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At Christy HQ, we love chatting about all the silly and funny things our pets do! So to celebrate #LoveYourPetDay, we asked team Christy at Christy HQ to send us the cutest shots of their furry friends relaxing on luxury in true Christy style! Get to know our pets below and get ready to say aww and so cute a lot!

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to Frank the pug. Frank is only 2 years old, his mummy tells us that he hates the cold so loves snuggling up to keep warm. Here he is all wrapped up in his Christy Karina throw probably awaiting his cheese on toast as that’s his favourite treat!

Here we have Lady. Lady enjoys snoozing on the very best linens although her very expensive basket is only to the left of her, it doesn’t even get a look in when she knows that she can curl up on her humans Christy bed linen.

This isn’t any pooch taking a little nap on Romeo bed linen… This is a Batdog pooch, a superdog amongst the rest and it is clear to see from Bachus’ position that he is clearly taking a flight in his dreams. Batdog to the rescue!

Being a photogenic cat, Treacle has many poses which she turns on for the camera. Her mummy has told us that Treacle calls this pose her ‘don’t make me get up’ pose and we do not blame her! Christy bed linen is just too good to leave at any time of the day.

Now, Christine did start off by not allowing the dogs on the bed… but look at those puppy dog eyes, it’s hard to say no and Tyah just loves her Oslo throw!

Treacle the Labrador is not really fussed which Christy bed linen and throws she relaxes on as long as it is Christy

Move over human, this is my bed now! This doggo is certainly a royal; Harry the cavalier King Charles often wonders why the humans want to share his bed of Bude Christy dreams.

Ted does not like early mornings. In fact Ted usually lies in until around 11am in his Coniston bed linen and then he STILL needs a little encouragement to leave and go for a walk. His mum and dad are rather jealous of this as Ted usually spends more time in their bed than they do.


What a round up of beautiful pets. Make sure you are using the hashtag #MyChristy when you share your photographs of your furry friends on Instagram so we can like and share these!


#ChristyMumsKnowBest Q+A with Kiren Owens from @MakingSpacesCount

Mother’s Day – the one day a year where we take the time to thank and celebrate the inspiring women in our lives. A day that is placed in our calendar which encourages us to properly reflect on all of the wonderful things that our mums, nanas, aunties, carers do for us on a daily basis. This day is about appreciating the small things that they do for us every day. Whether this is waking us up in the morning with a coffee or tea, or being there to give advice and guidance on the hurdles that appear throughout our whole lives. Mother’s Day give us a chance to return the favour.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, this Sunday 11th March we asked our friend Kiren, from the amazing interiors Instagram account @MakingSpacesCount to share the wisdom and advice she’s been given from her Mum using #ChristyMumsKnowBest. Team Christy met Kiren at a No House Rules interiors event and we were blow away with Kiren’s Christy story. Get yourself a cup of your favourite drink and take five getting to know Kiren and reading her Christy story.

Tell us your Christy story.

When I was going away to University at 18, my Mum bought me a set of blue Christy towels- I leaned to appreciate quality and as I grew older I continued to buy from Christy. Now I have the great pleasure of introducing the brand to my Foster children, many of whom have never had comfort and luxury items. To see a child relax in gorgeous fluffy towels, and clean, soft bed linen for the first time is absolutely priceless. And I still have my original blue towels- many years later- they last forever!

When did your passion for interiors begin?

When I bought my first house! I had always loved clothes and fashion and all of a sudden, I had free reign to do as I liked with a whole house! I immediately painted a room in a dark blue, including the ceiling- and I still adore it!

Describe your interior style in 3 words.

Mismatched, sentimental and as my mother in law would say “oohh, that’s…different” (see the faux camel’s head hanging in our snug!)

What’s your favourite room in your home?

My bedroom. I’m very lucky to have a huge bed and I love to sleep. I don’t think I ever grew out of my teenage habits! These days sleep is precious so I enjoy every moment! There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed with clean and luxurious linen!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Press the snooze button! Then I go downstairs, give my dogs a cuddle and let my chickens out of their coop! If I’m lucky they’ve laid some gorgeous eggs for breakfast!

What makes you smile the most?

Being at home with my husband and dogs, in front of the fire, eating cake!

In the spirit of #IWD2018, what women have inspired you?

My mum. She went back to work when I was 6 weeks old and has always worked full time, but we always had amazing home cooked food and got taught the value of money.

What’s the best piece of advice or wisdom you’ve ever been given, because our #ChristyMumsKnowBest?

Everything tastes better with cheese on! But on a serious note, be kind.

Thank you so much to Kiren for sharing her Christy story. Make sure you’re following Kiren on Instagram @makingspacescount.

We’d love to hear the best piece of advice or wisdom you’ve ever been given, share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ChristyMumsKnowBest.


Christy Meets: Love Audrey

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending an hour or two browsing your favourite blogs and magazines, getting tips and inspiration on anything from beauty tips to travel. One little haven we return to time and again is lifestyle blog Love Audrey, so we decided to meet the woman behind the brand and find out where she finds inspiration.

Read Love Audrey’s blog at:

Twitter: @Loveaudrey83


Tell us a bit about your blog – why the name?

I started Love Audrey in 2009, three weeks before the birth of my second child. I was coming to the end of my final year at university and I was eager to find an outlet for my writing that was a little more creative than the sociology essays I’d been producing for the past three years.

Blogging was definitely in its infancy back then. I described Love Audrey as a beauty blog to begin with, but I’ve always posted about an array of topics, covering everything from fashion and food to motherhood and travel. I think I was probably a lifestyle blogger before anyone even knew what that was, including me!

Love Audrey was a moniker I’d used online for years. The inspiration was simple; I love Audrey Hepburn! The actress has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always aspired to live with the sort of creativity, grace and elegance that she’s so famous for and I suppose, in a way, my blog documents my efforts to achieve this.

Do you blog full-time?

I work fulltime as a freelance writer and keeping Love Audrey updated is one part of this. On a day-to-day basis, I provide copywriting and bespoke social media management to small creative businesses, primarily within the wedding industry. I also spend a considerable amount of time crafting beautiful literary accounts of other people’s weddings in my capacity as an associate writer forThe Wedding Reporter.

How has blogging changed your life?

I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would look like now if I hadn’t started blogging all those years ago! I’ve met many of my closest friends through Love Audrey and my business also exists as a direct result.

More subtle changes include the fact that blogging has made me a better writer and a much more confident photographer. Documenting our lives for the last six years has also given me the most incredible visual record to look back on.

Describe your home and style

We live in a three bedroom, end-of-terrace house in a suburb of Bristol. It was originally built in 1955, but the previous owners converted the loft space and added an extension just under ten years ago. There’s plenty of space and lots of natural light throughout, two things which were really important to me when we were looking to buy.

We bought the house two years ago and, although it was in very good condition, we were eager to inject our own style and freshen things up. It’s still very much a work in progress, but I love seeing the place evolve over time.

Our interior style is heavily influenced by all things midcentury modern and Scandinavian design. We like to mix new furniture with vintage pieces and we also love colour and pattern.

First and foremost, we’re trying to create a family home that feels safe, secure and generally wonderful for our children. I want our house to be stylish, but I also want it to be a place where my two kids can play, have fun, relax and unwind.

What’s your favourite room in the house?

Right now, it’s our large open plan living and dining room. It’s probably the room that’s undergone the biggest transformation so far. We had bespoke built-in cupboards and shelves added to the alcoves, painted the walls in Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Grey and splashed out on lots of new furniture. My favourite piece is ourString pocket shelf as I’ve wanted one for years, closely followed by our dining table from John Lewis. Our old house had a tiny dining room with barely enough space for six people, so being able to have huge crowds round for meals is a real treat, especially as I love entertaining.

There’s still a few things we’d like to do, like add new dining chairs and find the perfect area rug, but it’s definitely the room we use the most. I’m so pleased with the way it’s turned out.

Where do you go for interior design ideas?

Like most people, I tend to start with Pinterest. It really helps me focus on what I want to achieve in each room. I love readingYellow Brick Home too as Kim and Scott seem to have similar taste to mine.

I also steal ideas from friends and family! There’s so much I love about my parents’ house

for example, including their spacious kitchen and incredibly comfortable bedrooms.

You’re currently redesigning your master bedroom – what kind of look are you going for?

I find it really hard to describe the look I have in mind, but I definitely want our bedroom to feel calm and relaxing. Since we moved in, we’ve been without proper storage, functioning blinds, a decent carpet… the list goes on! Living in a state of disarray has really taken its toll, so we’re both craving a space that is both tranquil and inviting.

I also want the room to feel a little more grown-up than the rest of the house. We’re treating ourselves to a brand new bed and I’m hoping that the right soft furnishings and accessories will allow us to create something fairly elegant and sophisticated. It feels like the one room where we don’t have to consider the children’s needs, other than making sure there’s enough room for them to climb into bed with us for a cuddle of course!

Do you have any tips for others looking to redesign their bedrooms?

Traditionally, everyone seems to start with paint colours when they’re thinking about transforming a room. Over the course of decorating our house, I’ve come to realise that it makes much more sense to start with accessories and work backwards.

For example, in our bedroom I’m using upholstery, bed linen, cushions, curtains and art as the basis for our overall colour scheme, rather than finalising a colour for the walls first. It’s so much easier and more flexible than trying to find pieces that coordinate with a pre-existing paint choice.

Read Love Audrey’s blog at:

Twitter: @Loveaudrey83