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Christmas with Christy

Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect gift for someone? It’s always worth the considerable effort. You scour the shops for hours, your list in hand, rejecting all unsuitable items and making mental notes that are bound to be lost in the holiday jumble inside your head. Your feet are tired and you’ve missed lunch, but you can’t stop until you’ve found it. You strain your eyes trying to spot it through a gap in the crowd: that perfect something that will not only bring a smile on Christmas morning, but will be loved and adored for years by the person that you love and adore. This is why Christmas giving is such a joy…and such a stress! So you hurry home from the shops, discard your woollen layers on the bed, and run a hot bath to relax after a long, busy afternoon of gift hunting. And that’s when it hits you. How could you have been so blind? The high thread count sheets peeping out between mounds of pillows and a silk trimmed bedspread, the stack of folded towels next to the bath, the luxurious robe hanging on the wardrobe door; the perfect gift was under your nose the entire time.  And suddenly, you’re checking off the names on your list faster than you thought possible.

At Christy we believe the perfect gift is something that brings a bit of loveliness to an ordinary day.  A jumbo sized bath towel or cable knit blanket is such a simple thing yet these are the gifts that are absorbed into a person’s life, becoming a part of their list of daily comforts. I’m sorry to use such a soppy expression, but these truly are the gifts that keep on giving, and for years to come. Who wouldn’t want that for Christmas? This year, spare your aching feet and bring your Christmas list to us.


Luxury Christmas gifts for the home

Christmas is nearly upon us but there is still plenty of time to find the perfect luxury gifts for your friends and family during the festive season this year. Our last order date for a pre Christmas delivery is on the 19th December, so take a look through some of the stunning products that we have on offer. We know that it can sometimes be difficult deciding on what to buy as gifts for your loved ones, which is why we have compiled a list of some last minute luxury presents which are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. What’s more, we are offering free delivery on orders which cost £50 or more so have a look at our ideas and get inspired today! For friends who enjoy the finer things in life, there are few things finer than our classic English Heritage collection. Two iconic British institutions have partnered together to produce some of the finest quality and historically inspired bed linen available on the market today. English Heritage exists to ensure that England’s spectacular environment is promoted and protected whilst its’ past is researched and understood. We only use the very highest quality materials and threads to create this stunning designer bed linen range. Buying gifts for children such as nieces, nephews, and godchildren can be a tricky affair as you never know what everybody else will buy them. The chances are that everybody will be buying them the latest toys and crazes, and you do not want to risk giving them a gift which they have already got. Fortunately, we have a perfect solution courtesy of our fantastic Gruffalo gift sets. Introduce a little bit of literary magic into your children’s bathrooms with a soft cotton towel which is embroidered with their favourite story book characters. The Gruffalo has sold millions of copies all over the world, and truly is a modern classic. If you want to buy towels from The Gruffalo series, you can also have a look at our gift set which contains a wonderfully warm cuddle robe and bath mitt. If you have friends who like to travel abroad to sunnier climates, then it may be worth purchasing one of our classic beach towels. Help them to make the most of their sunshine by giving them luxury beach towels which are bound to impress everybody else in the sunshine. Our Sumatra Beach Towel is especially popular. Made out of 100% cotton sheared jacquard, this soft and stylish towel is perfect for any beach. However, if you are looking for something which is a little smaller to act as a stocking filler, there are plenty of different options to choose from. Everybody appreciates a finely designed wine bottle stop, and our polished knot stop is perfect for keeping bottles of wine from spoiling. Candles are always another popular stocking filler and our Mini Pebble Tea Light Holder is extremely stylish. Once you have made your decisions, make sure to relax and enjoy the season.



Hosting Christmas guests

Christmas is coming and families up and down the land are making preparations for the arrivals of their loved ones. The festive season is traditionally a time of good will and cheer, and many families get together to enjoy Christmas together. This often means that the entire clan will descend upon one branch of the family’s house every year. Whether it is adult children returning to their parent’s home, or foreign relations flying over to spend the season together, everybody will be looking forward to catching up on the family gossip. However, it is inevitable that tensions may arise when you have any house guests staying with you for a particular length of time. As such, here are some of our top tips on how to avoid any family upsets this Christmas if people are staying at your house. First of all, make sure that you give your guests a good welcome. Even if you have to host your husband’s awful Aunt Agatha, remember that Christmas is a time of good will and it is important to start off on the right foot. It often seems that at Christmas families can squabble over the slightest little things and perceived insults. Do not give fuel to the fire and be on your very best behaviour. After all, it is extremely difficult to be grumpy with someone who is smiling and being an excellent hostess! Lay out the guest bedroom the day before your relations arrive. This will give you time to remove any items that you do not want them to have access to whilst staying in your room. Invest in some of the quality bed linen UK manufacturers offer and make sure that the bed has a fresh set of bedding sheets. Everyone knows that there is nothing quite like snuggling down into a freshly made bed, and the more your guests feel comfortable the more likely they are to sleep and not feel grumpy in the morning. We have a wide range of plain and coordinated sheets which will provide ultimate style points in the guest bedroom. Many people are reluctant to travel with heavy towels due to the space that they take up in their luggage bags. This is why it is important for a host to ensure that every guest is given quality bath towels for their own personal use whilst staying at your house. By lending your guests towels of the very highest quality, they will feel much more valued than if you give them the old towel which has been stuck in the back of the linen cupboard for the past twenty years. Once you have made all the preparations for the arrivals of your guests, make sure that you take some time to plan how to treat yourself too. If you know that you may need a time out now and then during their stay, go out for a walk to get some fresh air and gather your thoughts. Otherwise, hide a bottle of gin where no one else will find it!



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