs to reduce the amount of light absorbed by furniture. They can be placed anywhere – and can look really striking!

Fiddler on the roof

Fit roof lights and/or Sun Tunnels! Roof lights are a more expensive solution – but don’t underestimate the difference they can make! They open up any room, and floods all surfaces with light, regardless of whether the room is South or East facing. Sun Tunnels are as effective as windows, if not more so in some cases. Solar tubes can benefit those areas in your home where natural light barely reaches. i.e. Toilets, panties. etc.

The finishing touch…

Palm Frond

Once you’ve experimented with a few of the above tips look at decorating empty walls with lightweight, simplistic artwork. Hang with a simple bulldog clip to reduce the need for heavy rimmed picture frames.

Below are two FREE printables in the design style used in our Palm Frond bedroom set. Space purposely chosen to boast large windows, increase sunlight and enhance creativity.

postDownload Dream BIG – A4 printable here

Download X<3 – A5 printable here

Let us know your handy tips in the comment box below!


Make your own #ChristyChristmas Crackers


Christmas 08

Make your own #ChristyChristmas Crackers

Looking for some extra festive fun in the lead up to Christmas?
Making your own Christmas crackers is not only easy, but it’s fun to share with the whole family.

The equipment list is as follows:

• Your favourite Wrapping paper
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Ribbon
• Glue
• Cracker Snaps
(these can be bought inexpensively from most craft shops.)
• 3 Empty Toilet Rolls
• Token Gifts, Handwritten Jokes and Christmas Hat

Firstly, roll out your wrapping paper and cut a landscape rectangle measuring 20cm (across) x 30 cm (down). Take your rectangle, turn face down and measure 10cm in from each end. Mark the 10cm point, by drawing a line from bottom to top, firmly with a sharp pencil.

Next, take one of your Cracker Snaps and affix with a dot of glue at either end in a straight line across the top of the rectangle.

You should end up with something like this:


Using your pencil markings, place 3 used toilet rolls in the columns drawn out. Delicately roll the toilet rolls so the wrapping paper wraps around and covers them. I like to add a dot of glue in the centre to hold the paper together nicely.

You’ll now have a wrapped cylinder. Pull one of the end toilet rolls out very slightly. Gently twist and push the end back inwards to make a crease – this will become your first end. Grab your cut of ribbon and tie in a neat bow around your newly made crease. Once you’ve got it to look exactly how you want, remove the toilet roll altogether.

Take your gifts, hand written joke, Christmas hat (… and anything else you want to throw in for that matter)  through the opposite end, then repeat the last step (ensuring none of your inner items fall out in the process!)

You should now be looking at your final cracker! You may want to decorate further using name plates or co-ordinating bows.

Kids may choose to decorate further using pens, stickers or bows too!

Share your crackers with us @christy_home. Hope you enjoy!


Cranberry Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled wine, a classic warming drink that is a favourite of anyone who loves the Christmas season. Every year, we wait for the right time of year to add those much loved spices to our favourite red wine to create the perfect accompaniment to our favourite festive film and the roaring fire.

Luckily, our friend Fritha Strickland from Tigerlilly Quinn  is here to give us a fun twist on an old classic with her recipe for cranberry mulled wine from the Christy 2014 Christmas guide. Simply follow her simple recipe, and you’ll be onto a winner with this crowd pleasing Christmas tipple.


To make your own cranberry mulled wine, all you need is:

  • 50g caster sugar
  • 2 x cinnamon sticks
  • 10 x whole cloves
  • 2 x star anise
  • 5 x allspice berries (optional extra, not essential)
  • 2 x oranges (peel and juice from one, the other sliced to serve)
  • 100g dried cranberries
  • 500ml cranberry juice
  • 250ml ruby port
  • 500ml red wine
  • Fresh cranberries to serve (optional)

Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients together, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. In a medium/ large saucepan combine your sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, allspice berries and orange peel and juice from one orange. Pour over enough of the cranberry juice to just cover the ingredients. Heat, stirring frequently over a medium to high heat until all the sugar has dissolved and you get a slightly thicker looking ‘syrup’. Add the remaining cranberry juice and the dried cranberries and continue to cook over a medium heat for a few minutes.
  1. Add your port and red wine and warm through for 5-10 minutes. Be careful to not let the mixture boil and when warmed through, carefully ladle into glasses taking care not to include any cloves etc! Garnish with an orange slice and some fresh cranberries before serving.
  1. Most importantly, enjoy!


Have you tried out this recipe for yourself? Tell us how it went over on Facebook or Twitter. Even better, send us a picture of your finished creation, we’d love to see how you got on!


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