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AW18 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

Sunshine beams through the open glass window panes, which replace the standard brick walls found in a home, of the location space. The modern building is open-plan with a design aesthetic that is an edgy take on Scandinavian design. Deep mahogany wooden feature walls, paired with dark navy walls, create a cosy yet modern atmosphere. A perfect fit for a winter collection.

Shoot days are full of excitement, anticipation and movement. It is an atmosphere that we thrive in, a dynamic setting which gets the creative ideas flowing and adrenaline pumping.

Boxes are unpacked. Product is steamed and ironed. The bed is dressed. Lighting is set. Camera is in position. It is time to call Action!

Our NEW AW18 range draws from a wonderful array of inspiration. Featuring beautiful rust tones, and icy silver hues, this new collection creates a warm wintery feel in the home effortlessly.

We love the idea of layering up. Creating a space which you can snuggle up in and enjoy Christmas films and hot cocoa. Combining knitted, cotton and cashmere textures, and collaborating multiple tones, it is easy to create a Winter retreat. Thus, our winter photoshoot inspiration.

For this photoshoot we wanted to incorporate as much warmth as possible – there is no better feeling then getting into a warm bed when there is ice greeting the grass overnight! Our winter warmers come in the form of knitted throws the year. Our Agnes throw in Rust, and our Oslo throw in Ecru, embrace autumnal hues and high quality materials.

Silver is our colour of the season. The beautiful icy tones of our 300TC Sateen Stripe bed linen, coordinated with our premium 900TC Sateen Plain Dye, create a bedroom fit for a Winter Queen. Against the warm mahogony wall, paired with brass and concrete décor, the bed linen sings and instantly becomes the main focus of your bedroom – rightly so.

To add a pop of colour, we decided to incorporate our luxurious Jaipur Throw in Magenta. A simple way to lift the intricate detail.

Don’t just take our word for it though, look at how cosy our beautiful model Lara looks inside this bed of dreams!

Need some more inspo? Take a look at some other ways to make your home a winter haven this year.


“If Coco Chanel designed bed linen…”

A neutral canvas can allow you to switch up your bedroom style each season. Crisp white walls are the perfect backdrop for any bedroom style. We love the simplicity of this monochrome scheme with our Mode Midnight bed linen against the crisp, clean, white walls and sophisticated grey artwork.

Although we have a lot of love for a pristine monochrome scheme, switching up the look by injecting colour can add some extra wow factor to the bedroom no matter what time of year.

Hues of chartreuse and yellow are bang on trend for this season. Through using Farrow and Ball’s Yellow Cake paint on the window paned doors, the bright hue has given the room an instant lift by injecting colour and inviting light inside. The vibrant hue goes perfectly with the strong tones of our Mode bed linen and Holly Divan bed in Thunder from Button and Sprung.


Complement the vibrant hues with accents of yellow, black, white and grey with this beautiful on-trend marble bed side table which adds style as well we brightening the room without taking focus away from the bed linen or doors. Finish the look with velvet shams and decorative cushions to add texture and style.



Introducing our AW16 bed linen range

With Autumn upon us now is the time to introduce our beautiful AW16 bed linen collection. With winter only around the corner and the chill beginning to hit the air perhaps it is the season to change your bed linen to one of our beautiful new designs. Our new designs have been split into three different collections, offering a vast range of designs suitable for all different style tastes.


The timeless collection is our take on classic bedding. These bed linen designs offer a stylish take on classical designs, with many of these being digitally printed jacquards. All designs are made with 200 thread count cotton, each offering a very different but equally beautiful design.

Blog Images2


The eclectic collection is a very creative range of bed linen, it offers a celebration of colours which can really express personalities. Each design is unique in its own way made with the intention to make a real statement within a bedroom.

Blog Images


Our Retreat range focuses on subtle patterns and neutral colours in order to help create a hotel inspired collection which will freshen up any bedroom. Each and every one of these designs was created in order to be able to recreate the boutique hotel look at home. The effortlessly cool and sophisticated look will transform a bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Blog Images3


Feels Like Home: 10 Tips for Displaying Art to Create a Beautiful Home

Feels Like Home: 10 Tips for Displaying Art to Create a Beautiful Home

By Ruth Wilkinson, creative director of gallery SCREAM LONDON,

Interiors  artwork lighting

Your home is a space which is entirely yours. Yet sometimes we are so caught up in daily life that we neglect these important spaces and homes can become hectic, untidy and stressful. To remind us of what’s important, Christy and COTTON USA have launched a Feels Like Home campaign to get you thinking about ways in which you can personalise your home and create a true sanctuary. In my blog post below, I’ll share how you can achieve this through your choice of artwork in the home. Another option is for you to master the art of the perfectly folded towel when welcoming guests to your home, and Christy explains how to do just that in this video. Christy Supreme Hygro® towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton rich products.

  1. If you have a large blank wall to hang a big bold statement piece can be the ideal way to fill it. One piece on a wall gives an uncluttered feel to the room and brings focus to the artwork with no distractions. A dramatic colour can command the room and let your furniture and accessories stay neutral.
  2. Be conscious to fill a space with the right scale of artwork. A small and subtle piece may be lost on a large wall and equally a bold large artwork will feel constricted on a wall that does not allow it space to breath.
  3. Symmetry can bring calmness and order to a room. Hanging the same sized print either side of a fireplace for example can make a nice balance to the room.
  4. Cluster or salon style hanging is great way to fill a large wall with lots of small pieces. It’s a really good way to make a statement wall with a busy collection of interesting prints hanging at different heights within a layout. Remember to keep your space between prints consistent and have fun with hanging different sized pieces of different styles of art side by side. You will see how a really graphic print can sit well beside a more delicate drawing to bring real interest and diversity to your wall.
  5. Choosing a theme can help you to hang a room of artwork that complement each other. Going with a monochrome theme allows you to play with different styles of artwork in different sizes with a clear thread that ties them together. Going with a black and white theme also allows your furniture and room accessories to bring the colour while your walls remain classic.
  6. Equally, in a neutral room a theme of bold, graphic, primary coloured prints can add vibrancy and a collection of pastel themed prints will bring an elegance to any room.
  7. Paying attention to the subject matter of your artwork is also a way to tie pieces together into a considered layout, for example animal prints sit happily alongside maps and more organic or botanical imagery.
  8. A clever way to introduce artwork into your home without the commitment of hammering nails into your walls is to lean a selection of different sized prints on top of a chest of drawers or shelf. This way you can try out different prints and see what feel most comfortable in the room.
  9. Tie your artwork into the room by highlighting a particular material with your frames. For example when you are hanging prints in your kitchen or bathroom it’s a great idea to use a metal that can be seen in the room, we are seeing a big trend right now of copper frames for prints.
  10. When deciding where to hang art in your home remember that there are no rules, bringing art into your home is a personal thing and each piece you hang should bring you joy and make your house feel like home. Remember how you use your spaces, for example hang pieces you love to wake up to in the bedroom and your statement pieces in the living room so that everyone can admire them – it won’t make sense to hang your favourite artwork in a room you rarely use at home.

Snoozology: The Beginner’s Guide to Napping


What ever happened to the lost art of napping? Last week (14th March) was National Napping Day, so we’re celebrating the humble nap on the Christy blog today. Some cultures build their day around strategically timed naps, known as a siesta in Spain and a riposo in Italy. If we’ve achieved everything on the to-do list, the weather is keeping us inside or if we’ve just had a disturbed night’s sleep, there’s nothing better than a lovely afternoon nap.

The power nap is a great option if you’re out on the town for the evening or need to recharge between events. It is defined as a “short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep, intended to quickly revitalize the subject.”

The power nap has been a topic much debated in the Christy offices, as we’re quite divided as to how well they work. We’ve accumulated our tips into this concise four-step guide:

  1. Drink a cup of coffee (This stage is optional, though studies have indicated that a cup of coffee before a nap heightens the impact of caffeine).
  2. Set your alarm for 20 – 30 minutes time.
  3. Get comfortable and sleep.
  4. Wake and go on with the day with renewed energy and vigour.

Facts about naps

  • The term ‘power nap’ was coined by James Maas, a social psychologist at Cornell University and author of Power Sleep.
  • Failing to achieve a full sleep cycle results in sleep inertia, where the subject wakes up feeling groggy and not well rested.
  • In Serbia and Slovenia, there is an unspoken rule whereby people don’t call each other from the hours of 2pm – 5pm because it is assumed that the household is resting.
  • Spain held a National Siesta Championship in 2010 with a top prize of €1000, to promote the art of napping.

So what do you think? Is the power nap your new secret weapon or are you in need of more convincing? Let us know your experience of the power nap on Twitter or Facebook.


Christy Book Review #1 – The Shopkeeper’s Home by Caroline Rowland


We’re guilty of not taking the time to switch off from technology, reaching for a tablet instead of a book from our bedside table. In an attempt to break bad habits, “What’s On Our Bedside Table” is a great way to ensure we delve into a few chapters of something wholesome (or not) each month. This month “The Shopkeeper’s Home” by Caroline Rowland is our reading material of choice.


Caroline’s beautiful book explores the world’s best independent retailers and boutiques and their stylish homes. It’s amazing to see the cross over from home to work and the influences that have created a successful business and a happy home. The book includes homeware stores, cafes, a converted barn and even a repurposed gas station ,presented stylishly and with an individuality not often seen on the high street.

As Caroline says “we all love browsing the style pages for that peek behind closed doors to reveal a person’s home life” and she couldn’t be more right.

We thought you’d like to hear what we loved about this book…

“Decorating ideas to take home with you…”

We loved this section at the beginning of each chapter. It kept us inspired whilst perusing through the pages and having a nosy into the retailer’s shops and homes, whilst dreaming of how it could influence our own.


The stunning photography throughout the book inspired both envy and desire, as well as growing us buds of inspiration for our own shoots.

Shops Directory

If you are asking yourself “how can I…”, the last few pages of the book feature a 100 best shops directory. It displays the shops name, address and contact details from the book, plus more. It’s so handy – especially if you are visiting a certain town or country in the world and decide to go there after coveting over the items within the book.

Visit Facebook and Twitter to be in with a chance to win yourself a copy.


The Christy Essential Linen Cupboard Guide


With all festivities and waves of guests dwindling, it’s time to de clutter the linen cupboard and get it organised ready for your next lot of guests to descend on your home. At Christy nothing gets us more excited than a pristine linen cupboard storing gorgeous linens from fluffy towels through to crisp sheets. If you’re anything like us your linen cupboard is over flowing with luxury linens so here’s some tips on organising your linen cupboard.

Closet organisation

Firstly have a good clear out of all your bedding and towels, we separate are linens into the following categories:

  • Towels
  • Bedlinen
  • Favourite linens
  • Guest linens
  • Children’s linens

And most importantly a pile for linens that have seen their best days, do not be afraid to throw away linens – just think of all the new soft fluffy towels and beautiful new bed linen designs you can purchase!

After you are happy with the piles of linens before thinking where they will be homed in your cupboard fold them neatly.  Watch this video for a tutorial from our towel design manager Julia on how to perfectly fold a towel.  Handy tip, fold your pillowcases up together and insert them into the middle of your neatly folded duvet. This will help to keep your linen closet looking in tip top shape and will also allow you to grab the full bed linen set for those last minute emergencies.

Once you have your linens all neatly folded and ready to put back in your closet, it’s time to give the cupboard a quick spruce up with some polish and even put a fresh little sachet of your favourite scent to keep your closet smelling fresh.

Finally place your linens back in remembering the categories you spilt you linens into previously. Colour co-ordinating your linens is also a great way of keeping your linen closet organised.

The Perfect Guest Linens


We’ve all been there when last minute guests arrive and our spare towels are in the laundry. Here are our useful tips on linens for guests which will make them want to come round again…

  • Have a separate section for your guest linens which are reserved strictly for visitors.
  • A spare robe for guests will make them feel like they’re really at home.
  • A spare pillow and duvet will allow your guest to wrap up warm on the winter nights. In Summer a spare flat sheet may be needed as an alternative to a duvet.
  • Layer up your guest bed with cosy knit throws and an array of cushions and a fresh bale of towels for the perfect finishing touch to your guest room.


The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for your Home

One last tip on linens in your household; we would recommend two bath towels and one full spare set of bed linen per person within the household to keep everyone in luxury linens.

Our essential linen guide can be found here and this can be printed and displayed on the back of the door on your closet for easy reference to our tips.

We’d love to hear how you get on organising your linen cupboard send us a message on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how you’ve categorised your linens.

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Create the perfect cushion arrangement

Textured Paisley - Petrol (1)

How to create the perfect cushion arrangement

A well and beautifully laid bed can be easily achieved at home. Following a few simple arrangement rules will make an empty, cold looking bed a thing of the past…

Firstly, it’s good to look at the entire arrangement of the bed. Once you’ve chosen and set your bed linen, you’re left with a blank canvas where we lay the pillows/cushions – this will become the masterpiece of the master bedroom!

We recommend adopting a pillow layout somewhat similar to the below diagram…


Starting with the largest first, arrange two co-ordinating Squares/Shams in an upright position against the headboard. Squares create a wholesome staggered look to instantly revitalise any bed. Secondly lay your first set of pillows. We like to chose a Plain Dye coloured, none patterned under pillow to breakup any colour from the linen design. Prop the second set of linen matching pillows at the front ensuring the back pillows are peeping over the top. You have now set the foundations. Make sure your pillows are straight, and fluffed! Now onto cushions… The fun part!!

Cushions can absolutely transform a bed, especially by adopting pops of bold solid colours. Your choice of cushion can make two beds, set with the same design look completely different. Don’t be afraid to choose contrasting colours. Pick colour shades from other items around your room such as: lamp, flowers, artwork, etc to tie the whole bedroom together.

So far your bed will look symmetrical. Create a more interesting tone by adding an odd amount of cushions. I’d suggest arranging from left to right, keeping the larger cushions to the back to continue the staggered feel. Mix different sizes and styles towards the centre. Be careful not to over do it – there is such a thing as too many cushions, also stray from using correlating colours and designs. It can, on occasion become overkill. Bright colours are the winning combination!

Ensure once more that all cushions are fluffed and pressed!

Don’t forget to place your favourite throw at the foot of the bed. It’s worthwhile to ensure at least one of the cushions chosen to layer, matches or compliments the throw, it will amalgamate all items together… Don’t forget, throws are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are the perfect ‘just in case’ layer for cold nights.

Now all that’s left to do is to slip into your cosiest of pyjamas, grab a good book and cuddle into your new retreat.

WARNING: Once you’ve created the perfect bed, getting out (especially on a cold morning) can cause difficulty and/or distress.

We would love to see your layered bed. Tweet us your pictures @christy_home.


Turning a neutral canvas into a vintage chic boudoir with some subtle shelf styling #shelfie


A neutral canvas allows for the bed linen to be the real wow factor within this elegant boudoir whilst still screaming with personality elsewhere.


The great thing about a neutral room is the ability to completely re-transform your look without enlisting a team of builders and a fleet of decorators. The trend for subtle grey and linen wall covering (like the Little Greene Grey Collection) means that you can instantly transform your space with some changes of detail. The cute little shelf is such a wonderful idea creating a space for all the bits and bobs you might hide away. Adding a simple shelf has transformed this area of the room and creates the perfect #shelfie.


Your transformation doesn’t need to end here. Combining good quality plain dyes with an on trend bed linen design will lift the room and create a haven of tranquillity in your otherwise neutral nuances. It’s fair to say Wisteria is a real statement piece but retains an air of class and elegance. Layering your bed with accessories will allow you to add depth and warmth to your bedroom on these autumnal nights. Herringbone, chunky buttons and splashes of colour are perfect for layering your bed.


Comment and let us know what’s on your #shelfie.


A vintage bedroom transformation

Transform your bedroom into a vintage paradise with antique furniture, lush fabrics and splashes of colour that bring a contemporary twist.

Injecting character and personality in to your bedroom

This room is an idyllic vintage heaven brimming with character. Placing cute little letter postcards above the bed is a playful way of injecting your unique personality into a room and prevent it from looking crossing the line between vintage chic and stuffy. The colourful pieces of washi tape are the perfect finishing touch and we think this creates a very sweet focal point.


Bursting with hue, this neutral canvas pops with bright beautiful colours, and a scheme that’s both brave and tranquil.

Upcycling and Vintage Heaven

Fresh air and vintage fairs are a great way to while a way a weekend afternoon. Searching for vintage diamonds that are screaming to be upcycled and rehomed and given your own personal twist. Upcycling is such a fun trend in home interiors and we can usually be found with a vintage wooden chair and pot of paint to complete the look. Giving vintage furniture a lick of paint like the bright green cupboard in this room is just perfection.


Be brave with colour event when creating a vintage look…

A yellow ceiling is a bold statement and really adds a focal point, this is a unique way of adding colour to your bedroom as it does not distract from your linens and draws your eye up gradually from the bottom to the top of the room creating the illusion of height and space. Even if your home doesn’t have period feature like a dado rail this is something that can easily be added with just basic DIY skills.


Lots of different fabric with plenty of texture…

We love a fabric headboard as it allows you to change the look of your bed without the expense of a new bed frame and can give your room a new lease of life. Layering different fabrics textures together in one space creates a really deep and rich look whatever your design style. In this case the Lace fabrics embrace the vintage theme and this cushion is the perfect accessory for this Julianne bed linen particularly when teamed with the soft velvet look of the Graphite Horizon cushion.



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