What Are the Benefits of a Christy Towel?

With the increase in awareness about hygiene in the current climate, we thought we would share why Christy Towels are, what we think, the best in the world.

What Are the Benefits of a Christy Towel

Made to Last

No matter how many times you wash our towels, they just get better and better. In fact our Supreme Hygro Towels are designed to get fluffier the more you wash them.


Our towels are made so well, you won’t find that you need to replace them as frequently, meaning the environment and your bank balance will thank you. What’s more, the water used during the manufacturing of our towels is recycled rain water and doesn’t take from key drinking water supplies.

Quality Cotton

Whether you prefer Turkish, Egyptian or Supima, our towels are crafted with only the finest of cotton types from around the world. You can find out more about all things fibres here.


The towel ranges at Christy come in a wide range of colours to suit your style. From the bright and bold Prism range, to the classic Renaissance and elegant Luxe, there’s something for everyone. What’s more our towel ranges match bath mats and robes, so you can coordinate or mix and match a much or as little as you like.

Which is your favourite Christy Towel?


How to Make the Most of Your Time at Home

With the country in somewhat of a panic about the recent pandemic, at Christy, we thought we would attempt to lighten the mood with our top tips on how to make the most of your time at home.

Christy working from home set up
Creating a comfortable work station is key!

Get Cosy

With all the comforts of being at home instead of your place of work, why wouldn’t you make it as releaxing and as cosy as possible. Plush throws, comfy cushions and new bedding make working from home all that more bearable and easy on the eye.

Read a Book

That book you never read that’s collecting dust, the one you started on holiday two years ago and never finished? Well now is it’s time to shine. With no commute into the office, use that time to sit down, put devices away and cosy up with a good story.

Get Creative

Bake, paint, draw or decorate, whatever takes your fancy you can now enjoy those little thing you may not have had time previously to do. Use what would be your usual lunch break sat at your desk to get creative. Who knows, it could even lead to a new career path in the future.


Never has there been more of a need to try and stay as healthy as possible and exercise is an element that should be in all of our lives, 365 days a year. Of course, life gets in the way and it’s not always possible, but now you’re at home, how about some yoga in your bedroom, boxing in front of the TV or a run round the park. You’ll feel better for it and it could result in more productivity with your work.

Enjoy an Early Night

With fewer social occasions taking place, you’ll have more of a reason to wind down in the evening and have the early night you always dream of. Turn your devices off at least an hour before you go to sleep, bar them from the bedroom if you can and lie back in some sumptuous Christy bed linen.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how best to spend the extra time you may have at home. Above all, stay healthy and happy, call your loved one’s who aren’t so close and look out for the not so fortunate.


How to Make Your Bedroom Insta-Worthy

Ever wondered how we get our beds so Instagram worthy? To celebrate National Bed Month, we’ve spoken to our Visual Merchandising Manager, to pull together their top tips on how you can create the perfect bedroom in your home. Read on to discover how.

How to Make Your Bedroom Insta-Worthy

Attention to detail

We know it’s a chore but ironing all of the linen on your bed can make a real difference. Even if you only do it when you have guests, ironing everything from pillowcases to the fitted sheet, you’ll see an instant lift in your bed and won’t be able to stop snapping photos of your perfection.

Good quality filled product

No one wants to slumber on a baggy pillow case, so make sure your pillows are plush and luxurious. Whether you choose a natural or synthentic filling, memory foam or king size, the perfect, not to mention matching, pillows go a long way. The same goes for your choice of duvet, a good quality inner will create a very insta-worthy setting. For the warmer months accessorize with a throw to bulk out your lower tog rated duvet.

Use different sized pillows

Creating a contrast in the bedroom with a variety of cushions and pillows will add hotel quality style to your room. From square shams, to king size and standard to boudoir, our offering of cushions and pillows covers will add extravagance to your room, whatever your style.


Experiment with different colours and textures in cushions and throws to show your personality. Opt for a bold Jaipur throw and matching cushions or chunky Axis throw . A rather unique feature of our Jaipur range is that each colour cleverly coordinates with all current season Christy bed linen designs.

How do you make your bedroom Instagram worthy? Let us now in the comments below.


How Christy and Welspun are Supporting International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s, at Christy we’re encouraging you to tell us what #EachForEqual means to you. In this post we show you how we’re supporting women around the world, not just on 8th March, but every day of the year.

international womens day 2020

What are Christy and Welspun doing to support IWD?

This year’s IWD theme is #EachForEqual, because an equal world is an empowered world. Christy and our parent company Welspun, understand this and fully support equal rights for all. Welspun is firmly committed to the empowerment of women, creating opportunity, providing training and fostering an environment that enables them to earn a livelihood and be self-reliant.

One such initiative is supporting women in sports, especially those from challenging backgrounds. Welspun offers crucial support to young women fighting to break through into the highest levels of their sport. The vision is to not just motivate women to take up sports, but also help them pursue their sport as a full time career.

Currently supporting 14 extraordinary women in a variety of sports including swimming, athletics, boxing, cycling, para-badminton and more, Welspun hope to expand that number to 25 by the end of 2020.

Another initiative supporting women’s rights is empowering women in promoting menstrual health throughout India. Welspun has enabled 38 entrepreneurs to reach out to nearly 8,000 women across a variety of towns and villages in India to be better supported every month. By the end of 2020, Welspun plan to create 100 entrepreneurs and reach nearly half a million women throughout the country.

How you can support IWD

There are many ways in which you can support equal rights, not just today but throughout the year. Here’s just a few ways you can promote #EachForEqual:

  • Support business who empower women’s rights and are making a difference with their actions
  • Encourage the conversation about equal rights at work, at home, in the coffee shop, wherever!
  • Show your support on social media with the pose and #EachForEqual

So put your arms together and strike the #EachForEqual pose to motivate other’s this International Women’s Day.


What the Christy team pack for a staycation

Here in the Christy HQ, all talk has turned towards staycations. Where will go, what we will do, and most interestingly, what are our top items to pack for a staycation.

We asked the Christy team what they pack for a staycation to find out what they couldn’t live without whilst having a relaxing break. Here is what they said…

Relax in the bath surrounded by candles
Love candles? Take them on your staycation!

“My memory foam pillow and Christy pillowcases. I can’t sleep without them!” Amanda – Visual Merchandising Manager

“Tea bags. There is nothing worse than having a bad cup of tea when you’re away from home.” Christine – Product Development Manager

“My Brixton robe from Christy. It come everywhere with me and is so lightweight, yet cosy.” Chloe – marketing Executive

Sitting by the lake sketching in my gown.
Take your robe everywhere

“Running shoes for discovering new trails.” Farook – National Sales Manager

“My Sketchbook and pencil case, inspiration is everywhere.” Laura – Digital Marketing Executive

The beauty of the staycation is that you can take whatever you fancy without the many restrictions that arise when going abroad. You don’t have to ditch your creature comforts or scrimp on the luxuries. What is more relaxing than that? What items do you pack for a staycation? Is there a specific thing that you just can’t go without?

Did you know that you can win this incredible staycation bundle with Christy!

 We are giving you the chance to win: 

Christy hot water bottle, Christy eye mask, Christy socks, Roberts radio, Worker Bee Tea, Lanson champagne, Molten Brown shower gelsk, Christy Supreme towel bundle, Jenga, Monopoly and Twister.

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Staycation Locations

So, you have decided that 2020 is your year of the staycation. Good choice. The next question that you might be asking is where to go. Do you stay at home or jump in the car? Explore by ferry or travel by train? There are so many fabulous staycation locations on our doorstep, it can be hard to decide where to go!


Who needs the South of France when you have Cornwall on your doorstep. Think the pretty harbours of St Ives or the surfing hub of Newquay.

Lake District

Famed for it’s fells, lakes and iconic writers, the Lake District is in a league of it’s own. Choose from luxury spa stays, to tree houses and pretty cottage stays.

Picnic by the lake

Scottish Highlands

From the Cairngorms to Ben Nevis and whale watching to whisky breweries, the Highlands off er something for everyone. Stay on one of the many islands for ultra seclusion.

Northern Ireland

Take a trip to the County of Londonderry to experience beautiful coastlines, scenic walks and the iconic Giant’s Causeway. A beach side abode will be a sure way to relax and restore.


Looking for a city retreat? Look no further than our home town of Manchester. This culture rich city offers everything from world class theatre to Michelin starred dining and an abundance of luxury apartments.

Treat yourself to a luxury apartment in the heart of Manchester for the perfect city staycation

There are so many places in the UK that make incredible staycation locations. If you are feeling inspired, check out our top staycation tips to get the most out of your trip.


Top Staycation Tips

Come rain or shine, what better way to make the most of the British Isles, than packing your bags and heading off on a staycation. The beauty of not crossing the border is the endless possibility of items that you can take with you. Everything but the kitchen sink! Having the option to take your creature comforts away with you is fabulous, but where do you draw the line? What to take, and what not to take? Here’s our top staycation tips on what you need to get the most out of your trip.

Take time to sit with a good book
Take time to sit with a good book

Read that book you never have time to read

With so many distractions at home, it’s nice to carve out that time on staycation to relax with a good read. With no luggage restrictions, you can even take a selection of books or a sketchbook depending on what you fancy.

Bring the spa to you

Why not hire a mobile massage therapist to come to you? Take your favourite Christy robe to make it feel like a real spa and relax in luxury.

Bring the spa feel with you
Bring the spa feel with you

Hire a chef

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, hire a chef to cook you a delicious meal. They may even do the washing up too!

Get your food delivered

Order ahead to save the stress. A food delivery on arrival can take the strain out of packing before hand.

Take a yoga mat

Exercising at home? It is a chore. Private yoga overlooking a lake? Bliss. If you don’t have a yoga mat, simply use a Christy bath sheet instead.

Have you booked an exciting staycation this summer? Are you now inspired to explore the UK whether it is a city break or getting away to the countryside? Take note of our top staycation tips and your trip will certainly be a treat.


5 Tips For Awkward Shaped Bedroom

An awkward shaped bedroom often requires some careful design and planning. Creating optimum storage space for clothes and accessories whilst keeping the room as clutter free as possible is key.  As the saying goes “a tidy house equals a tidy mind”. This is a crucial formula to follow in our bedrooms where we want to rest, relax and clear our busy minds.  Our friends at London bespoke furniture company, Form Creations, share their tips on how to add a touch of luxury to a quirkily shaped space…

Five tips on creating space and adding a touch of luxury to awkward shaped bedrooms:

Tip 1

When it comes to bedrooms, furniture is the key to storage success.  If your belongings have a dedicated space to be stored away, you will achieve the clutter free, oasis we all dream of at bedtime.  However, some bedrooms, particularly attic rooms can be difficult to furnish with all those awkward spaces and low ceilings.  Opting for custom-made and built in furniture that is truly made to measure will provide a sleek, seamless look.  It also allows you to create storage that suits you and your household needs for example, if you want a small alcove in your en-suite to have some shelves built in to showcase your beautiful towels, you can. 

Maybe you want to use some alcove space to store all your cushions, throws and linens?  Bespoke furniture helps you to use every inch of space possible. 

Fitted loft room storage unit.
Loft room storage unit

Tip 2

Bespoke radiator covers are great for hiding away ugly rads but they also create another surface to display flowers, candles or pictures.  You can even colour match them to other areas of the room to really make them a statement. 

Bespoke radiator covering
Bespoke radiator cover

Tip 3

Choose fitted wardrobes to utilise space and design them to fit the space you have and choose storage options that work for you. Our top tip would be – if you are opting for sliding wardrobe doors ask your designer/fitter to use top-hung runners when fitting them, which makes for smoother operation and helps them last longer, as you won’t find that the doors get stuck in the tracks as dirt inevitably makes its way in.  Don’t forget to opt for a ‘soft-close’ if you are opting for a hinged wardrobe style to eliminate any banging doors.

Custom made fitted wardrobe
Bespoke fitted wardrobe

Tip 4

Quirky, awkward shaped bedroom spaces can sometimes work to your advantage.  Utilise a tiny corner cupboard by hanging some hooks for necklaces.  Maybe you could add some rails and hooks on the inside of wardrobe doors to hang your belts/ties rather than wasting a whole drawer?  Look for little hacks that will help you keep your surfaces free of clutter.

Tip 5

Use colour to set the mood.  For example, lighter, soft blues are said to calm the mind and aid concentration, consequently it is serene and mentally calming.  Bear colour in mind when choosing your linens, towels and accessories.  Opting for soft, neutral shades will definitely create a soothing, cooling effect.  A light blue is also good for tricking your mind into thinking you are cool – a great way to stay cool, calm and collected during the summer months.

Author:  Simon Hall, Director of Form Creations Ltd.


How often should bedding and towels be washed?

How often do you wash your bedding and towels? Every week or every month? Is there a certain length of recommended time to wait between washes and how often key items should be replaced? If you are wondering how often bedding and towels should be washed then read on, you have come to the right place!

It is estimated that 1 in 20 people wash their bedding every 4 weeks whilst 1 third clean them every 2 weeks. Now you are most likely asking yourself how often you change your bedding, but how often should bedding be washed? And what about your towels, duvets and pillows?

We have put together a list of recommended wait times between washing key items and have spun them into our 2020 home resolutions!

How often should bedding be washed

Taking on these top tips will get 2020 off to a fresh start, but why not welcome in the new year with a crisp set of gorgeous new Christy bedding?

What will your new year home resolutions be?


Sleep: How does this affect you?

March, one of our favourite times of year. Spring is on the brink of fully blossoming – that’s right, more daffodils and baby lambs will be greeting you soon! It is also a particular favourite time of year for Christy HQ too, as this is the month of celebrating sleep.

National Bed Month* takes place between the 1st and 31st March annually. Founded by the Sleep Council, an organisation dedicated to improving peoples quality of sleep, this campaign encourages you to reflect on your nightly routine. Yes, that’s right, this is a month dedicated to improving the relationship between yourself, your bed and rest. Amazing.

Okay so this is not an excuse to ditch work for a month and sleep all day everyday (we can wish upon a star for that time but it doesn’t look like human hibernation will be a trend anytime soon). But, this is a good time for you to reflect on your routine, your well-being and ways to improve both.

Sleep is an imperative part of everyday life – we can instantly tell when we have not had enough sleep. We feel groggy, distracted, short-tempered, dazed, sluggish, we could go on…

Inspired by National Bed Month and our dedication to helping you with your sleep as much as possible, Christy decided to create an online survey to learn more about how sleep affects your day-to-day lives. The results that we found were eye-opening:

  • 59% of total participants struggle to get a good night’s sleep, 65% of the total were women and 47% of men respectively.
  • 35% of total participants found that sleep deprivation was as result of Stress.
  • 26% of total participants referenced Discomfort, and 25% of participants referenced Temperature (too hot and too cold) as a form of sleep hindrance.

Comfort, Stress, Temperature. Three important factors that influence sleep. Three things that you can change. Three things that you have an element of control over.

At Christy, we are dedicated to helping you as much as we can. Our products are designed with you in mind, and so is the information which we provide.

On that note, we would like to share with you some top tips on how to make your bed cosy, comfortable and a balanced temperature from our experts in the design department. Take a read below!

Lucy Ackroyd, Christy Design Manager: “If you love the feeling of crisp clean sheets in a smart hotel then you’re already realised the sensory benefits of pure cotton, high thread count bed linen  You may not know why they feel so good though. Firstly 100% cotton products are naturally breathable so they help to regulate your temperate and also moisture levels, stopping the clammy feeling you can experience with synthetic fibres. Secondly high thread count fabrics are smoother against the skin so as well a being much more comfortable you are less likely to feel tangled up or trapped by rougher fabrics that cling, especially to nightwear. The good news is also that superior quality cotton products have great durability and lifespan too making them a really worthwhile investment. Your sleep is worth it!”

Julia Galloway, Christy Design Manager: “Most of us, at one time or another, have suffered with stress in our lives and whilst there is no quick fix, there are a few things that we can do to help with our everyday mood.  Playing with colour is such a way and has been proven to have an effect on the way we feel.  Chroma Yoga and light therapy are becoming more and more popular as people start to look into mindfulness techniques in their own homes.  One quick way to add some colour is with a change of linens in your bedroom and bathroom, both of which should be a sanctuary and a place of rest when stress takes a hold of our lives.   As a guide, we’ve added some key words to help you understand how certain shades will affect your mood:

  • Soft blues can be calming, serene and tranquil.
  • Yellows can be stimulating, happy and energising.
  • Greens can be harmonious, refreshing and renewing.
  • Soft pinks can be soothing, calming and balancing.
  • Purples can be relaxing, inspiring and spiritual.
  • Greys can be grounding, calming and balancing.”

*The Sleep Council, founders of the National Bed Month campaign, is an organisation which investigates how sleep affects your health and well-being, and provides brilliant tips on how to get more of it. More time for dreaming and escaping to a paradise.


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