How to distinguish differences between towels

Like most people, you may believe colour and other decorative elements to be the most important aspects to consider when comparing quality towels to buy. However, there are in fact a number of other important factors that can help you to distinguish whether one towel is better or worse than another. Indeed, having a little knowledge about a towel’s material, function and a handy little thing known as the GSM can be invaluable when choosing the ideal towel for your needs. GSM Number Perhaps the most effective way of comparing towels is to look at the GSM (grams per square metre) number as this will immediately tell you how thick and heavy a towel is. As a general rule, anything below 400 GSM is considered to be poor in quality; whilst a GSM of 400 to 500 is only moderately better. Whilst some people would class a towel with a GSM of 500 to 600 to be adequate, most would see it as being far short of ideal. A towel that will dry you off thoroughly without getting too wet itself will come in at around 600 to 700 GSM so this should be considered as being the lowest marker to aim for. Any towel that has a GSM of 700 or above is afforded ‘luxury’ status and as such it will provide you with unrivalled quality. Intended Function Naturally, the intended function of a towel is also a very important aspect to consider when looking for the right towel to buy. For home use, you will always want a towel that is large in size and has a high GSM as this will ensure you feel snug, comfy and warm every time you get out of the bath. When buying a beach towel however, you will more than likely want something that has lower GSM as this will enable you to fold it away easily into a tote bag or rucksack. Similarly, a high GSM will also not be a pre-requisite if you are looking for a simple hand towel that won’t be used for bathing or showering. Material The material from which a towel is made can have a huge influence on its potential level of comfort. Whilst a standard cotton towel is typically inexpensive to buy, it is more likely to become rough and uncomfortable over time. No, when it comes to luxurious softness that is guaranteed to last, a towel made from Egyptian cotton is definitely the way to go. As well as being famous the world over for its luxurious comfort, Egyptian cotton also has an amazing durability that only gets better with age. This means that Egyptian cotton towels will retain their magnificent qualities for a good long time! So, if you want to make sure the towel you are buying is the best available, simply take a few moments to compare its GSM, material and intended function with those of its contemporaries. Or, just browse our pages here at Christy!



Spice trail collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 3

Autumn first arrives with the morning. One day we feel the chill in the air as we lock our front door and turn in surprise to see the first hint of frost on the car wind shield  We quickly fasten the top button on our jacket and climb into the driver’s seat, for the workday doesn’t pause for a bit of frost. But perhaps that is the moment when we first start dreaming of a winter holiday in some exotic climate. Our final series in the Autumn/Winter Collection was inspired by the romance of the eastern Spice Trail and the longing for a hazy sun in a bleached white sky. Imagine tents billowing softly in the hot wind, feasting on flat bread and dates while sitting cross-legged on rugs, or watching the long, spidery shadows of the caravan cross the desert floor. A lovely picture indeed. But I think it only fair that you also consider water rations, sunburned lips, the distinctive odour of camel and sand in EVERYTHING. As much as an exotic holiday may beckon, it might be better to bring the romance home where you can enjoy the benefit of sleeping soundly in your own bed. Our stunning Byzantine Bed Linen captures the essence of the ancient east using the colours of baked bricks, white plaster and blue mosaic tile.

A classic paisley is carried on a staggered stripe that ebbs and flows like drifting sand. You can easily imagine yourself in an airy, crenellated tower overlooking the bustling village bazaar where reams of hand dyed fabrics are bought and sold, and where you might find our Nina Bed Linen. A bold ikat pattern and lush red ribbon trim embody the more adventurous flavours of the market towns, like cumin and cedar and lamp smoke.

And for the desert oasis of your dreams, our Petra Bed Linen combines a soft paisley and rich red in a sateen finish that will make you feel as though you have your own private mirage.

With the Spice Trail Collection you’ll have the romance of the mystic east in your own familiar room and you just might forget entirely that there’s such a thing as frost. At least until the next morning.


Bed linen buying guide

Do you feel overawed when looking for suitable linen for your bedroom? Are you confused by thread count? Unaware of the differences between Sateen and Egyptian cotton? Unsure of duvet covers that don’t have buttons. If so, don’t be alarmed – our handy bed linen buying guide will soon have you picking out the best duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases for your bedroom. What is thread count exactly? Thread count is used to determine the number of threads that are present in a square inch of fabric. As a rule, the higher a thread count is, the finer and smoother the fabric will be to the touch. Naturally, the smoother your bed linen feels, the more superior in quality it will be; therefore, you will want to purchase linen that has a high thread count. In general, standard cottons have a thread count of around 110 whereas higher quality variants start at around 200. Anything above 200 is generally considered to be luxurious. However, this is not the entire story. Not all thread counts are created equal so you will also need to consider the overall quality of linen fabric, as a thread count which is made of longer fibres is better than a combination of shorter, cheaper fibres. What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and Sateen? This is a very common question. In essence, Egyptian cotton is the actual fibre that is used to make most linen fabrics. Indeed, Egypt is known throughout the world for growing cotton which has particularly long, thin fibres that can be spun into yarns that are fine, soft and incredibly durable. Sateen is a term which relates to the weave which is used to turn Egyptian cotton into fabric. Through an overlay of yarns on the surface, a sateen weave creates a fabric that has a lustrous sheen as well as a smooth surface which feels luxuriously soft against your skin. Percale is another term which you may hear a lot of when you are shopping for linen. Like Sateen, this term also refers to the weave of Egyptian cotton fibres; however, unlike Sateen, Percale has a more matte appearance as it is a flat weave. When made in a good quality thread count, Percale has the unique quality of improving with age. In addition, Percale is also a high-quality combed cotton. Indeed, the combing process removes any rough fibres so that the linen has a lovely smooth finish. What about duvets with no buttons?Many high-quality duvet covers these days come compete with a traditional French ‘tail’ or ‘bottleneck’ end fold instead of buttons or poppers. Whilst these duvet cover options make it far easier for you to make your bed, they will require you to tuck your duvet in at the bottom so that you don’t lose your covers overnight! If you still have a queries about buying linen, pillowcases, curtain sets or towels then please feel free to call our dedicated customer helpline on 0845 7585252.



How to stay suitably snug and stylish in your bedroom this winter

Now that winter has well and truly arrived, you will more than likely be taking every opportunity you can to snuggle up in bed. Indeed, there are few things more satisfying than feeling all warm and comfy in your bedroom while the winter winds and rain rattle on the window. So, now really is the perfect time of year to invest in some new bed linen. Certainly, having luxurious duvet covers and decadent bed sheets to curl up in can make all the difference when the mercury really starts to drop! Fortunately we here at Christy, the UK’s leading bed and bath linen creators, have a range of incredible bedding and curtain sets available that can help to ensure your bedroom is as cosy as it is stylish. Regardless of whether you’re after something elegant, contemporary, natural or luxurious; we here at Christy will have the perfect linen for your needs. Elegant If you are looking to add a touch of class to your bedroom then the beautifully elegant Christy Anastasia duvet cover set, with its vintage inspired embroidery and classic cream hand finished detail, really is the perfect option. Anastasia is available in single, double and king sizes, whilst rectangular bed cushions in matching design can also be purchased to help complete the classic French style. Contemporary The Christy Palladium burgundy duvet set is perfect for adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your bedroom. Indeed, this cream coloured set with burgundy box designs will bring a touch of modern-day luxury to your bedroom and ensure your bed is simply too comfortable to leave! With sateen fabrics consisting of 600 thread counts and a neutral design that is able to compliment any decor, the Palladium is one contemporary style that is classically comfortable! Natural If you’re after a cosy bedspread that can give your bedroom a natural and calming look then the Christy Paris Rose duvet set may well be the ideal choice. This gorgeous white and burnt orange bed linen is ideal for brightening up your bedroom during the winter months as its pretty orange flowers will help it to look fresh and bright as well as feel snug and warm. Luxurious For a truly luxurious and romantic look, the Christy Georgina is a must have duvet set. Indeed, the dusty pink and mocha colours along with the beautifully graceful embroidery will make your bedroom feel like a veritable palace. And, if you want to make your decadent bed chamber feel even more palatial, you can also purchase the matching readymade curtains that are available to compliment this particular design. As well as the above options, we also have an extensive collection of practical everyday linen of plain easy-iron Christy duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and towels available for purchase in a wide range of colours. So, if you want to stay snug and stylish this winter, make us here at Christy your first port of call.



Nostalgia collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 2

We’ve been talking an awful lot lately about being warm and cozy; the kind that involves mounds of pillows and blankets and a roaring fire. But there are memories that are just as warm and we tend to gather these around us in the autumn just as we gather wool socks. Old photo albums resurface and favourite stories are retold. Loved ones long gone are remembered and simpler days are yearned for. Who can say what it is precisely that makes us look to the past with such appreciation. But our Nostalgia Collection was made to encourage those charming trips down memory lane. I advise you not to resist. Just lay back and imagine you’re a child again, visiting the grandparents and feeling like you’ve left one world behind and are safely cocooned in another. Our perfectly ladylike Elouise Bed Linen pay gentle homage to the modern botanicals of William Morris and conjure visions of patent leather pumps and mysterious, wonderfully smelling bottles and powders on the dressing table. Grosgrain ribbon and stylized lace lend an elegant touch without being the least bit prim…because everyone knows grandmother was as sassy as she was gentile.

The delightfully dotty Penny Bed Linen on the other hand just might be the incarnation of swing music and pincurls.  A deep moody blue and adorable frills are equally sweet and jazzy; like dancing barefoot in the sitting room to the sound of the radio.

our Natalie Bed Linen best. A cheerful stripe of seersucker in colours you could just eat up, this finale in our Nostalgia Collection will have you believing that life is a bowlful of cherries once again.

And as you slide between the sheets and envision your juvenile self toddling after grandmother in a kitchen alive with smells and sounds, creating a simple magic that only she seems to have time for, you’ll feel something deep down to your toes that is every bit as effective as a woollen throw: it’s called warm and cozy.





A taste of the exotic with Spice Trail

You might fancy making some changes to your home. It’s easy to get bored of fixtures and fittings in your house or flat, but by making some simple changes, you can completely transform the way your property looks. For example, you can invest in some luxury bedding. Here at Christy we offer an array of stunning items and may well have exactly what you’re after. For something a little exotic, why not check out our Spice Trail range? This is part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection and it might tick all of your boxes. Inspiration The inspiration for these fabulous products came from exotic locations across the globe and the items feature a rich use of colour and ethnic pattern, giving a unique British twist on international design. Our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Spice Trail conjures up memories of visits to spice markets and bustling bazaars. It has been designed to bring a vibrant, exotic element to the home.” Byzantine One design that might work perfectly in your abode is the Byzantine. This is a striking example of new yarn dying techniques that are used to create unique, random stripes. A classic paisley pattern sits over the stripe, resulting in a stunning and original collection. Meanwhile, the Izmir ink blue boudoir cushion and pillowcase with its leaf embroidery border adds extra colour and style. Nina Another design that might capture your imagination is Nina. This bold and beautiful creation makes a real statement and features exotic print and deep red ribbon trim. The shiny sateen weave results in an indulgent finish and the rich use of colour makes for a memorable pattern that can be the focal point of any bedroom. Petra You might also be intrigued by Petra. This classic paisley print is updated with the use of a rich mocha colourway adding a modern twist. The glossy lines can be styled with Cadiz, which is an elegant lace flat sheet and pillowcase combination. Doing this gives added luxury and a touch of the artisan.Eclectic Talking about the Spice Trail range in general, Lucy added: “I am always inspired by the eclectic use of colour, pattern and texture on my trips overseas. We combined all these elements to create striking designs that are still very liveable.” A real difference Even though adding some new luxury bed linen to your property is simple and quick, it can make a huge difference to the way it looks and feels. Creating the perfect home environment is all about paying attention to detail, so choosing the best possible bedding, cushions, throws and so on is really important. Meanwhile, by opting for items like those featured in our Spice Trail range, you can breathe new life into your rooms. They inject colour and vitality into the spaces.Find out more So, if you want to buy towels, bed linen and other items for your home and are keen to check out our full selection of products, just take a look around our website. We have lots to offer.



Luxe retreat collection – Autumn Winter 2012 – part 1

Soft and warm simply go together, like fish and chips or bread and butter. Almost the moment the temperature drops, we turn into such tactile creatures, entwining ourselves in fabrics we threw off for the summer and now welcome back like best friends. The leaves change, the sun sets a little earlier and comfort reigns supreme. We seek the softness of lamplight and firelight and the patina of things that have been loved over years, like that bench at the back door where the children sat to put on their boots, or dad’s old cable knit sweater.  It’s a nesting instinct, as natural as breathing, and it must be gratified (nature is an insistent little vixen). And so we obligingly designed our Luxe Retreat Collection to be as much a solace to your sense of sight as to your sense of touch. It’s cosy to be sure, but also irresistibly elegant. We began with a slightly faded stripe and charcoal knit in our Copenhagen Bed Linen that captures the tender side of masculinity with gorgeous greys and subtle tailoring. Instead of daydreaming of snuggling up in bed, you may find yourself daydreaming of the one you get to snuggle up to. It’s a romance in colour and texture that suits him as well as it suits her.

Or perhaps you favour bands of muted gold and silk with velvet piping; pure decadence made simple in our Silk Stripe Bed Linen, like hot caramel drizzled over white cake. It’s the height of luxury and yet perfectly accommodating to little hands and feet that might clamber up next to you first thing in the morning.

But if you dream of awakening amidst clouds, then I would happily recommend our Domino Bed Linen as a perfect fit. You’ll feel like you’re floating on this textural, colour woven, sea of dots. It’s a pattern that easily lends itself to a modern sensibility as well as the intense pleasure of sleeping in on a Saturday.

But really, no matter where your tastes lie, our Luxe Retreat Collection will satisfy your cravings for soft and warm, helping you nest for the season as nature intended.


Enjoy natural simplicity and fabulous textures with Luxe Retreat

There’s no shortage of fabulous products for the home and you might feel spoiled for choice when you’re searching for items to spruce up your house or flat. If it’s quality towels or bedding you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Christy, we’re passionate about creations like this and we’re constantly striving to come up with new and attractive designs. Texture is key For example, as part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection we’ve developed the Luxe Retreat range. These items embody the trend for luxury living and they focus on texture as well as look. The products use a fusion of natural tones and tactile textures, and they strike the perfect balance of comfort and style. Commenting on them, our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Luxe Retreat is influenced by the simplicity of natural fabrics but with a strong emphasis on texture. I looked at beautiful silks, crisp cottons and natural palettes to create a truly sophisticated collection.” Copenhagen If you’re after something subtle and classy for your home, you might want to consider the Copenhagen design. This has a smart tailored appearance and a masculine yet cosy feel. It provides Scandinavian simplicity with its soft grey tones and it looks beautiful teamed up with chunky knits and deeper charcoal accessories. Silk Stripe Another fabulous option is the Silk Stripe. This features soft shades of caramel intertwined with delicate bands of glossy silk. The products have a luxurious feel, while the velvet piping offers the perfect finishing touch.Domino Meanwhile, a different but equally impressive offering is the Domino. This textured design combines grey and neutral tones with a distinct pattern that runs through in a colour-woven technique. The soft spot design in heavier weight cotton provides a sophisticated bed linen. Cocoon yourself this autumn You might have noticed a fall in temperatures and it seems winter is well and truly on its way.  At this time of year, it’s important to make sure your home is as cosy and appealing as possible. About this, Lucy said: “Autumn is the time to start looking to ‘cocoon’ as the nights are longer and darker. Luxe Retreat was designed with sumptuous, comfortable interiors in mind.” Beautifully simple She added: “Soft, neutral bed linens can influence the rest of your bedroom interiors to create a beautifully simplistic environment. Add soft lighting, neutral toned furniture and clean lines for total simplicity.” Festive gifts As well as stocking up on fabulous designer bedlinen and bath towels for yourself, you might want to hand them over as festive presents. Christmas is just around the corner and it can be hard to think of gift ideas for your loved ones. However, everyone likes to get gorgeous products for the home. As long as you bear in mind the tastes and preferences of the recipient, you should succeed in finding the perfect items. Also, shopping for presents in this way is quick and easy. You won’t have to battle your way through queues of consumers on crowded streets and in packed shops. All you need are a spare few moments and a web connection.

Nostalgia collection encapsulates vintage femininity

If you want to revamp your home, now’s the perfect time to do it. By investing in gorgeous new towels and bedding, you can help ensure your property looks and feels fabulous. The great thing is, there are so many products for you to choose from. For example, you might be bowled over by the Nostalgia range we’re offering as part of our Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. The low-down These stunning designs focus on1940’s ditsy spots, pretty cotton frills and vintage style lace and they can help to update your decor with wistful charm. Our design manager Lucy Ackroyd said: “Encapsulating vintage femininity, the Nostalgia collection focuses on exquisite detail and delicate fabrics.” Elouise Inspired by the beautiful patterns of the Arts & Crafts movement, our Elouise products look gorgeous. They take a classic leaf design and update it with contemporary teal. The products are edged with tactile grosgrain ribbon. Meanwhile, you can pair the creations with Anatalya, which is a playful pom-pom trim flat sheet and pillowcase. The William Morris style pattern inspired the design and colour palette for the Elouise range and the items are the perfect balance of nature and luxury. Penny For a different look, you can check out the Penny range, these are based on 1940s tea dresses and have a cute spot design with a real nostalgic charm. The three-tier frill detail is girly and playful and might really bring a smile to your face. Natalie On the other hand, maybe something a little fresher will win you over. The Natalie design is fresh and fun, featuring threads that are woven to produce a riot of bold colours. With rich red and pink stripes, it can be accessorised with block colour cushions and throws. A quirky take Commenting on the Nostalgia range, Lucy added: “I hope the Nostalgia collection will charm vintage fans with its quirky take on colour and cute details. The designs are feminine and sophisticated but with lots of personality.”See for yourself Of course, trying to picture the items based on our descriptions might be tricky, but by searching our website, you can find plenty of pictures of the products and once you’ve seen them, you’ll be better able to decide which versions would suit your home best. The great thing is, whichever items you decide to get, the process of ordering is simple and quick. You don’t need to brave the autumnal weather and crowds to get hold of the items. Instead, you can simply order them online. This could save you lots of time and hassle. In time for Christmas If you order the products now, you’ll be able to have them ahead of the festive season. At Christmas, it’s particularly crucial for homes to look the part. You might be having guests to stay with you and it’s important you feel comfortable with your home’s appearance. So, to see our full selection of items and decide whether or not we have the perfect bathroom linens and bed sheets for your property, just take a look around our website.



Introduction to autumn / winter 2012 collections

As wonderful as summer is, it can be hectic trying to cram so much fun into so little time. The weeks go speeding by and the weekends pass even faster and you often stumble across October much like you would the finish line of a marathon. But autumn is here at last and I, for one, am ready to trade my days of chasing after the sun for days filled with softer light, warmer layers, and cosy evenings at home. That’s precisely what we had in mind when we designed our new collections for autumn/winter.  Tis the season for snuggling, burrowing, and curling up in a pyjama clad ball and we wanted to make sure our linens set the right tone for your perfect cool-weather escape. Summer lounging was meant for hammocks and seaside deck chairs, but in autumn, your own bed becomes the star of the show. So for the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to fabulousness in the form of things you can wrap yourself in. Thick, chunky knits, grosgrain trim, sateen finishes, lace and even silk make this one of our most luxurious, yet liveable collections ever. We’ve taken inspiration from the cool northern light of Scandinavia  the caravans of the aromatic middle east, and the vintage hominess of the arts and crafts movement. Whether your nesting fantasies take you back in time or to a distant land, you’ll be able to burrow in style…and a high thread count. So welcome autumn and bring on the winter; and I mean that in a very gradual sense. No need to rush things, now is there?



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