December Colour of the Month – Green

December, the month of the warm glow from festive lights, crisp white snow (if we are lucky!) and the amazing indulgent feasts. Where the days feel warmer even though the temperature has dropped and the twinkle of colour is all around. Shades of Red, Gold and Silver are often spread like glitter across homes bringing the spirit of Christmas with them. But most people may not know that the showstopper Christmas piece, the Christmas tree, is more than just an icon. It’s bang on trend for this month. Green is the statement colour for the month of December and here are our favourite Christy pieces in all different shades of GREEN!

Who knew there were so many shades of green? Our Prism towel collection showcases two fabulous shades of green, Absinthe and Mojito. Both bold and beautiful colours. Bringing a breath of fresh air along with that pop of colour your bathroom needs in the colder months. All of our Prism towels have matching bath mats available, but if that’s a little too much green for you then try a more neutral tone to warm up the room. Why not try a different style of Mojito with our Prism Mojito towels?

Sage, something that you often relate to as a Christmas herb.The foundation of a good tasting stuffing ball but this December it is also THE colour of one of our luxurious bed linens. Bringing to life a simple white 200 thread count percale into a bed linen must-have piece with its elegant and sophisticated Sage embroidered border. A timeless beauty which will see you through until Spring.

This luxurious statement piece has been a showstopper throughout 2018 and has not stopped shining for December. A throw that will finish off any bed with the matching cushions to boot. The Jaipur collection is made from a stunning velvet face with an elegant linen reverse and quilted for maximum cosiness this accessory is just as beautiful to the touch as it is on the eye.

A basic need for a perfectly made bed and an absolute MUST to add a subtle hint of colour to your bedroom. Our Christy 200 Thread Count Green Hue Plain Dye Sheeting will sit perfectly under the Clarendon bed linen to provide a new colour dimension to your bed.

The most iconic GREEN and purple towel that Christy has EVER made. The Wimbledon Championships towel is a winning selection in our eyes no matter the month! A versatile towel, ideal for the court, the beach or to be wrapped up under the Christmas tree. A purchase that provides emotions, memories and of course a towel which is spot on for the colour trend of the month.

Peppermint isn’t only for candy canes this Christmas! Our Serenity towel collection has certainly tapped into brighter greens and explored new tones of pastel shades for a more simple understated look. Sure to leave your Christmas guests green with envy.


Create your perfect luxury bedroom sanctuary with The Heritage Wardrobe Company

The bedroom should be a place of calm. Not just a room for sleeping but your very own luxurious sanctuary of serenity where you can relax, unwind and enjoy a moment of repose. Whatever your style, your bedroom should provide a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony. For this blog, we caught up with expert designers and creators of bespoke wardrobe solutions, The Heritage Wardrobe Company to discuss all the elements you should consider when planning your perfect luxury bedroom scheme.

So, where do you start? Begin as we all do with your dream Pinterest board, filled with inspiration and your chosen colour palette as well as ideas for storage and layout. The next thing you need to consider is how you will be using your bedroom. From arrangement and lighting to how certain colours will work in the room, to create your perfect luxury space you must consider every element from top to bottom, both aesthetically and practically.

Wardrobes & Storage

One of the most important parts of achieving the ultimate luxury bedroom scheme is ensuring your wardrobe is catered to you, your lifestyle and most of all, your belongings. A true investment piece, a fitted wardrobe is definitely something you don’t want to cut corners on, particularly when it comes to the layout, interior and the quality. Invest in a high quality, bespoke wardrobe and you are guaranteed to be well on your way to creating a beautifully organised and consequentially relaxing bedroom.

A lot goes in to planning a tailor-made wardrobe, so your next step should be speaking to an expert who can help you turn your luxury wardrobe dreams into a reality. The Heritage Wardrobe Company works closely with every customer each step of the way. From bespoke internal storage spaces to customised layouts and lighting, a specially-made wardrobe will lay the foundations for your ideal luxurious bedroom space.

Luxury Linens & Accessories

It’s a fact – most of your time in the bedroom will be spent in your bed and most would agree that nothing beats sinking into a freshly made bed of luxuriously crisp white bed linen. It goes without saying that the linen you choose will have a direct impact on how well you sleep and therefore how relaxed you will feel.

With each piece available in a thread count of 200 or higher, Christy’s luxury bed linen collections will provide you with a gorgeously soft, yet beautifully crisp look and feel, helping you to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. For those that favour traditional design, Christy’s Highgate and Picot collections offer an exquisitely simple yet opulent option for your master bed, whilst the equally luxurious Corinth, Deco and Enigma collections will add a subtle hint of pattern and texture to your bedroom scheme.

Finishing Touches

Sometimes it’s the finishing touches and smallest details that make all the difference when it comes to bedroom design. This is where you can bring some interest, personality and character into your scheme. From flowers and greenery to scented candles and the fretwork detailing on your wardrobe doors, there are a number of accents you can incorporate into the bedroom to create your dream luxury sanctuary. Introduce a warm and inviting atmosphere by layering neutral bed linen with textures and pops of colour. Christy’s collection of accessories is filled with chunky knit throws and scatter cushions in a range of rich and vibrant colours that will add a hint of luxury and romance to your bedroom. To achieve a perfectly coordinated scheme, work with a complementary palette throughout your room, from the paint on your walls to the fabrics on your soft furnishings. This will instantly create a feeling of harmony and relaxation.


Christy Gift Guide: 12 Gifts of Christmas

At Christy, we are firm believers that Christmas gifts should be three things:

  1. Personal
  2. Beautiful
  3. Luxurious

In the season to be jolly, we do not wish for you to lose out on getting your loved ones the perfect Christmas gifts. Something that they can treasure, not just in the moment, but all year round too. Gifts that are universally loved by all, a perfect stand-alone present and one to enhance another gift.

The Christy 12 Gifts of Christmas

  1. Faraday Robe/Mali Robe (getting holiday ready)

Holidays are a popular gift choice during the season – probably because we are all so bored of the rain, sleet and windy (especially up-North!). So why not prepare your SO for your next getaway by treating them to a lovely, light Faraday or Mali Robe.

  1. Personalised Robes

The personalisation trend is one of our favourites. A lovely way to make a gift extra-special and is now available to do on our cute Junior Robes! A perfect memento for them to wear now, and for you to keep in the future to bring back treasured, childhood memories.

  1. Christy Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are blissful and make the wrapping process so much easier! Now available in Gift Boxes, our Cosy Robes can be given to your partner directly, without the hassle of wrapping it up beforehand.

  1. Personalised Towels

Renaissance towels are a timeless classic of ours, epitomising luxury quality and elegance. Now available with personalisation, this towel is a lovely stocking-filler for mums and dads alike.

  1. Supreme Face Cloth

Got your friend a Spa Kit Gift Set for Christmas but are unsure how to make it extra-special? Pair with our soft Supreme Face Cloth to as a touch of luxury to your already beautiful gift, as seen on Cherry Oak Manor. Read her blog here.

  1. Hetty the Hedgehog

It’s Christmas Eve. The children are asleep. They have been good all year, and they are hoping that Santa will visit. When the children wake up during the middle of the night to check if Santa has been, they happily find a new bedtime edition. And there sits Hetty the Hedgehog. Santa has been…

  1. Star Cushion/Moon Cushion

We always tell our little ones to reach for the Stars, aiming for Infinity and Beyond. With our Star and Moon cushions you can make this a reality.

  1. Horizon Cushion/Jaipur Cushion

Adding a touch of elegance and comfort to your home is made easy with our Horizon and Jaipur cushions. After all, there is nothing better than sinking into a chair piled high with cushions after your Christmas Dinner and snoozing until the evening guests arrive!

  1. Game, Set, Bath Wash Mitt and Cuddle Robe

As the John Lewis Christmas Ad demonstrates, a gift can be more than just a material object, it can encourage you to pursue your dreams and strive for success! With this in mind, what better way to give your little Champion than our Game, Set, Bath collection. Soft and beautifully designed, with the Wimbledon logo in pride and place, this collection can set up your little one for success since day one.

  1. Cashmere Hot Water Bottle 

You hear the word ‘cashmere’ and you can’t help but smile and sigh at the thought of its luxurious texture. This makes our Cashmere Hot Water Bottle in Otter the essential Christmas gift as it is the epitome of luxury, high-quality and is thus perfection.

  1. Christy Chunky Knit Throw

This opulent throw is 100% the cosiest, warmest, thickest throw in the Christy range. Handmade and available in vibrant colourways, this gift is a fitting choice for your other half this winter.

  1. 900TC Bed Linen

Christmas is about treats. So treat yourself and your house to our most premium bed linen in the range. Our 900TC Sateen Bed Linen depicts class and beautiful quality, providing the best night’s sleep when Christmas Day is done.


Q+A with Soozi and Ella-Maria Danson

We’re very proud to have Northern mother and daughter duo Soozi and Ella-Maria from the amazing interiors Instagram accounts @soozidanson and @_dansoninthestreet_ to give an insight into their style from their fondest decor memories to top tips for renovating. Team Christy met Soozi and Ella at a No House Rules interiors event after lusting of their home on Instagram for many months. Get yourself a cup of your favourite drink and take five getting to know both ladies.

What is your perfect night in?

The answer to this is unanimous! A large glass of G+T, a takeaway from our local Indian restaurant, PJ’s, dressing gowns and slippers accompanied by a binge watch of the latest TV police drama!

What inspired you to start blogging? Why interiors specifically?

Soozi: My blog, The Patterned Palace, was really a natural progression for me after having built up my following on my Instagram account @soozidanson over the last 18 months or so. I started posting pictures of my interior and received such incredible feedback and encouragement from people who loved my style, that I am now making a career out of it! I’m really enjoying working with brands and sharing my love of pattern and colour with whomever wishes to see it!

How would you describe your style in three words?

Funnily enough despite the 26 year age gap our style is very much the same. Eclectic, pattern-clashing and colorful and we would say this runs in both our interiors and wardrobe style choices!

What would be your ‘top tips’ to someone who is currently renovating?

Soozi:  If it’s an option I would highly recommend living in a space before making any drastic design decisions. I don’t think you really know how you will use a space until you have lived in it and this can affect all sorts of things when renovating your home.

What is your favourite room to decorate in the household and why?

Definitely bedrooms! You can go a bit wild in there with patterns, colours and textures and really show the occupants personality!

What makes the perfect bed in your eyes?

Ella: Fresh bedding – you can’t beat it, a chunky cosy throw and of course as many pattern clashing scatter cushions as you can fit on the bed without it looking ridiculous haha!

When purchasing bed linen, what key element do you specifically consider before purchasing?

Soozi: This depends on who I’m buying for. When it comes to my son he is a bed linen connoisseur, it has to be super soft & luxurious with the highest  thread count available! For me it’s all about the design. So something eye catching that fits in well with my chosen colour scheme & design. As head housekeeper, I also insist on quality that can stand the test of time!

What is your favourite mummy-daughter activity?

We are particularly partial to an IKEA trip! I mean what could be better than interior design and meatballs all under one roof!

What is your fondest memory of re-decorating your house?

Ella: Definitely when we re-decorated my en-suite bathroom. It was our first proper project together, it was amazing how the wallpaper alone completely transformed the space. Even though the wallpaper is dark & heavily patterned we decided to paste it on all the walls and it has surprisingly made the bathroom look much bigger. We spent two days wallpapering and re-styling the room whilst listening to musicals full blast! It was perfect!

What was the biggest challenge you faced when re-decorating and how did you over-come this?

Soozi: The biggest challenge is probably cost for me. Though my head is constantly brimming with new design ideas, the budget is unfortunately often a little tight. I have managed to get around this by shopping around to get the best deals available when buying wallpaper, soft furnishings, artwork etc, a lot of which I have found from small businesses I’ve discovered on instagram. I also save money by doing a lot of the work myself! I’m now a dab hand at painting and decorating & sometimes feel I may have missed my vocation in life! Haha!

Sometimes having the same décor for a while can become slightly mundane. What small changes would you suggest are good small changes to make that will keep your bedroom and bathroom fresh and contemporary over the course of the year?

Soozi: Changing up simple things such as swapping your towels or cushions is a great way to change the feel of a room. Also having a shuffle around on gallery walls and shelfies is an easy, cost effective way to breath new life into a space. Just moving prints around or adding in plates or new colours can have an instant impact.

What would you say makes a house a home?

Family. Home is wherever your family is and the dogs of course! The sheer joy on the faces of our two cairnoodles, Mini & Elvis, every time we walk in through the front door  is such a perfect welcome and you know then ‘Yes,I’m home!’.

What is your favourite colour pairing? Why?

At the moment we are both huge fans of a bit of Monochrome. A bold black & white pattern looks great alongside most other colours & can look really effective in any room.

May we cheekily ask what is your favourite Christy product and why?

Soozi: I love the Christy towels that we have in Ella’s bathroom, they go perfectly with the crazy underwater theme we have going on it there. I’m currently planning a whole new master suite revamp so may have some new favourites from Christy soon!

Ella: I am a massive fan of the Chunky Knit throws – I love anything comfy and cosy but that also looks bang on trend.. I think the dusky pink one would look amazing in my bedroom actually… hint hint Soozi!

Make sure you are following both ladies on Instagram, you can find Soozi here and Ella here.


Colour Of The Month – November – Red

It’s Christmas! Okay, maybe not just yet, but it is getting to the point where it is extremely close. Also it’s now past Halloween so we can totally talk about it.

At this time of year we like celebrate all things bright and beautiful. For this is the season of cosiness and indulgence. And what is a more indulgent colour that red?

A colour associated with energy, passion and desire. One that can liven the atmosphere. Thus, a perfect colour to incorporate during that décor transformation for all of the Christmas Cocktail Parties. Fun!

We can definitely help here…

Let’s Get Red-Ready with Christy, Festive Edition One.

1. Christy Chunky Knit Throw

Nothing screams luxurious like this Chunky Knit Throw in Carmine. Lusciously thick. 100% Merino Wool. Handmade… Simply a beautiful festive treat!

2. Prism Towels (Fire Engine) and Brixton Towels (Cinnabar)

Towels are a great way to add a dash of colour without having to redesign your home completely. Red is a great colour for this, as it tends to be easy to pair with other colours. So whether your bathroom incorporates neutral brown tones or pastel pinks and greens, our Prism Fire Engine or Brixton Cinnabar towels can spice up your bathroom in time for Christmas.

3. Finchley Flannelette Stripe Bed Linen Red

With all of the excitement (and stress!) surrounding Christmas it is so important to get a good nights sleep. Whether you have a seemingly never-ending gift list on your mind, or you have last minuted uni deadlines to hit, our Flannelette Bed Linen is the soft, end of day finish to help you escape into sleep.

4. Addison Towels and Rialto Towels in Wine

Tapping into rich pink tones, our Addison and Rialto towels in Wine are a fine asset to any bathroom. Wine is a favorite at Christmas, rich in flavour and sophistication. So, like the colourway suggests, it will come as no surprise that these towels are rich in colour and soft in texture.


The Christy Christmas Shop Has Opened!

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping? Definitely not. Just think, the sooner it is finished then the more time you can spend enjoying the Christmas celebration throughout December! No more stress.

Treat your loved ones with luxury products and where better to start with Christy. From super soft monogrammed robes, to the pure indulgence of cashmere socks, we can offer something for everyone. Looking for a starting point? Have a browse of our highly recommended indulgent gifts below.

Monogrammed bath robes

A luxury robe is always a beautiful gift to receive. But why not make the extra effort by getting one that is delicately personalised? It is Christmas after all.

Click here to shop.

Cashmere socks

Cashmere. The epitome of luxury. Our exquisitely soft cashmere socks are simply heavenly against your skin. An essential Christmas gift.

Click here to shop.

Seasonal softness

This bold checkered bed linen is perfect for the festive season. Made with soft brushed cotton, this range epitomises cosiness and is perfect to climb into during chilly Winter nights.

Click here to shop.

Classic luxury

The gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Absorbent, soft and warm, you can’t go wrong with a Christy towel set.

Click here to shop.


Colour of the month – October

We’re saying goodbye to the sun in October. However a fashion forward colour from summer is here to stay for the Autumn season. Yellow is brightening up those dark winter days with a pop of vibrant colour. Enjoy!

Jaipur throw

A showstopper statement piece in both look and feel. Made with 100% cotton with a soft velvet front and sustainable linen reverse, add that ouch of elegance your bed craves for with the coveted Jaipur throw in Turmeric.

Click here to shop

Anya bed linen

With subtle pops of yellow detailing within the beautiful floral design, the Anya bed linen is subtle way to introduce the colour of the month into your bedroom. It is also the perfect companion for the Turmeric Jaipur throw.

Click here to shop

Haruki bed linen

A very popular bed linen set and we’re sure you can see why. Blooming with ochre Japanese inspired blossoms, this bed linen will send you to a place of tranquility and calm.

Click here to shop

Atlas throw

Complete the look and add those much needed autumnal layers with the Atlas throw in Chartreuse.

Click here to shop

Supreme Hygro®  towels

Bring back that 5* holiday feel to your home all year round with our Samba Sun Yellow Supreme Hygro® towels. Fun and vibrant, this collection will certainly transport your bathroom to warmer climates.

Click here to shop

Serenity towels

Fancy something a little more mellow Yellow? Our serenity towel range in Buttercup is the one for you! Whilst not being as bold as our Samba Sun Yellow it will still uplift your bathroom with a colour nothing short of fun.

Click here to shop


AW18 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

Sunshine beams through the open glass window panes, which replace the standard brick walls found in a home, of the location space. The modern building is open-plan with a design aesthetic that is an edgy take on Scandinavian design. Deep mahogany wooden feature walls, paired with dark navy walls, create a cosy yet modern atmosphere. A perfect fit for a winter collection.

Shoot days are full of excitement, anticipation and movement. It is an atmosphere that we thrive in, a dynamic setting which gets the creative ideas flowing and adrenaline pumping.

Boxes are unpacked. Product is steamed and ironed. The bed is dressed. Lighting is set. Camera is in position. It is time to call Action!

Our NEW AW18 range draws from a wonderful array of inspiration. Featuring beautiful rust tones, and icy silver hues, this new collection creates a warm wintery feel in the home effortlessly.

We love the idea of layering up. Creating a space which you can snuggle up in and enjoy Christmas films and hot cocoa. Combining knitted, cotton and cashmere textures, and collaborating multiple tones, it is easy to create a Winter retreat. Thus, our winter photoshoot inspiration.

For this photoshoot we wanted to incorporate as much warmth as possible – there is no better feeling then getting into a warm bed when there is ice greeting the grass overnight! Our winter warmers come in the form of knitted throws the year. Our Agnes throw in Rust, and our Oslo throw in Ecru, embrace autumnal hues and high quality materials.

Silver is our colour of the season. The beautiful icy tones of our 300TC Sateen Stripe bed linen, coordinated with our premium 900TC Sateen Plain Dye, create a bedroom fit for a Winter Queen. Against the warm mahogony wall, paired with brass and concrete décor, the bed linen sings and instantly becomes the main focus of your bedroom – rightly so.

To add a pop of colour, we decided to incorporate our luxurious Jaipur Throw in Magenta. A simple way to lift the intricate detail.

Don’t just take our word for it though, look at how cosy our beautiful model Lara looks inside this bed of dreams!

Need some more inspo? Take a look at some other ways to make your home a winter haven this year.


Colour of the month – September

Our favourite colour this month is blue and these striking shades of Indigo and Midnight are full of depth and are extra special.

Whether you opt for silky and velvety textures or a paisley pattern is more your style, we’re sure you’ll love our Horizon cushion in Midnight and Siam bed linen.

This cosy Acorn robe from our Junior collection is perfect for before bedtime cuddles and snuggles after a bubbly bath. Crafted from the finest of fabrics, this robe boasts a self-tie belt and super soft hood with tassel detailing.

Wrap yourself up in our Santa Fe towel, with its striking woven border design and lovely handcrafted feel, it’s a sophisticated way to add pattern and colour to your bathroom.


Staycation At Home with Christy

Here at Christy, we love every season especially Summer.

But with the warmer months coming to a close, we’re still craving that sense of escapism that you feel on holiday.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, with a couple of addition we can help take your home from low key to luxe in an instant.

From encapsulating the aromas of far-flung shores with diffusers and candles to putting up your capture Summer memories in frames and displaying them together around your home. Alternatively, read the below to see what else you can add to truly transform your home into a post summer sanctuary with no passport required!

Marocing All Over The World

Lay down Luxe

Perfect for style seekers, our Christy Maroc towels give your home a boutique hotel feel with the perfect portion of elegance. Inspired by exotic spas around the world, this hammam towel is perfect for creating the ultimate relaxation zone. Made with 100% cotton, the towel is super light and easy to dry.

Hotel Inspired Luxury

The Luxury Egyptian Robe

On holiday, relaxation is paramount and being at home should be no difference, so give yourself the luxury you deserve and snuggle in our Luxury Egyptian robe. Perfect for those evenings where your only company is a glass of wine or a G&T, a natural face mask (try avocado and honey) and a film of your choice.

Siam Bed Linen

Hotel Worthy Luxury

Inviting and indulgent, treat yourself to our Siam Bed Linen for an authentic boutique hotel worth look that feels wonderfully fresh against the skin. Combine with the fabulously elegant Amalfi throw and pillow sham in Midnight for a truly timeless partnership. So grab your book and nestle yourself into a cosy cocoon.



5* Hotel Cool

We believe you deserve the best, so we’re here to make sure you soft furnishing don’t lack luxury. Our Christy Metropolitan Accessories never fail to give your sleep that little bit of extra contentment and are guaranteed to transform your bed into a sanctuary worth of a five-star hotel.


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