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Welcome wellbeing into the home this autumn, with Sarah Jones

Leading lifestyle and holistic expert, Sarah Jones, shares her tips on how to make the most of autumn and winter by creating a sense of wellbeing in your home.

Sarah Jones

Autumn presents us enormous opportunities to reconnect with nature. The air around us becomes cool, twilight beckons earlier, beauty of the rustling changing leaves, the billowing fragrance of burning fireplaces fills the night sky, and bulky blankets nestled around our home – a cosy comfort within easy reach. Bringing nature inside our house shores up replenishing vibes, and when our environment is surrounded by things with contagiously good energy, we pull better circumstances into our lives.

Autumn is a wonderful time to set new intentions for self-care and regarded as a time to pull our energy inward to prepare for winter. Autumn is about layering up and slowing down. It’s normal during this transition to feel a sense of loss as the light fades so cultivating balance is key during any transition. Recognising that we are part of the cycle of nature and that there is a time to put our energy outward (Spring and Summer) and a time to draw our energy inward (Autumn and Winter) sets the foundation for a sustainable wellness preparation. Making even slight lifestyle adjustments to our everyday life will support our wellbeing on many levels.


Display plump pumpkins around your home, they are your lucky charms, attracting material goods and wealth. Pumpkins are also known as a protection against negative energy, so a few by the front door is great! Fruit and apples are a sign of peace. Fill a bowl with them and place it on the kitchen table. Be inspired by pine cones and acorns and incorporate what you love. It all represents good health and a long life.


Vibrant Colours

Gaze outside, nature wears a kaleidoscope of hues. Drink its inspiration and switch out summer colours with cascading Autumn tones. Orange is a social colour that boosts lively conversation. Red is seen as healthy and abundant, so it’s an excellent choice around the front door specially when we want to attract crisp opportunities. And yellows and browns summon an earthy vibe that harnesses grounding, comforting energy in our home.



Yellow mums are a great way to feel golden. Symbolic of Autumn, they signify gratitude. Once outside temps drop, we stay inside more and household plants naturally remove indoor toxins and purify the air, dispensing plenty of healthy breathing space for everyone.


The kitchen is symbolic of wealth, and it’s where family and friends naturally gather for meals, games, and conversation. Inviting loved ones into our home for food and nourishment is a delightful way to encourage prosperity. When love is gathered under one roof, it leaves a delightful aura.


“Autumn offers us a multitude of authentic delights that carry restorative power. Stand in the sun and absorb its warmth. Let the cold air bite your cheeks. Listen to the birds and the harvest wind, whatever seasonal sounds surround you. Begin a day with a few minutes in the sunlight, and honour its end by soaking up some moonlight. You are a powerful source of energy in your home. And when your energy is renewed, you become a relentless life force for good.” Sarah Jones.


Hello Autumn Winter, welcome back

It’s that time of year again when the dark nights roll in and the leaves begin to drop. This year, as Christy’s AW16 collection is landing, we’re looking forward to closing the door on the summer season and settling down to a season of resting and relaxing. We love those little #AWMoments that make you stop and realise that the seasons are changing, whether that’s getting up before the sun has risen, or choosing to add an extra layer to avoid the chill.


We’ve also been reading all about hygge (pronounced: hoo-gah), the Danish concept that is rather difficult to put into words and the idea of creating and living in a culture of comfort and cosiness. It’s all about low lighting, warmth and spending evenings around the people that you love the most, which we think is the perfect way to spend these restful months.

We love this focus on well-being and can’t wait to see the Christy blog transform into a hub of #AWMoments and happiness. We’re also looking forward to seeing the beautiful AW16 range as styled by some of our blogger friends, so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share your #AWmoments.